Friday, February 27, 2009

Custom Smocked Dress Giveaway (size 6-12 months) CLOSED

The top of the dress...white with lavender smocking and seed pearls.


My sister, Jeni, has two adorable daughters and has recently begun smocking. She does a lovely job and is making custom designed bishop dresses (which are great because they have a deep hem and can be worn for more then one year). She is selling them for $50, including shipping, which is a steal considering their prices in boutiques and considering the fact that you can possibly wear them for two years. My friend Burgundy's daughters wore their bishop style dresses for two Christmases.
As a way to get her business out there, she is doing a giveaway on my blog! She is giving away one 6-12 month white dress smocked with lavender thread and having seed pearl accents. It is in the process of getting made, and when it is done, I will post a picture. Until then, you can simply leave a comment here saying what your favorite outfit for a kid to wear is, what your favorite blogs to read are (as if I don't have enough already!) or tell me about your day. Don't just put "Pick me" or "I hope I win" because I will delete the post...let's make my life interesting, okay?
Extra entries if you follow my blog (button on bottom left) or follow me on twitter (JessieLeigh1979). (Don't forget to post a separate comment for each thing you do...these only count one time, too, not once per day!). For 100 extra entries, order a dress from Jeni!
You may enter the contest once a day (better start thinking of some great things to tell me!) until the end of the contest, March 28. The winner must contact me by April 1st or you lose and someone else wins. The dress will be mailed out as soon as you contact me so you will have it for Easter. Even if you don't have a little girl it will fit, you might have a friend having a baby and this would make an EXCELLENT shower gift.
To contact Jeni about ordering a dress, simply email me (r-family at hotmail dot com) and I will forward the info on to her so she can get in touch with you.
Good luck!


All I saw of Jack...his side/back as he climbed in.

Tuesday, before Bart's scopes, I took Jack to BOINGZ! It's a big bounce house, full of inflatable fun slides, obstacle courses, and jumpers.
Jack is finally old enough to really enjoy himself and he had a blast jumping and running and sliding. You'd think he would take a LONG nap after a morning like that, but as usual, when Bart is home, Jack goes into "I WILL NOT SLEEP" mode. It makes sick days and weekends difficult.
Back to the play date. Taking Jackson to Boingz reminded me of past play dates in Baton Rouge, when I would take Brennan to Bouncing Tigers on Highland Rd. We loved going there so much (and it was so close to home) that Brennan got a pass to go there from his Grandpa Ronnie for his birthday a few times.
One time when Melissa visited from Texas, Burgundy, Melissa and I took all the kiddos to play. I have the cutest picture of all the kids, but of course it is on the old computer so you will just have to imagine it's adorabilty. Six kids (now there would be nine!) all piled together, happy, and sweaty, and excited to go play some more.
I love taking pictures and scrapbooking. It helps create memories for my children. I bet Brennan does not remember going to Bouncing Tigers with Maddie, Wren, Cana, Dallin, and baby Jackson, but one look at the scrap page and he has the whole story and can turn it into his own memories.
I hope my kids one day appriecate the work I put into creating the pages for them for the future. If not, that's fine, I'll just keep them all for myself and relive "the good ole days" alone!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ethan Turned 3 (Months That Is)

Ethan turned three months last week. We got his pictures taken at Portriat Innovations (seen here via my camera. I don't have a scanner). So far I have not missed a picture session, so I am optimistic that he will have just as many professional pictures as the other boys have, even though he is the third (and LAST) child and I get a LOT of pictures taken.

Ethan has been a very pleasant baby thus far. He only cries when he is VERY hungry, has a poopy diaper, needs a nap, or is in danger (like when he tips over on the couch and is laying face down in a blanket). I think he (and Heavenly Father) knew we could not handle another Jackson (full of energy, loved to cry) so he sent us mild mannered Ethan.

Ethan loves to smile and laugh and "talk" to us. He also is fine just hanging out in his crib, watching his toys in there with him. Physical Therapy is going great and his next session (in March) will probably be his last because he's really started looking to the right on his own (he had torticollis).
Ethan has started moving a bit, so I have banned him from being able to just hang out on the couch. A friend let us borrow her BUMBO, though, so he has a place to safely sit up and be a part of our crazy, active family.
Ethan, I am so grateful you are a part of our family. I can't wait to see what a great kid you grow into.
Did I mention he has the most chubby kissable cheeks around????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Timestamp: 2009-02-25 01:52:24 UTC

The winner of the cupcake topper giveaway is Auntrene. You have 48 hours to contact me. Congratulations.

