Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is too much?

How much television is just too much?
I was listening to one of the local radio shows this morning as the two d.j.'s went back and forth about wishing they had 3 DVR channels and wondering how one of the d.j.'s survived with just one t.v.
Well, folks, we've had one t.v. for YEARS and seem to be doing just fine.
We don't have tivo or DVR or even a VCR to record things on and guess what...we function and survive JUST FINE.
The female d.j. was complaining because her husband erased her shows she had saved, or would change stations and interrupt the recording of one show. Now, I can see how this would piss you off, but seriously, to say you need to be able to record two shows so you can watch a third?
I don't even think three shows come on at one time that I would like to watch.
Now, Thursday nights do present a dilemma. IF we had two televisions (well, we have a second one my friend gave us as a trade for a cake but the cable is not hooked up), then Bart could watch something if he wanted. Instead, he plays around on the computer. I watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. BUT, I want to watch The Office and My Name Is Earl at the same time. SO, I have to switch channels during commericals. IF we had a DVR, I'd just record one and watch the other. BUT, I can watch them on the internet, if I really feel I must see the show I missed. (We have done this for Scrubs...we keep forgetting it is on!)
Other then Thursday night, I have never had the desire to record a show other then what I was currently watching.
Maybe it is just because I've never had DVR that I don't know what I am missing. Maybe I am just old fashioned and believe you don't need to watch a zillion hours of t.v. a week. I don't know. But I do know...my boys won't be getting t.v.'s in their rooms (obviously we don't have one in ours)...they are already little television junkies...I shudder to think of them being able to watch a show WHENEVER THEY WANTED. They'd never come out!

So, what's your take on DVR's, a good number of t.v.'s for a house to have (I do have to say, I ♥ the fact that Brian's new house has a t.v. in the bathroom and a theater in the basement...so, B&K, you are exempted from that question. I mean, if I had a t.v. while on the toilet...watch out world, I might never leave!) and what are your favorite shows you hate to miss? Do you have overlapping shows? What is your solution?

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Cathi said...

We only have one TV and most days I'm pretty happy about that. I definitely don't want one in the kids' rooms EVER or in our bedroom - David would just stay in there and sleep and watch TV all day :)
I do occasionally wish we had a DVR or TIVO for days when we're out and a fave show is on, but it's so easy to catch them online now that it's not a big deal if you miss one.

Lori O said...

we have 2 TVs. one in my room and one in the den. i have DVR in the bedroom so that I can watch TV after the kids go to bed. i can never watch regular shows (meaning nonPBS shows) without the kids bugging me so it works for me. no TVs so far in the kids' rooms or the car. i don't plan on ever doing that but I won't swear to it at this point.

Anna said...

We only have one tv and NO cable. Gasp. I know. I thought I would really miss the cable, but honestly it has been almost a year and I am glad it's gone. I felt like we watched way too much tv when we had cable. The tv was always on. Now we maybe watch 5 hours of tv a week plus about 3 netflix movies a week. I used to have several shows a week I HAD to watch, but now I really don't care if I see them or not. It is kind of liberating. I don't plan on letting Fiona watch any tv until she is at least 3. We'll see how that goes.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

For the longest time we had no cable and the oldest tv known to man. NOW...we have a ridiculous sized high def flat screen with dish network and dvr AND we have become blue ray snobs. What can I say, we caught the bug. However, we only use the one tv. I don't want my kids to EVER have a tv in their room. DVR is the best because we have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other kid shows on demand and we can record what we want to watch and wait for the kiddos to go to bed. Fast forwarding through commercials is bliss, let me tell you. Having DVR is not something I really desired, it just came with the "bundle" we got through AT&T-internet,phone and dish network. Will we ever go back to no cable? We could, but we like what we have for now!!

Anonymous said...

I will say that T.V. really hampered my relationship with my parents when I was growing up. This was way before cable T.V. and satellite dishes. They had a T.V. upstairs, one downstairs and one in their bathroom so they could watch while they were getting ready.

