Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bizarre Chain of Events

Stick with me and see if things start to come together for you. Then again, maybe they won't come together at all. Maybe this is a post full of rambling.

1. The return of everybody's lunatics my children's favorite show, "Wipeout!" was Wednesday night. The boys were able to stay up until 8 to watch it.

2. Bart had Cub Scouts, so when he got home, he put the boys in bed, told them 6 stories and did not exit the bed room until 8:40. WAY past their bed time.

3. When we got our new computer, we were very excited to have a webcam built in. My parents have one, too, so we tried a video conference via Yahoo.
Not the greatest quality and there was an annoying buzz in the background, so video conferencing fell to the wayside.
Then someone mentioned Skype, so we both got accounts with them because Oprah told us to.

4. The boys come out of their room around 9:30, claiming to be hungry, thirsty, full of urine, and the sucker that he is Bart fed them, gave them a drink, and led them to the potty. Me, I was not falling for it and did whatever.

5. Right as Bart is finally putting the boys back in bed, around 10 p.m., the phone rings and it is my dad, who has just activated his Skype account.

6. The boys run down and talk it up with Papa Jeff, who, by the way, needs a hair cut REALLY bad. Retirement has turned him into a rebel. He claims he does not want to cut it because it is grey underneath. I told him to go get it colored.

7. I close out the screen around 10:30 and as I shoo the boys off my lap, I say, "Daddy's hair is so gross. I can't believe he hasn't gotten a haircut" or something to that effect, but I know I said the word "gross" and "weird" more then once.

8. A voice from the computer (sounding a LOT like my dad's!) says, "I can still hear you."

9. Much laughing and near peeing of pants occur from this event.

MORAL: If you use Skype, you can't just X out of the program. You must actually hang up in the program.

10. Kids in bed, but because they are so tired and full of sugar and hard boiled eggs, they both slept bad and wake up throughout the night.

11. Boys are very tired, as am I, this morning, so tempers flair and we have a less then pleasant morning.

12. We take Bart to work, and on the way home, I look in the rear view mirror and discover Jack's seat belt is NOT ON! As in, we had driven on the interstate for a couple miles, on surface streets, everything, and no one had noticed this. I blame it on all of us being tired. Usually if this happens, Jackson says, "My seat belt!" and we quickly buckle it.

13. I pull over to buckle his seat belt right before I am going to merge back onto the interstate and Brennan yells, "Hurry up, he's gonna throw up!"

14. I get out of the car IN MY PAJAMA's on the interstate, get Jack out quickly, hold him sideways and let him do his thing. Hook him in car, head for home.

15. See a cop car at the local day care. Have a state trooper fly down Maple St. and do a U turn into my neighborhood.

16. See several cop cars (4-5) in my neighborhood, blocking off streets, with the cops standing around outside their cars.

17. Get curious so we loop around and see if we can get through barricade. No one gives us a second glance. We still don't know what that was about but it sure was bizarre.

18. Jack gets sick and whines about feeling sick several times. Thank goodness we are heading to the doctor's office, anyways.

19. Manage to not need the cops called on me for child abuse (does yelling count?) get ready for Ethan's six month doctor appointment without incident and leave.

20. No more cops on the way out of the neighborhood. Guess the donuts finally finished frying and they can quit pretending to do work they caught the bad guy or whatever.

21. Jack does not get sick anymore and is acting normal. However, I do mention the sickness to the doctor, along with his lingering runny nose. She checks him out and discovers he has a sinus infection and slight ear infection from sinus infection. She gives him some antibiotics and says he is good to go.

There are 21 items here, one for every pound of Ethan...he weighs in at 21.5 lbs. is 28.25 inches long and has a head the size of a watermelon, trust me 18 inches round.
So, that's our bizarro day. I blame all crankiness, weirdness, and tiredness on WipeOut. Every. Single. Bit.

See, I told you it probably would just be me rambling...rambling and taking advantage of my ability to strike out a word.

5 Words to brighten my day:

Jamie said...

Good post Jessie! I laughed out loud about your dad's hair and about Jackson getting sick. Sorry Jackson, it was just so unexpected (I totally didn't see it coming) and it was especially funny that Brennan knew it was coming and warned you. Kids are so perceptive.

Delia said...

After that wipe out, you deserve a stiff drink or some dark, rich chocolate!

MommyRU said...

I'm with Jamie on the lol moments in this post...and my kiddos LOVE Wipeout! too! Christian was beyond excited to see its return!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Stop by my blog when you have a sec. to claim an award I gave you @

Have a wonderful Friday!!

thecaillouets said...

sophia is exactly the same size as ethan!!!!!