Friday, May 29, 2009

The last of the winners!

So, now that I don't look at the calendar every day to see if Brennan will eat lunch at school or home, I am not too up on dates.
That doesn't mean it's okay.
That just means I am behind in ending the giveaways.

Winner of the Knickerocker Panties: #26 CVS927!
Winner of the See Kai Run shoes: #9 Megan!

You have 49 hours to respond to my email.
Thanks again for helping me celebrate my bloggy birthday.

Check back June 1 for a Baby Leg Giveaway and sooner then that for the giveaway of one of my mom's cake decorating DVD's!

Such a Lucky Girl

It is breakfast time. I have been up since 7:07 (I actually got up to do some Wii Fit! Crazy) and the boys got up at 8:15. Fantastic.
I checked my email and discovered...I won TWO awards from Sara at Ordinary and Awesome. She is also the creator of my blog.
The awards I won are:

How cool is that?

Thanks Sara. Just what I needed to get through yet another day of summer vacation, which once I loved but not I dread.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bizarre Chain of Events

Stick with me and see if things start to come together for you. Then again, maybe they won't come together at all. Maybe this is a post full of rambling.

1. The return of everybody's lunatics my children's favorite show, "Wipeout!" was Wednesday night. The boys were able to stay up until 8 to watch it.

2. Bart had Cub Scouts, so when he got home, he put the boys in bed, told them 6 stories and did not exit the bed room until 8:40. WAY past their bed time.

3. When we got our new computer, we were very excited to have a webcam built in. My parents have one, too, so we tried a video conference via Yahoo.
Not the greatest quality and there was an annoying buzz in the background, so video conferencing fell to the wayside.
Then someone mentioned Skype, so we both got accounts with them because Oprah told us to.

4. The boys come out of their room around 9:30, claiming to be hungry, thirsty, full of urine, and the sucker that he is Bart fed them, gave them a drink, and led them to the potty. Me, I was not falling for it and did whatever.

5. Right as Bart is finally putting the boys back in bed, around 10 p.m., the phone rings and it is my dad, who has just activated his Skype account.

6. The boys run down and talk it up with Papa Jeff, who, by the way, needs a hair cut REALLY bad. Retirement has turned him into a rebel. He claims he does not want to cut it because it is grey underneath. I told him to go get it colored.

7. I close out the screen around 10:30 and as I shoo the boys off my lap, I say, "Daddy's hair is so gross. I can't believe he hasn't gotten a haircut" or something to that effect, but I know I said the word "gross" and "weird" more then once.

8. A voice from the computer (sounding a LOT like my dad's!) says, "I can still hear you."

9. Much laughing and near peeing of pants occur from this event.

MORAL: If you use Skype, you can't just X out of the program. You must actually hang up in the program.

10. Kids in bed, but because they are so tired and full of sugar and hard boiled eggs, they both slept bad and wake up throughout the night.

11. Boys are very tired, as am I, this morning, so tempers flair and we have a less then pleasant morning.

12. We take Bart to work, and on the way home, I look in the rear view mirror and discover Jack's seat belt is NOT ON! As in, we had driven on the interstate for a couple miles, on surface streets, everything, and no one had noticed this. I blame it on all of us being tired. Usually if this happens, Jackson says, "My seat belt!" and we quickly buckle it.

13. I pull over to buckle his seat belt right before I am going to merge back onto the interstate and Brennan yells, "Hurry up, he's gonna throw up!"

14. I get out of the car IN MY PAJAMA's on the interstate, get Jack out quickly, hold him sideways and let him do his thing. Hook him in car, head for home.

15. See a cop car at the local day care. Have a state trooper fly down Maple St. and do a U turn into my neighborhood.

16. See several cop cars (4-5) in my neighborhood, blocking off streets, with the cops standing around outside their cars.

17. Get curious so we loop around and see if we can get through barricade. No one gives us a second glance. We still don't know what that was about but it sure was bizarre.

18. Jack gets sick and whines about feeling sick several times. Thank goodness we are heading to the doctor's office, anyways.

19. Manage to not need the cops called on me for child abuse (does yelling count?) get ready for Ethan's six month doctor appointment without incident and leave.

20. No more cops on the way out of the neighborhood. Guess the donuts finally finished frying and they can quit pretending to do work they caught the bad guy or whatever.