And, for all who did not lose, you can still order a great one of a kind banner from Whimzy Creations.

Cupcake giveaway

don't forget about the cupcake giveaway ending today when i get home from taking bart to get a this evening! good luck.
and, just for the heck of it, if you have already entered and are here today, go ahead and post a comment. just say hi and that you hope bart's colonoscopy goes well, something like that. that's another free entry (you need to enter by posting your favorite banner, first.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thought Provoking Question

Have you ever wondered how your family can be together forever? Or if they will be? Or what happens when you die?

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

  • I did not eat a Little Debbie Nutter Butter for breakfast, iced animal cookies for a snack during church, a PB&J sandwich around 3 and then fried chicken. No, me, I only eat healthy foods.
  • I did NOT gain a pound between setting up the Wii Fit on Saturday night and doing it again on Sunday night (after my health friendly meals).
  • I was NOT glad that Bart had to deal with all of Brennan's upset stomach alone. Not me. Nope, I was wishing I didn't HAVE to go to church so I could clean up the floors, the bed, the boy.
  • I did NOT bribe my potty training two year old with the promise of any toy at Target if he'd just POOP IN THE POTTY! (He chose a $25 Little Einstein computer that gets taken away if he poops in his undies)
  • And finally, I did NOT got to Ethan's Physical Therapy having only brushed my teeth for about twenty seconds and thrown on the same clothes I wore yesterday. NOT ME...I am always beautiful and fresh and clean, even when I remember E Man's appointment is not at 11 but at 9:30 at 9.

Go check out everybody's NOT ME Monday's here and maybe post what you would definitely NOT be doing.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Don't forget to enter the Cupcake Topper GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Burns Supper

The blessing of the haggis...and the haggis itself.
Brennan with Little Leo!

The boys give haggis thumbs up.

Of course I can't make my boys try it without trying it myself.
David dancing a Scottish dance.

We attended the NE Scottish Heritage Society Burns Supper a few weeks ago with our friends, David, Rebecca, and Little Leo. We had a good time, even if we were squished in like sardines. Although I've attended many Scottish Heritage meetings in LA/MS, I had not been to any here, nor had I ever eaten haggis...until now! It actually didn't taste all that bad, though I don't think I will be eating it every day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Accepting the Facts

Today after a mall play date, some friends met for lunch in the (un)fabulous food court. As we were leaving, Nicole and I started chatting about our blogs (we are addicted, you there a support group?). Anyways, I said something about how her blog was specific to saving money and she said I was a Mommy Blogger. In my mind, I balked. I'd thought it but shunned the idea.

"A Mommy Blogger? No, that couldn't be true."

I did not want to be a Mommy Blogger. It sounded so old-fashioned and worn out. It made me think of June Clever and 1960's television. I wanted to be COOL and HIP and FRESH!
But, as I drove home, I started thinking, I am NOT cool, I am NOT hip, and I am NOT fresh (well, I do usually shower every day, but see, that's pulling me towards a mommy blog post) But, I am also not a craft blog or a news blog or a celebrity blog. I know little about fashion and shop sales for clothes so I am definitely not an up-to-date fashion blogger.
Then...reality set in and I realized, I am a Mommy Blogger. I am a Mommy, I am a Blogger, and I love both. Is it really that bad?
After some research online, I found an article that lists the 25 basic styles of blogging, and I felt that my blog fell into the "Life Blogging" category, or "Reality Blogging". Now, that's not so bad...reality t.v. is (was?) all the rage and that is one reason blogs are so popular...everyone likes to take a peek into the lives of someone else without appearing to be too nosy. Granted the "difficulty level" of Life Blogging is ranked at "Easy", but I am okay with that...I have a husband, three children, and a life to live, filled with church callings, PTA, MOM, and ME!
I googled "Mommy Blog" and I found this site, The Mom Blogs, and it looks HIP and COOL. Maybe I will list my blog there and become HIP and COOL by association, right? Then I saw a title, "How to change the World, the Ultimate Blog List"...Hello, if we're changing the world, then sign me up! There are a few things I'd like to change. #1...potty training (we should just send the kids away to booty camp) #2...picky eaters (another camp, maybe at the same time so I get a vacation!) #3...the economy
Then I saw "Five Reasons Why Mom Blogs are the Blogs to Watch!" I read the article, shaking my head in agreement the entire time. "Mom blogs are poised to become the next big “It” when it comes to the internet–they’re gathering power like no other blogging niche and will only get bigger and better." (from article)
I guess being a Mommy Blogger is not so bad. I like to think that a few of you out there read my blog and say, "Man, her life sucks next to mine!" or..."What a great idea, maybe I'll try that with my kids." Maybe even a, "Oh, girl, I have been there and done that. Here's how I fixed that problem." Why would I shun what I love? I love reading various blogs by friends and strangers alike. I am addicted to seeing what happens next in the lives of those around me, how they handle issues, and if they post comments back (boy do I get a little internet high for comments!). I am a Mommy Blogger just like I am a Mormon, a member of the PTA (sad as it may be), and a scrapbooker. There is nothing to be ashamed of about being who you are.
Maybe next time someones says something about my blog being a Mommy Blog, I won't freak out on the inside (what was my deal, I mean, I'm a Mom for crying out loud!), but say, "Oh, I hope you like it, and if you don't, you can go jump off a tree."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gratituesday...Snow Days

