Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who taught him this stuff?

Yesterday as we were returning home, I was talking with Bart about something, don't remember what. We'll just call it "X" so you can follow my story.
Brennan wanted to talk about something else, but knew we would correct him or ignore him (I did CIO with him, so he has been trained to know that he will be ignored :-) because we are trying to teach him you do not just interrupt someone while they are talking.
We continue our conversation and then Brennan says, "Speaking of X, I want Y." Of course, "Y" was not related, but he had figured out a way to not interrupt, but ADD to our conversation.
Bart and I could not look at each other (probably for the best, I was driving) or Brennan for a minute because it was so funny to us.
I mean, "Speaking of..." I know he didn't learn that one from us!

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Nice. Troy does stuff like that all the time- he'll take something completely unrelated and say speaking of _____, how about ______? It drives me crazy but it is really funny too. Way to go Bren for figuring that one out. I'll have to tell Troy that Brennan's stealing his 'lawyer tricks' and using them for personal gain ;-)

Jamie said...

Seriously! Don't you find yourself thinking - "I know I wasn't this smart when I was this age"

Megan R. said...

Oh Jess. You totally just made me day. I seriously cracked up out loud when I read your CIO statement! You rock out with my band!

LOL that is adorable about Brennan....and smart, too! You can't correct him for using a transition, even though it was off topic!! Too cute!