21. Jack does not get sick anymore and is acting normal. However, I do mention the sickness to the doctor, along with his lingering runny nose. She checks him out and discovers he has a sinus infection and slight ear infection from sinus infection. She gives him some antibiotics and says he is good to go.

There are 21 items here, one for every pound of Ethan...he weighs in at 21.5 lbs. is 28.25 inches long and has a head the size of a watermelon, trust me 18 inches round.
So, that's our bizarro day. I blame all crankiness, weirdness, and tiredness on WipeOut. Every. Single. Bit.

See, I told you it probably would just be me rambling...rambling and taking advantage of my ability to strike out a word.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

This year, I invited Diana and her family over for a Memorial Day BBQ, something I had wanted to do for a while (invite her over, not BBQ). When I was double checking if she was going to come or not between church meetings, I decided to invite the new family at church as well, Devin and Mackesha and their adorable baby, Jackson. Then, I thought I had heard Bart inviting another family over, so I asked them if they were coming...our small BBQ had turned into a big event!
I was nervous during church, making lists and calculating the number of burgers versus the number of hot dogs we would need to prepare. We got home and started cleaning right away. I did weed eating, Bart cut the grass, and the boys watched a movie. Our jungle backyard had been slightly neglected, so it took us a while to get it in presentable order.
Monday had the possibility of rain, but we went ahead and filled the pirate pool on Sunday just in case it did not rain. We hoped the sun would warm it up enough for the five kids to get in and that the predictions would prove wrong. (We were right in both areas)
Monday morning we rushed around cleaning, shopping, and baking. I baked sugar cookies, a tres leche cake (holy cow was it good!) and a lemon meringue pie.
After the baking and cleaning was done, I ran some cookies to the women I visit teach, since they live so close and Bart relaxed, enjoying being off.
I got this idea in my mind (very last minute) to make star decorations with my cricut that would be used as drink markers for the kids. I cut starts out and used a paring knife to cut a slit at the top and bottom.
Brennan and Jackson could not wait for our guests to arrive so they jumped in the pool. I pulled Brennan out long enough to test out his straw.
I think he liked it! I know I thought they were adorable and I plan on creating something like them for Brennan's birthday party.
Our friends arrived, family by family, between 4-6 o'clock. Bart threw the burgers, hot dogs, sausage, and brats on the grill and we all relaxed, chit chatting, playing with the two babies, and just having fun.
The food was ready and we all dug in. Lucky for us we have a card table, otherwise some people would have had to held food on their laps! Everything was great. Diana brought a pasta salad, Mackesah baked beans, and Lindsey brought sodas.
I am so glad we did this. It was a bit nerve racking at times but a lot of good things came out of it:

  1. My house is still clean (well, except the bedroom where I hid that one basket of stuff that did not have a home)
  2. We had a great time getting to hang out with our friends.
  3. The kids were so worn out from swimming and playing that they slept very late: Bren, 8:15, Ethan, 8:35, Jack, 8:50...all three of those unheard of times!
  4. I did not cook dinner last night because we ate leftover BBQ!
I think we will do this more often, because I love entertaining and doing things just for the heck of it.

What did you do this Memorial Day?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Easy as 1, 2...1, 2, 3, for

1 Thing
(they were NOT playing along until the Transformer fruit bites got introduced)
2 do
(Ethan does not look as happy as me to be in this picture)
3 words
and 3 of the MOST adorable boys on the planet, in one place, at one time, without any coaching, other then Brennan telling Jack to kiss Ethan.
for you...I LOVE YOU!

Thanks for coming over and playing today Mindi. I had fun chatting and snapping. Mindi took these in my living room with very bad lighting and my ghetto fabulous background (aka my bed's sheet), which you can see did not cover everything in all pictures so editing is needed :) It was fun, until Ethan did not want to play any more, so then we just gabbed for a bit.
Feel free to snap pictures of my boys any time you want.


Lots of winners today!

The Couture Baby onesie: #35: ANNA! Fi is going to be adorable in that outfit!

Jack and Lily Shoes: #9: Erin!

