Monday, September 27, 2010

Craft Fair Coupon

Must present at craft fair to receive.

Feel free to tweet, FB, blog, whatever, to share my coupon!  If you do this, leave a comment w/ the URL and let me know the day of to receive a special gift!
Check out our facebook page for more information from other vendors w/ coupons as well.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

There's more then one way...

There's more then one way to get down from the table after lunch is over.
Ethan chose the more difficult route.
Lucky for me (and you!) I had my camera in my pocket!

Oh, and Omaha friends, I will be at the Millard West Craft Fair on Oct. 2, along with my great friends:  B.Accessorized,  Midwest Creations, and Jane of All Trades.  Check out the facebook event to find out all the details!  Mention you heard about the fair here and receive 10% off one item from Confetti Creations!  (Print this page or any of the little bits I will be posting all week to receive discount)

Just for you

Hi Stacy!  What did you guys finally decide to get for supper tonight?
Sorry I missed out, but I really had a great time at church (weird, I know!)
LOVE YOU!  Thanks for hosting scrapbooking at your house.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Top Secret

I've been waiting for the group picture to blog about this, but since I don't have it yet, I figured I'd share a few quick things about the "big debut" of TOP SECRET at my ward's talent night.  (Since I didn't write down a clever name, just "Top Secret" on the sign up sheet, that is how we were introduced...I kind of liked it, gave us a mysterious edge)

  1. There were four of us.
  2. We dressed up from the 80's....GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!
  3. I made straight tutus and we wore leggings under them.
  4. Our "Cindi", Stephanie, had a fabulous red outfit on, complete with a wacky blond wig we had chopped that morning.
  5. We had them turn the gym lights off for more of a WOW! factor.  (Bart said that we really pulled that off)
  6. By turning off the gym lights, it made our tutus glow and since I did not have the foresight to sew underskirts into them, 2 of the 3 backup singers to Cindi Lauper appear to be NAKED from the waist down.

True story.

Now I don't know what to do.  I recorded all the acts (I am co-chair of the events committee) to make a DVD of the night...trying to do something fun and different.  If we leave our act off, I will be sad because we rocked that skit/lyp sync, but then again, if I put it on, that is really NOT living up to our theme of "What Happens at Benson Ward Talent Night STAYS at Benson Ward Talent Night".

I think I can convince the girls to sneak into the church, throw some sort of skirt on under our tutus (duh jessica) and record ours that cheating or making it all right?

I uploaded the video onto the internet, but I am NOT sharing the link...I don't need my lily white half naked booty becoming a mega hit on Youtube, winding up on Tosh.0 and having me called in for a web redemption featuring Daniel Tosh himself...that is not a path I wish to walk along. I just delete the video and act like it never happened???

Hopefully our group picture will come into my inbox soon and then I will share with you...see, it was the turning off of the gym lights that made us look so naked...not just the costumes themselves.  ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jackson and some silliness

A few pictures of Jackson at the Labor Day Parade held as part of Septemberfest in Omaha.  As you can see, he was VERY excited to be there.  :D

Just a note:Jackson got his hair cut the VERY NEXT DAY!  I could not take that shaggy mop any longer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Work In Progress

Working on something TOP SECRET this week.  If you are one of the few who know what I am talking about...SHHHHHHHHH!
Let me just say it involves lace, tulle, lots of hair spray, and maybe some awesomeness as well.
Throw in FOUR totally radical girls and you've got TOP SECRET coming your way next Monday for sure.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Please Hold...Pondering the Pointless

Who do you think "creates" hold music?  Do you think they have an office, with lots of sound effects on a keyboard?  Do they get paid hourly, a salary, or maybe pay by the song?  Do these "songs" come to them in the shower?  While riding their bike to get a latte and a biscotti at the local coffee shop?  Maybe while listening to other hold music when calling in to report their lastest and greatest song.

Whose job is it to listen to a compilation c.d. of the best of hold musics and pick for their company the songs that will torture its clientele?  That person needs to be fired.

Who decides that the new age music is the way to go?  Or that everyone just loves to hear the Jackson 5's ABC song remixed into "elevator" music was a good idea.

Hold music and elevator music also make me think of the music they used to play in Shoney's restaurants...when I was little we ate there a lot (on kids eat free night of course).  I remember thinking, even as a child, how awful their music was.

Is it cheaper to play crappy music NO ONE will like then to take a chance on any other genre of music that might offend some but that most will at least be able to tolerate?

Those are a few questions I present to you today.

Now...what sort of pointless thing are you pondering?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Hexbugs Play Dead

I was selected to participate in a Hexbug Party!  Each child will receive 3 Hexbugs and they will have a wicked cool (Brennan's words) track to play with them on.  The boys were very excited to hear this because they had already received a Hexbug habitat and had so much fun with it.
The boys couldn't wait to play so they each got ONE Hexbug to play with on the track.
Well, turns out...Hexbug batteries don't last that long.  They run for about 3-4 hours.  Which is fine, if you are a bigger kid and play for a while then move on to other things, to come back later.  Kind of a bummer but the batteries/bugs are so small it is hard to give them more power for longer.  (According to the powers that be in Hexbug land)
But for Ethan, who wanted to hold his every second of every day and feel it tickle his hand, a dead battery was not an option.  Luckily we had spares, but man alive, did he get upset when the battery died.  He threw himself down, cried, screamed, got all red in the get the picture.)
We were able to use it as a teaching moment to work on the words "HELP!" and "BROKEN!"  (Ethan is in speech therapy and we are working hard with him to start using words to communicate instead of just shrieks and screams) for that, I thank Hexbugs.  :)
I WOULD be posting pictures and a run down of a Hexbug party, to be held last Saturday, but due to that stomach virus that took up camp at our house (and I pray is officially gone today...we've had nasty here every day since Friday night!) we had to postpone our fun :(
So...stay tuned to see how much fun BIG kids have with Hexbugs...for now, know that LITTLE kids LOVE them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Case of the Tummy Yuckies

The Warriors
Let me just say...I do hate when a stomach virus so rudely attacks my house. 
I don't recall it being on our Hexbug party guest list...but it sure does know how to clear out a crowd!
So, today I will battle the stomach virus as it rages through my children and pray that child #3 does not get it and that I do not get it!!!
We've got plans for Labor Day after all....