Monday, February 28, 2011


What cute little dudes! Love them both so much!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gateway Drug

Have you heard?
Corn starch is a gateway drug to other bigger things, like powdered sugar...and raw cookie dough.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

7 Minutes In Heaven With Psychic Andy

My friend, Kris, had her FIRST 29th Birthday party Friday night.
In honor of her first 29th birthday, she hired Psychic Andy to come to her house and do "readings" on ten of us.
I was VERY nervous because, well, let's face it...I'm LDS.  Not really part of the "paranormal" crowd, if you know what I mean.
I'm not a Molly Mormon, but I am not a Snookie, either.

Soooo, when you throw a nervous Jessica into an awkward situation where I don't know everyone, well, you get a bit of a smartass.

It's amazing.
Psychic Andy could "sense" that I was a smart ass.
WHOA, right?  ;)

I went very very last...and I just LOVED all the nice things he had to say.  He said I am "intuitive" but not the psychic kind and that I was a good judge of character and able to read people.  (see, stuff you want to hear!  flattering stuff) 

He said in past lives I had boundary issues with men (does that mean I was a hooker, like in the Wild West???)...that part I felt was a bit of bologna...but whatever.  He did say I have since conquered these boundary issues in this life so I have met a life purpose.  So watch out men...I will put you in your place.

He told me when I have a job to make sure I am not an assistant, but a leader, and that I get recognized for what I do...NICE, right?

He gave me a bit of a warning...BEWARE WALKING IN THE DARK IN MY HOUSE AT NIGHT.  He sees me tripping.  Nothing major, but still  BEWARE...

He sees me only moving twice in the rest of my life (weird, considering how much we moved as a child) and that it would not happen anytime soon.  Since Megan's session had a bit about somebody in 2012, she is confident it will not be before then. We will see how Bart's job hunting continues to see if that comes true in her time frame.

Oh, and he said that when Bart and I get in a disagreement that we need to drop our guard and listen to the other person...HOWEVER, when he said, "Drop your guard" I thought he was going to say, "Drop your PANTS" and so right as he said that I interrupted him with an "OMG you just wanted to tell me to tell my husband to DROP HIS PANTS!"  I think Bart is excited for us to have a disagreement to see if I listened to Andy's "advice".

Lastly, he asked me this, "Do you have a newer car?" 
Me, "Yes, I guess, it's like a 2008"
Him, "Well, you need to get your tires of them has a slow leak."
We will see if that pans out when I take it in to get it checked out this week...if so, then I.Am.Sold.

Overall, though I am a bit skeptical about psychic powers and all that jazz, it was a fun night hanging out with friends, eating yummy food, and having that "7 minutes in heaven" with Andy.  I'm just was TEN MINUTES in Harrison's room...and dude, it would have been awesome to have left the baby monitor on so we could all listen to each session!

So...what do you think about psychics?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rockin' the 'Stauche

 Don't you wish you had a moustache as awesome as ours?
 I've wanted to do a photo shoot like this for a while and the MOM Valentine's Day party was the perfect reason to!  (Though I did not cut this bad boy out until about five minutes before it was time to leave for the party)
It really brings out the color of my eyes, don't you agree?  I don't care if Megan does just say that is from her photo editing to make the fabric POP.  It is so 100% just the awesomeness of ME!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Eve

I am the mother of three boys.
For a crafty lady, this can cause some distress.
For a mother who likes to dress her kids "fancy", it can cause some distress.
For Valentine's Day, some mamas got to put this in their daughters hair:

Some mamas got to dress their daughters in adorable tutus like this:
 (Both items for sale on etsy, if you are interested...hope those crafters don't mind I borrowed their pictures...there are links to purchase those items though, so in a way it is free advertising.)
Me, well, I have to be creative.
So, I made the boys conversation heart bow ties.  SO STINKIN' CUTE.  (but for some reason I don't have a picture of them, but you can imagine a box of conversation hearts dumped onto fabric)
Then, my friend LeeAnn gave me the link to boy dress ties and I am HOOKED.
And, to make up for the fact that my BOYS don't get to dress all frilly and sassy for frivioulous holidays, I made them dress ties for church today.
And I just about died with how cute they were.
Especially Ethan.
With his mohawk.

It might not be ribbons and bows, but my goodness, I wanted to just eat them up they were so stinking cute.
Yeah, it's bragging because I made those (Boys and Ties, lol) but hey, a mom who only gets to dress her kids up cute on rare occasions because tutus and hairbows are frowned upon in the LDS religion on little boys, can brag all she wants.

What do you do to make your LITTLE DUDES look special on those fun holidays?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


How the heck am I supposed to go find some KILLER BOOTS for the FABULOUS NEW TOP that was lent to me if the temperature is TWO?  That is TOO cold to be outside, that is for sure!  But I REALLLLY want new boots (size ten, almost to my knees in height) to go with the shirt to go with the skinny jeans for a friend's AWESOME 40th birthday bash!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cake War Gremlin

There is a war raging in my house.
A war that I am fighting off more and more often...

Each time I bake a cake, I live in fear as it sits on the counter, innocent and naive, unaware of what could be coming its way.  This beautiful, 10 inch round, chocolate cake, baked in Fat Daddio pans with a lid to make it perfectly flat and perfectly round...could suffer a hideous demise.

What could be so bad, you might ask...
I'll tell you what.
A gremlin attack.  Not the cute fuzzy one who started all the problems, but the mean gang leader one (Spike) who causes all the ruckus attack.

Sure, he might look all cute and fuzzy (he needs a hair cut, but at this length, he gets to have gel and styles and mohawks and OHMYGOODNESS...that must be why he is like is the common denominator...a MOHAWK!)  Give him one tastes of cake, and he goes nuts, searching high and low until he gets more.

So...I have resort to gorilla warfare.

Meaning, I have to creatively hide the cooling cakes on my counter tops.
Like this:

All you see (and Ethan at toddler level, even toddler level on a chair, I've checked) is a counter that is a bit too messy.  While that is generally true in my house anyways, this time it is not. This time, I started with a perfectly cleaned cabinet.
And hid this:

This cake survived the battle, but until it leaves my front door, it has not won the war.  (Though thankfully nothing has ever happened to a cake after it is decorated)

His older brother, let's call him FistFullOfClawMarksThatLookSuspiciouslyLikeEthan'sGremlinPrints chocolate 10 inch #1, was not so lucky.

Let us all have a moment of silence for FistFullOfClawMarksThatLookSuspiciouslyLikeEthan'sGremlinPrints chocolate 10 inch #1.

Thank you.

Now, let me get back to turning the younger, more vibrant and smelly cake, into a beautiful part of someone's big day...while Spike Ethan is asleep and can do no harm.