XanGo Juice: #12: Kim! (remember there were two spots to leave comments)

Charity and the JAMband C.D.: #15: Mamabear Mills

B.Accessorized Bracelet: #12: Erin! (again! Holy cow, it is her lucky day!)

Remember, folks, there are TWO MORE contests running right now...and I am probably about to finally list the giveaway for my mom's cake decorating DVD...remember, it's not a party without a cake!

Also, winner has 48 hours to contact me after I contact them to claim their prize.

Thanks for partying with it is time to return to normal blogging life. Doing all these giveaways was hard work. Not that I minded having Ethan check out new shoes, though. If anyone else ever wants to do a giveaway, just let me know, esp. if you want me to review your product first :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

My, how time flies as we celebrate the everyday

Remember this? Doesn't it seem like yesterday? (Think, "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! in a loud Nemo voice) Nine months has FLOWN!

And today, Brennan "graduated" from kindergarten. (Think, “It's not graduation! He's just moving from the fifth grade to the sixth grade…" in the voice of Mr. Incredible.)
Even though I think that any graduation, other then high school or college is silly, we were still there. However, had there been no graduation, I would have been okay. I think it is funny how we over celebrate every event in our children's lives. (Oh, wait. I just had TWO 1/2 birthdays for Ethan, complete with cake and a song :)

Do they get disappointed when a big deal is not made when they go from first grade to second grade? Hmmm...I will have to wait and see.

Overall, it was a great day. The families from the two classes picnicked under the trees by the tennis courts with a cool breeze blowing gently. This cool breeze was refreshing, but it did nothing to help my fantastic ten foot "Congratulations Wildcats" banner stay in place. (I don't have a picture of it because the camera was set on a weird setting and the pictures are too white) We dined on the traditional picnic fare: PB for Bren, ham and American cheese for Jack, ham and Swiss cheese for Bart, and chicken (the sandwich kind) and Havarti cheese for me.

Brennan and the other students ran around, saying goodbye and playing tag, sporting snazzy graduation caps made of plastic bowls, construction paper and a tassel of yarn. It was actually pretty cute and someone worked hard to make them.

It was fun to meet other parents, something that I miss from Mrs. Bockes' preschool days. We had to bring our child in and help them in preschool, so all the parents learned each others names and became friends. In kindergarten, the children are becoming independent and no longer need Mommy to help them hold the pencil properly or write their names. So, we parents only see each other in small glimpses. I passed out a lot of cards with our contact info on it so Brennan could have some play dates this summer. Now it is in the other parents hands!

Each child's name was called and they walked up to Ms. Weare, recieved a book about graduating, a certificate, and an official handshake. Well...all the children but Brennan walked. Brennan RAN to Ms. Weare. He is definetly going to miss her next year.

While we are on the subject of Ms. Weare, let me tell you...I have LOVED having her as Brennan's teacher. I have been able to be as involved as I could and did not feel like I was imposing. While my mom was up here for the birth of Ethan, she and I went in and did a Thanksgiving project with the kids. I did reading level tests all afternoon this spring and got to help out in reading groups last fall. I would have loved to have done more, but being pregnant and then having two littles ones made it a bit difficult, but when I could get a babysitter, I did. Ms. Weare was good at communicating with the parents, both through notes and emails (I love the internet!) and she really cared (I guess ;) about Brennan and his success. I am glad he had such a great first teacher...I wonder if he will remember Ms. Weare as long as I remember Mrs. Applegate, my kindergarten teacher.

Enjoy the slide show. It's just a few pictures of the picnic and before Brennan left for his first day of school.
Now, it's summer vacation, a time for sleeping in, being bored, and playing with friends. We're already off to a good start since one of his friends came over around 1:30 and is leaving around 5. We'll have to see how many playdates pan out from the cards...

So, this post, in my opinion, has kind of rambled and not really had a point.
I guess this is it.
I cannot believe Brennan is no longer a baby, preschooler, or little boy. He is fast approaching "Big Boy" phase, and it is getting harder and harder for me to find the tiny baby I once snuggled close with.
Good thing the tiny baby is being replaced with a smart (all perfects on his report card), funny, friendly young man.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bottles vs. Boobs

I saw a "Backtalk" video segment on BlogHer today and it has really got the wheels turning in my head. It was entitled "Breastfeeding and Blogging", so I clicked because for some reason, I thought it was going to be about bloggers who BF while actually blogging. Since I used to fall into that category, I wanted to take a peek.
However, it was not about women who learned to type and do the football hold at the same time.
It was a few women expressing their opinions of breastfeeding and why it is best. They are bloggers and have used their blogs as a platform to educate and inform others on that particular form of feeding an infant.

