Monday, April 11, 2011

A true gentleman

Jackson did the sweetest thing today.  It really just melted my heart and reminded me how much I love this boy.  As we were leaving the park, he ran ahead to the car.  Mia called out, "Mia's first!" (to get into the car, because her car seat is situated in such a way she needs to get in first) as she always does.  Most days, Jackson will respond with a snippy, "I KNOW MIA!" as he waits for her.  Today, though, was different.
Today I said, "Mia, of course he will wait for you.  Jackson is a gentleman after all."
Jack and his birthday cake that HE designed 100%.
It was just loud enough that Jackson heard me, too.  As we approached the car, Jackson opened the door and held it open for Mia.  He held out his arm to welcome her in, then used his arm to support her back as she climbed in.  Then, once she was in...HE BOWED.  I almost melted to a puddle at the sweetness of that moment.

His birthday cake:  White but dyed slimer green and teal blue.
Enjoying the birthday supper of HIS choice:  homemade fried chicken strips, peas, tator tots (b/c he does not like fries) and shells and cheese.
It just goes to show you...children are little sponges.  I have no idea where Jackson got the idea that this was a nice or gentlemanly thing to do (I don't believe they bow in Pokemon, lol), but he did it with perfection.
It also proves that positive reinforcement is an amazing tool sometimes.  How would the scene have unfolded if I had yelled to Jackson, "Jackson, you KNOW you wait for Mia!" or something along those lines?  Not nearly as sweetly or memorable as it did.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Thats so sweet.Kids do the cutest of things in the smallest of moments :-)

Angelkris said...

What a great moment! And you may have a third generation cake designer there- that slimer cake is awesome!