Friday was a snow day...and we were not disappointed! I never heard an actual measurement, but if you go by what was in my backyard, at least six to eight inches fell in one morning!
Snow was everywhere, but the city did an excellent job of quickly cleaning all the streets so we weren't snowbound for too long. Poor Bart had to drive home during the storm and all the streets were awful. He didn't get stuck and made it home relatively fast, considering. Maybe next time the weatherman predicts snow he will bring a hat and gloves to work with him!
Saturday we went sledding, then again on Monday. I did not bring my camera until Monday, so i the pictures you can tell the temperatures are starting to rise because there are some bare spots on the hill by our house. It was really cool Saturday because the hill was full of people sledding and snowboarding (part of the hill is very steep!). We all had a blast (sick Bart was home with Ethan) sledding and playing in the snow.
Today we built a snowman who we then used as part of the fort we built. The fort is just waiting for Bart to get home so the boys and Bart can have a snowball fight.

Good times, even in the cold of winter. That's just one way we find joy in our journey here on earth!
I am so grateful to have children who are able to play in the snow. Children who can be friends with each other and to those around them (Brennan did not shut up talking to everyone on "the slopes"). I am grateful for a husband who does what he can, even when he feels so rotten. I am also VERY grateful he is starting to feel better because I was on the verge of insanity having to be his nurse and take care of three children.
I am pleased to post this at Heavenly Homemakers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cupcake Topper Giveaway

My friend, Lexi, ordered a banner from Whimzy Creations and blogged about it. I instantly fell in love with the Happy Birthday banner and wanted to order one for myself. I haven't yet (still need a color scheme/theme first!), but I did contact Whimzy Creations and ask if she'd like to do a giveaway so I could share her cute designs with my readers.

So...without further ado...I present...MY NEXT GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway is for one set of 12 cupcake toppers (you pick the coloring and the number or initial) All you have to do is go to Whimzy Creations and leave a comment here telling me your favorite banner of hers, or what banner you would custom order from her.

Bonus Entries:
For ONE bonus entry: Become a Follower and/or follow me on Twitter (leave a separate comment for each thing you do, up to two entries) or blog about it (make sure to include link back)
For TEN bonus entries, buy something from her shop (or custom order something!) before the end of the giveaway and send her a message saying you heard about her from this giveaway! Spend $30 or more at her shop and earn TWENTY FIVE bonus entries!

Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you, no blog necessary to win, winner has 48 hours after winner announced to contact me or new winner picked.
Contest ends Feb. 24th at midnight.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Soy Candle Winner

Congratulations KIWI3PG...You are the winner of the awesome soy candle giveaway!
Didn't win? Check back soon for another fabulous giveaway.
Kimberly, You have 48 hours to respond to my email before another fabulous contestant wins.
Winner picked via

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Week, Day Five, Finer Things Friday

What Finer Things are you celebrating this Valentine’s weekend?

I am celebrating the uniqueness of each of my family members.