I have nursed all three boys.
Brennan until around 9 months.
Jack until 4. (months, not years, though I do have a few friends who have gone way past the first or second birthdays...see, it's all about personal choices, you know?)
Ethan is currently in the weaning process so he has the best of both worlds.
These women's opinions of breastfeeding got me thinking...

What the heck is the big deal with bottle or boobs? Why not just let the woman decide on her own?
If people keep saying, "Breast is best", then how do those who only use bottles feel? The mom who could not nurse, the mom who had to work and could not pump? The mom who just does not want to nurse her child?
And, if the breast is so darn good, why'd they even invent formula in the first place? (Boy, we sure are lucky to live in this day and age when we have options!)

I do not feel bad for weaning Ethan. We have had our time and now it is time to move on to our next venture. The bottle.

The narrator did say, "We definitely need to hear from more bottle feeding moms out there"

So, did you only bottle feed? Only nurse? Both? Tell me what you do and what you think.

When Jackson developed his milk allergen and I switched from breast to nutramigen formula, I felt like a failure. I did not even make it to the half way mark of his first year! (Yes, I know I could have eliminated all dairy, but I did not)
Then, I felt relief. It took a few days after the weaning process for the relief to come, but it did. I was so glad to be done.

No more nursing pads making my shirts look ridiculous. No more pumping. No more soaking wet tee shirts in the night b/c the nursing pad had moved out of position.

And...I think Jackson is just fine now. He rarely gets sick, he's happy, he loves me, and he is a great kid.

Ethan is six months old and I want to wean him for the selfish reason that I don't want to be nursing when I go to Florida and Louisiana this summer. That, and I am just ready. I have not minded watching his milestones come, because I know that means he is growing up and I am okay with that.

I am by no means saying "Do not breast feed your children." Nope, I loved doing it and I am grateful I did.

What I am saying, I guess, is that I don't think it is ANYONE's right or responisiblity to judge us for whatever method of nutrition we choose for our babies. (and, for the record, these women were not judging, they were just very educational in the world of BFing) We know what is best for both the child and ourselves (cause you know, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!) and I think once your decision is made, don't let "the other side" make you feel bad for your choice.

So, Ethan gets a bottle now. Soon he will only get a bottle. Will he miss nursing? Nah...he will forget soon he ever did that. Will I miss snuggling with him? Yep, but I can do that anytime I want, so I don't mind not having to do it at all hours of the night and day.

So, go ahead, tell me your opinion. Is breast best and that is it? Do you dip your toe in the pool of formula and breast milk, or have you dived head first into the sea of formula? I've heard the baby bottle boeys are very cute...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look Who We Met

The Furry Red Monster AKA ELMO!

Jack met him on Wednesday during a mall play date and asked at least once an hour after that if we could go see him again.
A MOM friend is the Furry Red Monster and was appearing at the mall at a big sale, so she would be back on Saturday. After Bren's ball game Saturday, we went to meet him again. Elmo and the boys had a great time.
Elmo took Bren's hat and was playing around with it. It cracked Bren up, which is a good thing because normally he is scared of Big Mascots. Maybe next time he meets up with Mike the Tiger (who knows when that will ever be?) he will pose for a picture.
Thanks Furry Red Monster! We had a great time.

My Giveaway Got Featured!

My giveaway got featured on Gobs of Giveaways! How fun is that? This is a great site for listing your giveaways. Mr. Linky is updated every Monday and she gets TONS of entries, so go ahead...take a peek and waste a few minutes entering some fabulous giveaways!
Thanks so much!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Candle Winner

The winner of the candle in the HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME post is #4, JENI...MY VERY OWN SISTER!!! Yeah!
Hopefully I will be able to give you guys a DVD of my mom's cake decorating techniques soon...this is going to be a HUGE deal!

