Monday, April 25, 2011

Why stop at 1000 posts today? Easter!

So, sometimes I build things up in my head.
Surprised? No. Oh, okay.

So, I had built up Easter in my head.  Planned beautiful boys in handsome outfits hunting eggs in a green yard with flowering bushes. 


The bushes are just barely buds.
The grass is still brown *zoysha*.
I didn't LOVE any clothes for the boys Easter clothes, so Brennan wound up with a vest and a bow tie that did not match but he liked it.
Brennan didn't want to take pictures.
It was a bit too chilly and wet to hide eggs outside for my liking.

So...Jackson and Brennan found eggs in the house...while Ethan slept for another hour and a half!  Then they re-hid ten eggs for Ethan when he woke up!
This is his "pose"and he does it ALL.THE.TIME.

We did go outside to take some pictures before church.  Ethan's outfit was too darling not to!  And since this is my last year I will ever be allowed to dress any of my boys "sissy", he had a sailor outfit (thanks Aunt Jamie!)

The sailor outfit was adorable...except that part where Ethan's sheer mass started popping buttons off.
It started in the car on the way to church.
I noticed as we walked in that one had fallen off.
But, I didn't let that worry me...I mean, who cares, right?
Well, during the opening song, another button popped off.
And another.
and another.
Soon he was down to two buttons.  It was not looking good, especially as the entire back side of his outfit hung precariously to his torso.
So, I turned to Bart in a bit of a panic, "Bart, I don't have any clothes for Ethan.  he is about to be naked!"  He became my super hero, left church, and got Ethan new clothes.  Since Target (five minutes away) was closed, he had to go home (fifteen minutes away) and miss the end of services and half of Sunday School.  Way to take one for the team, honey!

By the time Bart returned, we were in nursery and I'd taken the pants off the outfit.  The shirt is a cropped top, because it is a highwaisted outfit. So, there was Ethan, light blue sailor top, belly, light blue and green polka dotted diaper, bare legs, white socks, and sperry shoes (or something, the cousin who gave them to me said they were fancy shoes.  I'll take her word!)
He looked like the missing Village Person.  (If there ever was a VP missing?)

And I didn't think to take a picture!  I may have to recreate the moment so you all can see how freaking AWESOME E looked...or course, I'd rather not pay for tons of therapy later on, so maybe not.

However, Easter was nice.  The ham was good.  Pioneer Woman came through yet again with her homemade mac n cheese.
And the banana pudding, well...that just made my day!  I think I should just drop out now of this weight loss race with my sister...she's winning and this BP is not helping my case at all.  Is it wrong to leave a spoon in the pan of leftover pudding and eat just one tiny bite throughout the day???  Just wondering aloud here folks, not saying anybody has actually done that...

Reflections (My 1000 post. Not sure I've ever done 1000 of anything)

When I started my blog, in May of 2007, it was to stay connected with the friends and family I'd left behind in Louisiana.  I was so thankful they had blogs and I could keep up with my friends I was missing like crazy.  I was glad they could see what we were doing here in Nebraska as well.

The boys were 3 (Brennan) and 1 (Jackson) and Ethan wasn't even a thought in the back of my  mind ;)

I didn't know what would be of my blog, thinking it'd just be a place to share little stories and such.  I had no idea that it would help me make new "friends"...people I will probably never meet but who support me and encourage me to keep going.  I didn't know that I'd become addicted to following the stories of people near and far, both FIRL and those cyber buddies as well.

For a while I did blog stuff, what's not to love, right?  But...I found I was not sharing stories about my family, I was not doing things I wanted to do, so slowly that went the way of the dinosaurs....thus no giveaways for hitting 1000 posts :)
Besides, we all know, most followers you gain from a giveaway aren't there through thick and thin...though I have made a few cyber friends from blogs I found via giveaways...and I'm not complaining about the things I have given away or won because of them.

Anyway, back to the blog.  I love my blog because it's a place to show off my kids achievements (I won't lie, I am a bit prideful when it comes to my 3 sons), complain about those hard days, and just voice thoughts floating around my head.  If I wrote as many posts as I think, "Oh, I should write about this" and start composing in my head, I'd be far beyond 1000 posts by now.

So...Happy Easter.  And thanks for hanging around...especially those of you who have been around since the beginning.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Did you know this is post 999 for me? Yep.

More on Ms. K's Zebra and polka dot cake...

I thought I should share a few pictures of the inspiration for the cake. Ms. K wore a zebra striped/hot pink/white polka dotted outfit made by (will fill in as soon as I know, lol).
Professional portrait by Photos by Liz. Find her on Facebook or at her website.
The cake topper was based on her invitation (seen below in a cell phone pic) and coordinated perfectly. Both of those were designed by Simply Said by Courtney. Her blog has more information.
The entire party was put together by Marcia, of Your Perfect Day Wedding Planning (who happens to also be Ms. K's mother).