*Jackson was perfectly at home being pantless and lying
in the middle of the floor during our MOM Valentine's Day party yesterday.
*Brennan is a ham. He loves to be the center of attention, except when he needs to be, like when asked to give a talk at church...then he just freezes and says, "You do it"
*Ethan is unique from the other boys because
he won't just fall asleep. He has to be swaddled or tucked into his carseat with blankets very tight or in his swing. Even if he is tired, he won't just fall asleep where he is (something the other boys did quite well)
*Bart, well, Bart is just unique. Who else would come up with some of the crazy
plans he does, name their blog some name I can't even spell, and hide in a shower for half an hour waiting to scare the poop out of me when I came home from school one day long ago? I'd say Bart is a one-of-a-kind, and I am so grateful he's MY one-of-a-kind!
So, this Valentine's Week, I celebrate my family and how together we are the perfect family, in our own unique way, finding joy in all we do, each and every day.

Sorry for no post on Day Four...I was not feeling well. Well, I was before the party, but afterwards I was sick. Much better today.

Don't forget about my giveaway, ending tomorrow! It's super easy to enter!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Week, Day Three: Roses, Cakes, and Physical Therapy

Roses: Well, Bart got the message of my desire for roses. Today he got a ride to the florist (we share a car, remember?), picked these peach beauties, dropped them off, and went back to work.
I was not expecting this, so when I saw someone coming into the backyard, I got a little nervous. Then the person came to the door and started to unlock it...all of this after I thought I'd heard someone at the front door, but I knew the mail man had already passed. (The front screen was locked) So, when Bart pops in, talk about freak me out!
It was a great surprise, though, and I love them.
Thanks Bart. I love you!!!!!
Cakes: I am a baking fool today. I have to bake a cake for Bart's work for tomorrow (earthquake cake), a heart shaped stacked cake for Brennan's school (a treat for all the teachers...a just because), and make one more round of heart sugar cookies for the big Valentine's play date tomorrow. Man alive, I wish I had two stoves like my mama.
P.T.: Ethan had Physical Therapy today. He actually cooperated (as much as a 12 week old can) and did great. He has almost a full range of motion and doesn't have to go for a week and a half. If he's still improving, I bet we are done. Now all we need to do is get his hearing checked and he will be good to go. I think he needs his hearing checked because he does not look/startle at things when called upon. Like, shake a rattle in his ear, he doesn't turn his head unless he sees you. Clap really loudly (or yell like a wild woman) behind him and nothing. Now, he might just be used to/tolerant of loud noises, but it is much easier/safer for me to get it checked out then worry all the time. And those of you who know me know that generally I am not a worrier.
That's it for Day Three of Valentine's Week...I gotta go get BAKING!

Don't forget about our giveaway. See Tuesday's entry.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My New Header

Thanks for all the compliments on my new header. It was designed by a good friend of mine, Karen Wolcott. You might remember her from this or this or this. She is awesome and really did a wonderful job. I LOVE it and could not have done it better myself (really! I stink at stuff like creating beautiful works of art).

Valentine's Week, Day Two: Gratituesday and a GIVE-AWAY! (closed)

I followed some links and wound up here, so I decided to do a Gratituesday post as well.

I love that Jackson gives the best hugs in the world...and I esp. love when he chases you around screaming, "HUG! HUG! HUG!" like a monster.

I love Brennan's ability to learn new things. Whether he's reading a new book and sounding out words or trying to figure out a new fun thing to do with snow, he is never discouraged from his task.

I love when Ethan laughs and smiles as I change his diaper. It's like he's saying, "Thanks Mommy, for making me dry and clean."

I love Bart's sense of might be a tiny bit annoying at times (shower incident of 2000), but he never fails to make me laugh.

I am grateful for my family and the wonderful things they add to my life each and every day.

I also LOVE Bart's Aunt Sue's homemade SOY CANDLES. PawPaw Noah Pierre Falgout made candles in his later years and Aunt Sue has continued the tradition. Here is some information about her to-die-for candles. (I was seriously depressed the last time mine ran out)

Chandelles de Madame Soy Candles have many benefits:

Eco-friendly candles from an American grown, renewable product – soybeans
A natural, non-petroleum alternative to paraffin based waxes
Lead free, carbon neutral & clean burning (virtually soot free)
Soy candles burn much longer than paraffin candles, leaving no residual toxins or waste

So, for one lucky reader, you will get to choose between Black Canyon and Cucumber Melon scents. To be honest, I can't choose which one smells best. Right now I'm burning "Jamaican Me Crazy" and my house smells just Beachy. You have no idea how happy I was when I got this package in the mail.

