Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hidden in Plain Sight (almost)

BIT at Panera
Last week, during spring break, we did a lot of fun activities.

Bart as an astronaut at the museum
Hartland BBQ.  Delish
Raising Canes....YUM.
We hosted a sleep over on Sunday night, went to a class at Panera (which was fabulous, the general manager of the store taught it and she did a great job!) on Monday, went to Lincoln to Raisin' Canes and their awesome children's museum on Tuesday, Brennan slept over at his friends that night so we ate at Hartland BBQ on our way home from dropping him off (54/Maple!  Go eat there, kids are free!), Wednesday we went to Camelot Community Center to babysit for my friend who teaches yoga there, Thursday we were supposed to go swimming at Kids Body Shop (but a fever from Jack kept us home) and Friday the boys went to a play date at W and A's house while Ethan and I grocery shopped.  BUSY week.  Oh, and did I mention it SNOWED!  For TWO days!  (Though it is all melted now, thank goodness...but it snowed yesterday as well!)
BUT...there was a lot of down time.
And a lot of Jessica working on craft fair stuff time.
So, there was a lot of video game "party" time (I don't know why the boys always call it that).
This week, I decided I could not handle it for ONE.MORE.MINUTE.
Monday morning I woke up to find the boys playing their DS's in the BED!
I took them and after threatening to throw them in the trash forever if either guilty boy murmured ONE complaint about not being able to "save" their game.  I've learned that means at least five minutes of play time, I get distracted, they keep playing, and 20 minutes later they are still playing!
So, I put them up.  And not in any of our "usual" hiding places, all of which the boys have discovered.
Jackson practicing his "dance moves" while at Hartland
Nope.  I hid it in my "Sunday" bag...and they are just about in plain sight!  Yep, on the "arm" dining room table chair, sitting there.  And since Brennan does not know there is a pack of cinnamon chewing gum in there, it should be safe.
My poor flowers, Saturday morning.
And, life is calm, peaceful, and quiet once again.
I am thinking I'll keep them hidden for a while.  Because life with no video games sure is the good life...for a while...but I know I'll need those "babysitters" again, lol.

Millard West Craft Fair, April 2

Because I don't know how to contact Erin, and because I wanted to share anyway,I just wanted to let you all know that the Millard West Craft Fair is April 2 from 9-4.  I will be there with B.Accessorized and Jane of all Trades.  They've got Facebook fan pages...go check them out (and me, Confetti Creations!)

We will be wearing matching tees...so it'll be easy to spot us...AND we will have a bright, Eastery colored pennant banner above one of our tables.

So, if you are in the Omaha area, stop on by and say hello.

I'm giving away single iron ons with purchases of $10 or more...so you know you will want to be ready to SHOP!

Monday, March 28, 2011

More Ties!

I'm getting ready for the Saddelbrook Craft Fair on March 31 and the Millard West Craft Fair on April 2.
Come stop by if you are in town!

Below is a sneak peek of our Sunday afternoon photo shoot in preparation for the fair.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ethan, So Sauve

Buy the tie here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Craft

 We were GOING to make these cute shamrocks with tissue paper...but as I was drawing the shamrocks, the kids started coloring.
 They seemed so happy with the crayons and glitter stickers (ugh, WHY do I do that to myself?  Glitter stickers are SO MESSY!)...that I figured, why try and improve what is already going good?
 The kids colored and designed for a good 30 minutes.

In case you were wondering how to make an awesome shamrock:  draw 4 hearts, in a square shape.  Great Shamrock (for my babies) every time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Before and After

Jackson got a hair cut today.  It is the shortest its ever been since he was a BALD BABY.  He looks very handsome and is SO EXCITED to get to have spiky hair and a mohawk!
It always amazes me how different a haircut can make a person look!

Picture of the faux hawk to come soon (maybe we will do it tomorrow?)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Adventures In Cloth Diapering

Yes, yes, I know Dr. Seuss' actual birthday was a few days ago...but it was Dr. Seuss WEEK at Brennan's school, so I'm not too late in posting my photo of the day today ;)
Isn't that the cutest booty bum around?  Yes, I think it is...
Oh, and this baby has got BACK!  His ba-dunk-a-dunk is pumped up.
So, while we still mostly cloth diaper during the day (disposable at night...easier and way less stinky), he wears his fair share of disposables so that he can fit into his jeans...though a few of my diapers are slim enough (and also absorbent enough) to work.
We all know I am a jeans kind of girl/mom/wife, so OF COURSE my boys will be jeans boys (dark wash to be exact, though Brennan thinks light wash are the way to go...but he does not BUY his clothes so he only has one pair of those, but I digress)...even if that means that some of my adventures in cloth diapering including figuring out which diaper stuff which way will fit under the denim bits of heaven gracing his backside.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


We went to Burger King today.
Not because it was a crappy weather day and we couldn't go to the zoo (we were going to and it was a gorgeous day)  but because I just didn't have the energy to deal with the kids there.  It was a long night and the zoo went from seeming like a great plan to a horrid one.

We were along at Burger King in the play land and that was perfect for me.
No awkward small talk, not other kids to worry about bulling my kids, etc.

So...it was all going great until...

Ethan figures out how to climb UP the tunnel...but can't get DOWN the tunnel (thankfully this was as I was about to call the kids to get their shoes on).

So, I got to climb up the tunnel to literally THROW Ethan down the slide at the other end.
Why do kids think those tunnels are fun?  They are tight and hot and stink (cause E had "yucky poopoo Mama") and hurt your knees.

OR am I just getting old?