Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Could You Be Just A LITTLE Bit More Inconsiderate?

Today I was actually early/on time (depends on whose point of view you see it from) dropping Brennan off at school.
I did what every parent who drives their kid to Brennan's school does.
  1. Drive past the school heading east, wish the school had some sort of drive thru loop.
  2. Pull in the swimming pool parking lot across the street from school so you can get back on the road you were just on, but face west.
  3. Parallel park on the side of the road by the school.
  4. Tell your little one to have a nice day and then send him running up the steps to school. (Brennan got to walk because the first bell was about to ring, where usually the second bell is dying down when we get there. Good thing there are THREE bells!)
  5. Merge back into little to no traffic to return home.
I did all five steps, except for the no traffic part. There were a few cars, so I waited to get back on the street. When I did, three cars were in front of me. One pulled over to the side, like a normal person. Two cars left.
The first car, obviously being driven by an escapee from the local crazy house a rushed mother (we were early, remember? NO reason to be rushed) stopped beside a line of five or so cars, two of which had on their blinkers to get back into traffic.
This a*$hat mother of the year blocked ALL FIVE cars in, because instead of driving about ten feet further up the street, pulling over (no need to even parallel park!) and letting her spoiled brat adorable second grader get out, she sat there blocking all traffic, while her daughter slowly unhooked her seat belt, gathered her school things and placed them in a backpack, put on said backpack, and gave every person in the car an affectionate hug and kiss, before slowly opening the car, twiddling her thumbs, as she slowly walked up the steps to school.
That's not what got me, though.
What really PISSED ME OFF is when this winner pulls over by the school AFTER her daughter is walking up the stairs! Remember, ten more feet and she could have parked already, thus allowing everyone to continue on their journeys, idiot free. Well, I guess she finally figured out she was being a jerk thought better of her selfish ways...however she did not pull all the way in, thus causing the mile long line of angry parentscourteous drivers behind her to have to swerve around her to continue on their journeys AND causing the cars that had been waiting to merge into traffic (remember, they were the good guys, caught in the fire of this woman's stupidity) to have to continue to wait.
I was very, very tempted to park my car, get out of the car, and go tell her what a turd she had been.
BUT, I had on my p.j's (still do, truth be told), had morning breath (still do), and was too tired to save the world, one stupid driver at a time.
Now I feel I must share my story with all of you, my loyal readers, so as to help me purge this evil from my system and to warn you to avoid being the thoughtless one when driving.
Okay...I think it is time to get out of my p.j's.

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Lexi said...

Oh man. Like mother like daughter. This sounds like a case of Mom's Mom pandering to her and telling her that the world has eyes only for her.

So then what does Mom do? She repeats history and teaches HER daughter that everyone will wait for her too- she is THAT important.

Oy vey. From your very description of how painfully long it took to get little miss unbuckled and out the door and up the steps I foresee a frighteningly similar reenactment 15-20 years from now when she is dropping off her own little 'it's all about me's'.

Some people...