To win? All you have to do is tell me one thing you are grateful for and why. You can enter once a day. Follow me and leave a separate comment for one additional entry (only one, not one every day for following, got it?). Earn one more entry by following me on Twitter (JessieLeigh1979) or blogging about it. And yep, if you don't leave a separate comment telling me each thing you have done, you just don't get those extra entries.
Contest ends 2/14, VALENTINE'S DAY!

Make sure there is some way to contact you b/c winner has 48 hours to respond to my email and pick the scent.

Oh, and if you don't win this time, stay tuned for a few weeks...I'll be giving the other candle away then.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Week, Day One

This week I have decided to go ALL OUT in honor of Valentine's Day. Now, normally I just roll my eyes and call it another "Hallmark Holiday", but this year I want to have fun with it. Yesterday we started our celebration.
First, I cut out the covers I bought for Brennan's V.Day suckers. He is doing this instead of cards. I printed out one sheet, had him write his name on it, then took it to Office Max to get copies. It was a ton easier then forcing him to write his name 23 times!
I got the print-out here. There are six different designs to choose from and they come with a digital card, too. One print out is a cover for conversation heart boxes, which I thought was very cute. If you do buy this, know that I used Jolly Rancher suckers for their square shape and I taped it on each side and on the bottom.
Then, after dinner, our family each thought of one reason we love another family member. I wrote them on small hearts and we taped them onto the wall (using painters tape, so it should be easy to remove). We will do this every night until each of us has said one thing we love/are thankful for about each family member. We even included Ethan, but we all pitched in to help him.
Today I think we will "decorate" the house a little, which will mean letting the boys cut out hearts and tape them wherever they want. Brennan is home sick so maybe this will keep him occupied for a while. I do have some red and white crepe paper, so if I am feeling really cheesy, I must just go all out.

Oh, and Bart, if you are reading this, I know I usually say don't buy flowers because they are a waste of money, but I drove past Piccolos Florist ( 8317 Maple Street, Omaha, NE 68134 (402)397-6000) today and saw they have a dozen roses for $19.95. I am sure they have no vase, but that is no problem, I've got vases...I don't want more then $20 worth of flowers...that would be a waste, but some roses sure would help in the Valentine's Week celebrations...hint, hint, hint.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When the Cats Away...

Mice=2 little boys left to their own devices

Maybe Bart should not go to the bathroom when I have a meeting to attend on a weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Home, Found Right At My Front Door

Bart has really been missing home (Louisiana), particularly a pastry known as the KING CAKE. It is almost Mardi Gras and because of living in NE, there are no king cakes (except maybe at a grocery store in Lincoln I was told), no monster parades, no cheap beads to be fought over and worn with pride, and no cups thrown at parades to come home and be coveted over.
I tried making a king cake, but it was not the same. In a conversation I had with Bart's Aunt Linda, she gave me a recipe to use for the cream cheese filling, which improved the cake, but it was still not a true KING CAKE.
Well, imagine my surprise when I come home this morning and find this box at my front door.

Bart's cousin, Bonnie, had been talking with her mom about us and how Bart was missing home and king cakes and all that. Bonnie (maybe her mom paid some too, I don't know, so thanks to one and all) bought us a delicious KING CAKE from one of the "we'll ship it anywhere places" and had it sent to us. I can't wait to try a piece tonight when Bart gets home. (Okay, let's be honest, I tore into that bad boy and ate a rather substantial piece already. There is still plenty for Bart to enjoy and the boys to try)

I love the warning that accompanies the cakes.

Thanks so much guys...We're no Krewe of Runny Noses, but we sure do love our family and our holidays. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and hope to see you all real soon (like in July).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Might Even Be A Rockstar!