See Kai Run Giveaway, Closed

CLOSED Megan Winner!
I am a sucker for a cute pair of shoes. It melts my heart to buy my boys something adorable for their feet. I don't know why, but it does.
Ethan got to test out a pair of Smaller shoes (by See Kai Run), the Ainsley. These sandals have been perfect for him. The sides can get tight, so the shoes fit great, even if they are a little too big. They are so soft, I just touch them all the time. Ethan doesn't seem to mind them on his feet, either, unlike a pair of sandals I have from when Brennan was a baby. Those, he cries as soon as they are on his foot. I meant to take a picture of Ethan in these cute shoes, but when I went over the pictures I took at the park yesterday, I only saw his fat head.

See Kai Run is giving one lucky reader a pair of shoes. (US and Canada only, folks. Sorry Yugoslavia and Transylvania) You can choose any pair of See Kai Run or Smaller (not 11).

To enter, all you have to do is sign up for their email list. Super Easy. There's a box in the middle of the very bottom of the homepage. Just fill in your email address there and then leave a comment letting me know you did that. After you do that, you can do some...

Extra Entries (seperate comment for each)

*Tell me which pair you want to win. It was very hard for me to decide.

*Follow my blog
*Grab my button
*Twitter about the contest
*Tell me your favorite pair of shoes for YOU

Good luck. Contest ends May 27th.


Knickerocker Giveaway, Closed

I love to browse I could spend hours on there, not to mention tons of money, if I had extra of either.
One day, I was searching for a present for my mom and I happened upon Knickerocker's store.
Knickerocker is a store where you can find fabulous panties in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Knowing that I had my bit Bloggy Birthday coming up and that I wanted to do tons of giveaways, I contacted Nichola and asked about a giveaway.
She said yes and here we are.

Knickerocker also does custom orders, so if there is an idea you've just been dying to try out, contact her and see what can be done.

To win a pair of custom made red and blue star sparkle panties (perfect for the 4th of July!), simply go to Knickerocker's store and leave a comment telling me your favorite item. (These pink ones are my favorite!)

Oh, what's that?
You ♥ these so much you want extra chances to enter?

Okay. Here you go:

Extra Entries (new comment for each, please): Follow my blog, grab my button, blog about the contest, or tweet about the contest (be honest, I canceled twitter so I can't check)

Come back here on May 27th ONLY and leave birthday wishes for Nichola (I saw it on her profile, I am not some creepy person who googled her) and that will count as an extra entry, too...but ONLY on 5/27!

Subjective Beauty Blog Design Giveaway WINNER!

Thanks to everyone who entered and especially to Subjective Beauty for offering this great giveaway.

Pardon My French, #87, is the winner of the blog makeover.

Whenever you are ready for a fantastic blog makeover, contact Subjective Beauty. Sara's prices can't be beat and she does a great job, too!

Don't forget to check out the right side bar for all the great Birthday Bash Giveaways!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Guess Who?

Guess who turned six months old today????

Baby Ethan!

Pictures of the two 1/2 cakes and the fun park play date to celebrate Ethan and Kylee's 1/2 birthday to follow...hopefully tomorrow.

Help Cory get to Europe!

Bart is the youth Sunday School teacher at our church and he teaches a fantastic kid, Cory. Cory was accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador Program and will be going to England, France, and the Netherlands this summer. He is very excited about it and has been working very hard to earn the money to go. Since he is not old enough to have a job (13), he has done odd jobs around our neighborhood...he even babysat the boys when Bart, Ethan, and I went to a surprise party for a friend. That is one big job and he did great. The boys loved him and ask when he gets to come back.
I figured since the blogging world is so kind and loving and generous that I would do a post here and let you all know that if you would like to help Cory get to Europe, you can donate to his mom's pay pal account. They still need about $1000, last I heard, so let's help this boy get to go on a trip that I am jealous of.
Just go to and click "Send Money", enter in the "to" part and you fill out the rest.
For every dollar you donate, I will enter you that many times into each contest still running. It's win, win, really.
In a world where so many kids do bad, it's always nice to reward a kid who does great.
After his trip, maybe he can be a guest blogger and tell us all about it.

Don't forget that the Custom Blog Makeover Contest ends tonight!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a Piece of Cake

Brennan's school carnival is tonight.
Fun times.
There is a cake walk, and the PTA is asking parents to bring a cake to donate.

