Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Hexbugs Play Dead

I was selected to participate in a Hexbug Party!  Each child will receive 3 Hexbugs and they will have a wicked cool (Brennan's words) track to play with them on.  The boys were very excited to hear this because they had already received a Hexbug habitat and had so much fun with it.
The boys couldn't wait to play so they each got ONE Hexbug to play with on the track.
Well, turns out...Hexbug batteries don't last that long.  They run for about 3-4 hours.  Which is fine, if you are a bigger kid and play for a while then move on to other things, to come back later.  Kind of a bummer but the batteries/bugs are so small it is hard to give them more power for longer.  (According to the powers that be in Hexbug land)
But for Ethan, who wanted to hold his every second of every day and feel it tickle his hand, a dead battery was not an option.  Luckily we had spares, but man alive, did he get upset when the battery died.  He threw himself down, cried, screamed, got all red in the face...you get the picture.)
We were able to use it as a teaching moment to work on the words "HELP!" and "BROKEN!"  (Ethan is in speech therapy and we are working hard with him to start using words to communicate instead of just shrieks and screams)...so for that, I thank Hexbugs.  :)
I WOULD be posting pictures and a run down of a Hexbug party, to be held last Saturday, but due to that stomach virus that took up camp at our house (and I pray is officially gone today...we've had nasty here every day since Friday night!) we had to postpone our fun :(
So...stay tuned to see how much fun BIG kids have with Hexbugs...for now, know that LITTLE kids LOVE them.

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