Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun New Things in my Etsy Shop!

The craft fairs are over.  They were fun, but I am glad the stress leading up to them is past.
I did okay for myself, but lucky for you, there are lots of great things to choose from!
Boys neck ties (listed right this second:  ONE size small and ALL the size larges...I will get the rest up tomorrow!) and iron on kits.  The iron on kits left to add are the trains and motorcycles....OH, and let's not forget the adorable bow ties to choose from!
So many goodies for Easter...go check it out today and see if there is something you are just DYING to own ;)
Today through Tuesday only...get FREE SHIPPING! Just enter the code "  FREESHIP1  " at checkout!  Yay for a sale, even a little one, right?

And if something sells out (b/c I only list one at a time, even if I have many...), please either convo me DEMANDING more or wait until I relist.


OH!  And be sure to check me out on facebook:  CONFETTI CREATIONS.  I have coupon codes on there from time to time.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Erin W said...

I missed Saturday :-( We had a flood in our bathroom, so instead of buying crafty stuff from you and others to my hearts' content, I was manning a snake wearing pink plaid rainboots...definitely heading over to the Etsy shop now! I want one of those ties for my son! :-)

Anonymous said...

Being a mom of only sons, I guess that's why I am a sucker for ties. Gotta accessorize somewhere!