I have this dream where I learn to play acoustic guitar and then I rock out like Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and the dude from Nickel Creek (the mandolin player, Chris Thile, not the guitar player, so I guess I'll have to learn to play the mandolin , too) to name a few.
Now, here is the thing. I CANNOT SING.
I sound like a dying dog.
In my fantasy's, I ROCK.
I know this will cause trouble because I will spend all the time learning to play (my dad even bought me a great self teaching book last summer) and then go to ROCK OUT...

and dogs will howl...

and babies will cry...

and I will be so disappointed and doing the OPPOSITE of finding joy in my journey here on earth...I will find fault, take my guitar, smash it up, and go to bed until I forgot about the entire horrible event.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You Widget

Three Truths and a Lie...REVEALED

So, the poll is closed (not really, I can't figure out how to do that but thought it sounded fancy.) and the results are in.
76% voted on #3 as the lie.
15% as #4
6% as #2
3% as #1

And....the correct answer is...


Yep, Brennan was never entered into a cutest baby contest, but if he were, I bet he would have won...he was an adorable baby (except during the 'fat face' stage) I did actually win an all expense paid trip to Hollywood, CA, when I was 16 as part of a "Sweet Valley High" T.V. contest. All I had to do was send in a postcard! I won a 3 day trip for 4, VIP passes to Universal Studios, a $2000 shopping spree (accompanied by Brittney and Cynthia Daniels, the stars of SVH), attended some big deal thing at Planet Hollywood Beverly Hills where the girls presented stuff and we got our pictures taken a ton, and I was on EXTRA and had a two page article in Sixteen or Seventeen magazine (can't remember which).

About the truths:

#1: Sherman the Tank
. He was an old hoopty that my mom bought one day on her way home from the grocery store out of someone's yard for $250. (be forewarned that the definition is not the cleanest of all definitions, but so true and so funny.) I don't remember what make or model the car was, just that it was BIG, OLD, and BLUE. I called it Sherman because it was built like a tank and just as loud.
I don't recall it having heat, because I remember one trip we made to Alexandria in it where my brothers and I huddled in the back seat under blankets. The windshield wipers worked, but only when you touched two wires together and twisted just right. This would sometimes happen as you drove along, and it was always embarrassing if someone else were in the car with you. Now, I never took anyone in the car (my friends gave me a ride b/c really my dad drove the car more them me) except the sister missionaries, and we all had great laughs at the car's expense.
The best part about Sherman was the battery. For some reason the battery would not hold its charge, so if you were leaving Sherman for very long (like more then 45 minutes), you had to pop the hood and UNHOOK the battery cables to prevent it from dying. Every night my dad would remove the battery and plug it into a motorcycle battery charger on the front porch, thus causing us to refer to the car being on "life support" because without this modern day miracle, the car would not start.
The seats were a luscious velor and they were actually in very good comfortable. Looking back, those seats were actually a fire hazard and we didn't know it.
Speaking of fire and Sherman (yes, they go in the same sentence), after my Seniors Honors Banquet held in Natchez, MS, my dad and I went to Wal-Mart and my mom went home. We must of had a list of items b/c my dad decides he needs to unplug the battery. Apparently, as he unplugged it, a spark hit some of the oil hanging out in it (it needed "transfusions" quite often) and caused a small fire. I took off running into Super Wal-Mart, in my tight red Japanese inspired skirt with a slit that grew a few inches, yelling, "My car is on fire! We need some water!" Well, a buggy boy heard and grabbed a water cooler or I don't know what...because smart me (remember, we left an honors banquet?) runs to the bottle water, grabs three jugs, and runs out, yelling, "I'll come back and pay!"
True story.
The second time it caught on fire killed poor old Sherman, and I believe my parents got double or triple what they paid for it when they filed a claim with the insurance company.
I swear, I laugh every time I think of Sherman.
Here is a video by Sir Mixalot about a Hoopty that I thought I'd share. I thought he was cursing, but upon looking up the words, discovered he's saying SUCKER a lot. Enjoy, take a break from laughing, go change your slightly peed in underwear, then come back to hear the rest of my true confessions...though sadly, they aren't really funny, just true.

# 2: Cross Country trip...that one is pretty self explanatory. In my defense, the trip was planned way before Bart and I started dating (speed dating?) and it was supposed to just be me and Roger, a friend from high school who wanted to go to Colorado to see his big brother and Utah to see his girlfriend (?) Well, I wanted to go so we planned it out. The day before we were to leave, a new friend of Roger's, Sammy, got a brand new truck (with a back seat) and wanted to go on an adventure so he came along. We had a ton of fun but I learned I do not like snow boarding.

