Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday...Zoo Edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week's Not Me Monday is a special one. We went to the zoo on Thursday with some friends and here's what did NOT happen while we were there.

Jackson did NOT hang out with older women. No, he is a good little boy who has crushes only on girls his own age, like Joss and Meredith. No, he is not obsessed with Cadence, the girl in teal.
Jackson did NOT walk on ice where a water fall should be. Nope. See, I am a good mother and always keep dibs on where my child is, even when I am jabbering away with the other mothers.
I did NOT make Jackson pose on the gorilla statute until he looked. No, not me. I point and shoot and that is that.
I did NOT let Jackson eat his cheese only sandwich in the giraffe house as he walked around, sandwich in hand. Imagine the germs in that place. Nor did I tell him to pick his Kool-aid pouch up off the ground and keep drinking it. The straw did not touch the ground so it was fine...I mean, it's not like the zoo animals get out and poop on the ground, right?
Ethan did NOT sleep through a large portion of his first ever zoo trip. No. He was awake, alert, and taking notes on the various similarities and differences between children and the gorillas.
I did NOT allow Jackson to wander around amongst the group of moms. He was with me at all times, even if he really wanted to be with Cadence or Trina or Laura. Those seemed to be his favorite. Nor did I allow Jackson free reign at the Rainforest Cafe as I peacefully ate my lunch.
Speaking of the Rainforest Cafe...I did NOT spend $8.08 on one medium drink (with no straw or lid), one BBQ beef sandwish on a hamburger bun, and one bag of BBQ chips. No, I ate a turkey sandwich from home. No splurging for me.
And as for this list...I did NOT get the idea to do a Not Me Monday as I was driving home from the zoo, grabbing a discarded piece of mail as I drove and jotting down notes.

Nope, Not, what did YOU NOT DO?

2 Words to brighten my day:

Megan R. said...

LOVE IT!!! That's ok, I did NOT schlep my sick 4 month old to the zoo and cart him around all day just because I wanted to get out of the house!

Lexi said...

I love Jackson's shy little smile beside his favorite girl in teal. Cutie!

I did NOT sleep in today because I am still getting used to the time change deal. Nope! I was up when I was supposed to be and even made my honey lunch {ok, not really- but HE got pizza for lunch while all I had was a measly sandwhich...sniff, sniff! ;0) }