The "K" was found at Hobby Lobby the day before the party in a chance encounter! I didn't know they had alphabet initials for cakes at that store! It was $3.99...I really want to get some of every letter (in case they quit carrying them) but that seems a bit obsessive, lol.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Cake! {Omaha Birthday Cake}

I was so excited to design this zebra stripe birthday cake.
It's loosely based on the birthday's dress and invitation. Hot pink polka dots with zebra stripe...what's not to ♥ ?
The invitation was designed by Simply Said. She also designed the topper image.  I used the Silhouette's print and cut feature to put it on the cake on a frosting sheet. (with edible ink)
Ms. K is one lucky girl!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A true gentleman

Jackson did the sweetest thing today.  It really just melted my heart and reminded me how much I love this boy.  As we were leaving the park, he ran ahead to the car.  Mia called out, "Mia's first!" (to get into the car, because her car seat is situated in such a way she needs to get in first) as she always does.  Most days, Jackson will respond with a snippy, "I KNOW MIA!" as he waits for her.  Today, though, was different.
Today I said, "Mia, of course he will wait for you.  Jackson is a gentleman after all."
Jack and his birthday cake that HE designed 100%.
It was just loud enough that Jackson heard me, too.  As we approached the car, Jackson opened the door and held it open for Mia.  He held out his arm to welcome her in, then used his arm to support her back as she climbed in.  Then, once she was in...HE BOWED.  I almost melted to a puddle at the sweetness of that moment.

His birthday cake:  White but dyed slimer green and teal blue.
Enjoying the birthday supper of HIS choice:  homemade fried chicken strips, peas, tator tots (b/c he does not like fries) and shells and cheese.
It just goes to show you...children are little sponges.  I have no idea where Jackson got the idea that this was a nice or gentlemanly thing to do (I don't believe they bow in Pokemon, lol), but he did it with perfection.
It also proves that positive reinforcement is an amazing tool sometimes.  How would the scene have unfolded if I had yelled to Jackson, "Jackson, you KNOW you wait for Mia!" or something along those lines?  Not nearly as sweetly or memorable as it did.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Growing Up, Even When I am trying not to let him...

Today is Jackson's FIFTH birthday.
Usually months before a party, I start dreaming of a theme, favors, decorations, etc. (Bren's 8th: MAN party Ethan's 3rd: probably super heros...not 100% yet)
This time I didn't. I could say it is because the craft fair got in the way, but that is not true, I'd have had time to do it all.
It's just that...even though Jackson is the MIDDLE child, meaning Brennan's done it all already (JACK starts school in AUGUST!) and Ethan is the LAST to do it. Doesn't the middle child get lost? But...I do not feel this is the case.
Here is the thing. Of all the boys, Jackson is the one I cherish as a young child the most. Does that even make sense? It's like we have a connection, and I fear as he gets older, maybe we will lose it? IDK.
SO...because I was feeling desperate and worried (how could Jack NOT have something awesome on the day of...would he realize it was lame compared to last years?), Jack and I went to the store. And he picked out balloons (lime green, baby blue, and silver...GREAT color combo!), party favors, and a drink (Root Beer). He decided his birthday dinner (GeeGah's famous fried chicken, fries, shells n cheese and peas). He picked the birthcake ice cream from the freezer section.  Oh, and his cake?  A green and blue SLIMER cake (Ghostbusters)...lucky for me he has a Slimer shirt, so I feel less guilty about not whipping up some sort of awesomeness in that department :)
I let him be a big kid. And he loved it and is SO EXCITED for his party tonight. Even though I didn't do anything fancy.
Even when I tried to avoid him growing up by ignoring the fact that his birthday was coming...he still grew up on me.  And me...I think I grew up a little, too.  (Cause, yeah, letting HIM pick that stuff out...HUGE deal.  Like, I am usually 100% in control of ALL aspects of birthdays, including themes that I convince birthday child will be "just perfect!" for them...though usually, I am right ;) )

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Millard West Craft Fair, a success

 I took the beautiful pink sun rise to be a good sign for the Millard West Craft Fair.  It was bright and early when we got there, but we as we set out our merchandise, our spirits were high and you could feel the excitement in the air.
 I really enjoy meeting new people, talking about my "goods" and my friends "goods" and also just trying to get people excited.  I wish I'd walked around and taken pictures of all the gaudy, awful things that were was like a really old lady's dream come true.   BUT...I decided that'd be tacky and didn't do it.  See, I have some manners ;)
 Overall it was a fun day with Lori and Candace.  I am debating on doing more or not...time will tell.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun New Things in my Etsy Shop!

The craft fairs are over.  They were fun, but I am glad the stress leading up to them is past.
I did okay for myself, but lucky for you, there are lots of great things to choose from!
Boys neck ties (listed right this second:  ONE size small and ALL the size larges...I will get the rest up tomorrow!) and iron on kits.  The iron on kits left to add are the trains and motorcycles....OH, and let's not forget the adorable bow ties to choose from!
So many goodies for Easter...go check it out today and see if there is something you are just DYING to own ;)
Today through Tuesday only...get FREE SHIPPING! Just enter the code "  FREESHIP1  " at checkout!  Yay for a sale, even a little one, right?

And if something sells out (b/c I only list one at a time, even if I have many...), please either convo me DEMANDING more or wait until I relist.


OH!  And be sure to check me out on facebook:  CONFETTI CREATIONS.  I have coupon codes on there from time to time.