#4: Gertrude. Well, in case you can't tell from reading the blog, I have a weird sense of humor at times. For some reason, one day I declared that one of my legs was not real, but wooden, and named Gertrude. To this day I do not know why I did that...I have a phobia of cut-off body parts, so it really is out of the blue. Anyways, I'd walk around at recess (yes, at my high school we had fifteen minute recess in the morning) or lunch swinging my leg to the side. It was bizarre, to say the least. I could not find my year book or I'd share that picture of me and "Gertrude", me with my too long blonde hair, her hiding shyly under my jeans.
In my defense, I lived in a small town and it took a lot to keep the masses entertained.

Now you know. Did you get it right? Do you think I am Captain Crazy now (mostly just b/c of #4) or Colossally Cool for having such a RAD car and cool body props?
Either way, come back tomorrow and see what craziness I throw your way.
Oh, and leave me a comment, I'm feeling lonely today.

Weigh-In Wednesday #4

Still 163. Dang it.
I vow to do better, eat less junk, and go down at least one pound next week.

Oh, and no worries...I will reveal the lie and explain the truths this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three Truths and a Lie

At MOM's second birthday bash, we played 2 Truths and a Lie. Today I am going to play THREE Truths and A Lie. If you want to play along, simply do a post like this on your blog, then come back here and link your post (not the blog, just the one post) to mine using Mr. Linky at the bottom so we can all take a look at your fabulous answers.
Then, come back tomorrow to find out what is what! (If you already know the answer, please don't ruin the fun for others and say something like, "I KNOW the lie is X", but anyone can feel free to comment and guess which is the lie or make other general comments/ask questions to be answered tomorrow)

  1. My first car was named Sherman, was on life support, and died a fiery death at a Wal-Mart parking lot. It also had windshield wipers that only worked when two specific wires hanging out under the dashboard were touched together.
  2. In college I went on a week long cross country road trip with two guys (one of which I'd never met) two days after I got engaged to Bart (who did not come on the trip). The entire trip I only told one person I was engaged, and that was the guy whose truck we used who I'd never met.
  3. In 2004, my family won an all expense paid trip to New York. I had entered a "cutest baby" photo contest and Brennan won (duh!). He participated in a photo shoot there and was featured on Parents magazine cover.
  4. In high school, I used to say that I had a wooden leg named Gertrude and would walk around throwing my leg out to the side like the weirdo that I was/am. Gertrude even made it into the yearbook.
Now...let's see what you can come up with...

Which is a Lie?
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Mamalicious Monday-A Punishment to Fit the Crime

Yesterday I went to the grand opening of Scrappin' Studio (or Station, can't remember), leaving Bart alone with all three boys for six hours.
When I got home, Bart told me of Jackson's crazy coloring spree...on our walls.
At least he'd used a pencil.
Today Jackson had to scrub and scrub two of the walls until all the pencil marks were gone. It was only two or three marks per wall, but still, I made him work and work and work. He scrubbed walls for half an hour. I'll do the rest later. The point was not to have him clean the walls (he's too little), the point was to make him see there is a consequence for his actions.
Now...I just need to figure out the consequence for the action of Bart not catching Jackson before he'd colored on SIX walls!

I am pleased to post this at The Gift Closet for Mamalicious Monday.

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CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for playing! Be on the look out for a CANDLE giveaway in the next month...and these candles are my most favorite EVER!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little League

Can you believe that Brennan is old enough for LITTLE LEAGUE? He is almost six, so I guess he might be kind of old to be getting in the game (tee-ball is 4-5 year olds, coach pitch is for 6 year olds), but after the soccer debacle (what a waste of money), I felt that he should be old enough to actually listen and be able to follow directions before we spent money on a sport.
He will be playing in the Keystone Little League, which is pretty close to home, so that will be nice.
I think he will be very cute in his jersey, baseball hat, and cleats. Geez, where do you even buy cleats? I guess we will have to make a trip to Scheel's...and if you take a trip to Scheel's, chances are the boys are going to beg to go on the ferris wheel. Too bad the ferris wheel makes me want to HURL! Maybe Target sells them. I'd much rather make a trip to a store without a big, huge ferris wheel in the middle of it.

Now, if only he'd saved his tooth fairy money to help PAY for Little League...