Well, I brought a cake (cut at a slant going down, with cherry chip cake {yum} and GROSS frosting...I should have used butter, but didn't so your mouth fills up with grease when you eat it. Oh, well...nobody but Mrs. Lammers and Mrs. Proctor knows I made it, right?).

And I brought...

I baked the cake because I was baking anyways for the big (well, big for a baby) shin-dig a friend and I are doing for our babies SIX MONTH DAY! Can you believe it's been six months already?
So, I needed to make fondant anyways, and neither cake will require a ton, so heck, I went all out. It's fun to do, easy, and good practice.
Then, I made sugar cookie babies for a friend's park play date. They were so yummy I wanted more, but did not want them hanging around the house, so I asked one of the PTA people (there aren't very many of them, Bren's school scared everyone away, I guess) if they needed more items donated since they sent home a note twice asking for stuff. Yep, they did, so I baked some cookies. Then, just because I had extra batter, I baked some cupcakes, too.

I am now BAKED OUT!

Time to clean up, I guess.


I think I'll just watch some HGTV instead.

B.Accessorized Bracelet Giveaway, closed

Isn't this bracelet great? So great you want to win it? Then go HERE and enter. HURRY, contest ends May 25!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rock Your Socks Off C.D. Giveaway, closed

This spring, during the bloggy carnival, I won a set of c.d's that I was at first a little hesitant about. They were kids c.d's, by Charity and the JAMband. We have a few children's c.d's that are better off to be used as science experiments in the microwave then as something to entertain.
When I got them, I put one in on a car ride to get Bart from work, nervous about what would come out of the speakers. Within seconds there was silence in the back seat and two boys listening intently to the songs. When I turned on the radio for a second, two little boys gave me a loud, "MOM! We love that song!"
Hot dog! We have found a group that the kids like and that I like and that Bart (occasionally, he's a musical snob) tolerates. It's a win-win!

Charity and the JAMband's songs are easy for little kids to learn and repeat. The lyrics are often simple and catchy. One of my favorites is "Peanut Butter and Jam!". The boys love the next song on that c.d., "Tree House." They told me, "We have almost all that stuff, can we build a tree house?"

Charity is providing the music for this bloggy birthday. Because we all know, every good party needs some music.

She is giving away a copy of her Rock Your Socks Off c.d. It has some great party songs, too..."Cake", "Happy Birthday Baby", and "Wish".

To win, all you have to do is....

*Visit Charity and the JAMbands website, come back here, and tell me your favorite song.

Extra Entries (seperate comments, make sure there is a way to contact you):
*Grab my button
*Blog about this giveaway
*Follow me
*Become a JAMband fan on Facebook
*Follow the JAMband on Twitter
*Download the free Song-of-the-Month

Good luck. I hope you and your little ones enjoy jamming to these great songs as much as we do.

Contest ends May 25th.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jack and Lily Shoes, Giveaway, contest closed


Ethan, as we all know, is an extremely adorable baby. I mean, squishy, kissy cheeks; a laugh that melts your heart; and fat rolls all over...what's not to love?
Ethan got to review a pair of Jack & Lily shoes for the BLOGGY BIRTHDAY BASH. He decided he wanted the shoes shown here to go with his adorable sail boat outfit. Let me tell you...he made a great decision.
These shoes are fantastic...soft soles, flexible, easy to get on/off.
Jack & Lily has a ton of shoes to choose from.If I had a daughter...these shoes would be hers.
These, too.

I will definitely order shoes from Jack & Lily as Ethan grows older. I love their soft soled shoes and the variety they offer. I might get these for Ethan for the fall...

Lucky for of my bloggy friends gets a pair for FREE! All you have to do is...

*Go to Jack & Lily and pick your favorite pair...then leave a comment here sharing your find.

For bonus entries, you may: (after you have done part one or all will be deleted)

*go to the Jack & Lily store locator and find the nearest retailer
*follow my blog
*blog about the giveaway
*grab my button
*tweet about the contest (be honest, I canceled twitter so I can't check)
*order a pair of Jack and Lily shoes during the contest and get 200 bonus entries...I mean, why not, right?

Contest ends on May 25. Winner has 48 hours to respond to my email. Make sure you leave a way to contact you.