Friday, May 8, 2009

The Best Places to List Giveaways

Here is a list of giveaway sites where you can list yours for free. As you find more, please leave a comment so I can keep this updated. Unless otherwise stated, the site has a Mr. Linky. I personally like Mr. Linky the best because once you enter your contest information at one site, you can just click submit at the other sites because it pulls the same info up.

I am sure there are even MORE sites, but I think between me and the sites at the bottom of the list, we might just have it covered...but if you know of more, please leave a comment so I can update the list.

7 Words to brighten my day:

Sara Elizabeth said...

Great list. Don't forget my free lisitn blog . . . . :o)

Also, Tip Junkie. They allow everyone to post giveaways free (

Kirsten said...

Thanks so much Jessica for posting this about Gobs of Giveaways:) My Mr. Linky is updated every Monday morning. said...

Hi Jessica Miss Thrifty at has a Giveaway list by Mr. Linky every Wednesday. Anyone is welcome to list their Giveaways.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great list I am saving these as my favs.. I also love All Things Bloggy They update throughout the day with all blog giveaways

Kimberly Kihega said...

Can you add mine? You can list on Mondays at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget every Wednwsday at:

Has a list every Wednesday and has its own giveaways also

miss thrifty

Angela said...

Hi Jessica,
I have a big list of giveaways on my link & win page every Monday (but it stays up all week...and can be added to at any time)

Will you please add mine to your list?

Thanks so much, Angela