They turned on the T.V. the moment they woke up and if it was a Saturday or a Sunday, it was generally on until they went to bed.

I would ask for help with homework and it was always, 'Wait for commercial'. I'm sorry, but you can't ask me to grasp a Algebraic concept in a two minute commercial break. So I stopped asking and started just scraping by in math class.

Because of the T.V. obsession, I really detested T.V. and hardly watched it at all when I moved out.

It's usually only on when hubby comes home because he likes to watch an hour or two to unwind.

Little tot doesn't watch much at all {if any} during the day and I'm fine with that.

I love to read and do other things. I do have my shows, but I don't get really uptight if I miss them because like Cathi said, if I HAVE to watch them, I can find the episodes on line generally.

Hubby and I used to have a T.V. in our room and when we moved we used the computer monitor to watch programs but now that we have the space for a separate office and the T.V. is going in the living room we probably won't have a T.V. anywhere else.

And definitely NO T.V. ever in the kids room! You're right, the kids would NEVER come out!

thecaillouets said...

we record our some shows and some difrent things for brooklyn. we have the tv in the living room and one in brooklyns room. for right now she is not a tv junkie. when she does become one the tv will leave her room and go into ours, but for now it is nice to occasionally turn hers on and have the living room quiet. i like quiet.

PapaJeff said...

One in the family room and one in the shop. Linda listens mainly to Fox News while she does her cake thing. I don't watch much. I don't think I can even spell DVR:). We had a tv in the bedroom for a while, years ago, but moved it out. It's a bad, bad idea to ever have a TV in any bedroom. It interferes with being a couple. I hope y'all keep up with no TV in kids' rooms - don't make their rooms better than the rest of the house - spend lots of time doing things as a family. I wish we had done more, so I encourage you to spend as much time together as you can (but, you need some alone time, and some Mama and Daddy as well). The years pass too quickly, and you can't go back. except with grandchildren:).

Holly said...

We are a one tv family, too. We had another one that we had in Kailey's room, it was never turned on so I craigslisted that sucker

I agree with no tvs in the bedrooms. I think Kailey would never come out of her room either.

We do have a Tivo, and I love it, same reasons as the others.

MommyRU said...

The DVR was a must for us because dh often walks in from work well after 7:00, when the shows we enjoy start...not to mention it's his favorite way to unwind..always! We DVR House and Chuck on Mondays and then decide which one we'd rather watch first and fly through commercials as we watch. Later in the week we dvr Supernatural, Smallville, Bones and Grey's, Ghost Whisperer, and Dollhouse and usually catch up on the weekend.
Yup...we have a tv addiction.
The kids usually sit in the family room with us and make puzzles while we watch...though often they are still at the dinner table trying to finish the 2 ounces of protein their mean mom won't let them walk away from...

Jessica said...

I did not think about getting to skip commercials...that would be nice.
Jeni, I like your profile picture...I never got a good CD of your wedding.

The Awesome Rawsons said...

We don't have a DVR either, but I do one one! My main reason is there are shows that I like to watch that I can't watch during their normal time because we're busy with dinner and the kids. Jared gets home at 7pm, so by the time we have dinner and get the babies to bed its 8:30pm or 9pm sometimes. I find it impossible to watch shows with the kids awake. Can you believe they want me to interact and PLAY with them? Ugh...the nerve! You'd think giving birth would be enough but nOoOoO..
So I'd love to be able to record things and watch them in peace (commercial free). Especially the office, betty, desperate housewives, 30 Rock, Life, etc....

Nicole said...

We have three TV's, one in the living room, our bedroom and in Pete's workshop in the basement. However, I can't remember the last time we turned on the other two tv's. We don't have DVR. Honestly, I only watch 3 shows and 2 of them I can watch online if I miss them. Sometimes we take advantage of the free Monday Redbox rentals if we want to watch a movie. For Mileena, we check out kid's DVDs from the library. No need for cable really.
Besides, I would much rather read than watch TV.