Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday (Vala's Pumpkin Patch, LOTS of pictures)

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Our day at Vala's in NUMEROUS pictures, backwards. If you REALLY care (but why would you, really? I mean, I don't) you can go down and work your way up.

Trying for a good shot...did not succeed.
This is the best picture I've ever captured of one of my kids with a pumpkin and I try EVERY year.
Little babies on a BIG chair.
The big kids on the BIGGER rocking chair.
The escape artist goat. Apparently it can jump off a bridge to get where the humans are. It really liked Dahly
Too Cool For You
I am so glad I got to meet/hang out with Dahly...she is so fun.
Pedal my GHETTO seat belt for Ethan? That's's my Posh Papoose Baby Sling!
On the train ride around Vala's
The kids chose to ride in the red caboose on back.
Give him a bottle and he's a happy camper.
This was so sweet. Nate was holding Jack's hand as they walked to the BIG slide. Jack loves Nate.
Brennan and Isabel
Jessica and Ethan after picking the perfect pumpkins.
Brennan's perfect pick (even if it is a bit green)
All the MOM's...I do believe this is the largest turnout for a paying event we've ever had!
Jackson, Brennan, and Dahly before the hay ride.
Riding the wagons before the apple class.

We had a great time at Vala's Pumpkin Patch...if you live anywhere close by, I recommend going. This is our third fall here in Omaha but our first worth it!

Almost everything is "free" (though admission is a tiny bit steep, if you don't go as a "field trip" which is what we were) and very entertaining for kids of all ages. I paid $20.50 for us to get in and we left with 6 apples, 2 pumpkins, a free train ride (usually like $2.50 each), the satisfaction of petting goats, sheep, camels, and donkeys, and 145 pictures. We also left with a bag of delicious kettle korn popcorn (hello, it is butter and caramel flavors mixed...I ate half the bag while watching the Ultimate Cake Off on mom's friend is the one who won!) and two small apple crisps, one for me and one for our pediatrician who is preggers and we happened to be seeing her for flu shots after our trip.
So, just go. It's fun. I promise.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Temple Touch Thermometers (Giveaway ends Oct. 4th)

It's two in the morning.

You were snoozing peacefully when...

"Mom, I don't feel good!" is heard from the other room.

Oh, dear...what could it be?

You go to check and your little one is burning up...he's too upset to be held down and poked under the arm with a thermometer. He's too young to put in his mouth.

What to do?

Well, Mom Select let me review a Temple Touch thermometer and let me tell you...when you are in this situation, you wipe it out, turn it on, wait for the two beeps, then gently place it on your little ones temple to see what the news is. It takes less then 20 seconds much better then the way I did it...with the under the arm pin-down for about a minute or so.

I wish we'd had one last year when Jackson had pneumonia (pictured above). We had to watch him like a hawk and take his temperature often. One of these would have made night time checks so much easier.

Bart loves it and is using it tons to take our temperatures...because we all know if we have even a slight fever it means we have the swine flu and will die within the hour. (love you honey)

So...I love mine so much, it makes me want to reverse time so I could use it on all three of my kids as babies, not just Ethan...really it's not just for babies, though...we all tested it out.

Want to win one? You know you do, esp. with cold, flu, and pig season coming up so soon. (If you want to skip the ropes and get right to owning one, just go to's right under ten dollars!)

All you have to do is.


Well, leave me a comment. It can say anything (nice that is)

Why nothing, you might ask? Because having a sick kid involves too much already and this thermometer is designed to make your life easier.

Want extra entries? I'll give you a ton of options: (As always, leave a separate comment for each item)

-follow my blog
-grab my button
-blog about this giveaway and link back
-follow me on twitter (jessremington)
-tweet about this giveaway (can be daily)
-become a facebook fan of my blog...not sure what that means yet, but hey, you will be ready when i do...just click on the button on the left.
-tell me the worst experience you've had with a sick little one.
-share a tip on how to give a sick little one their medicine.
-give me your opinion of the swine it worth all the fuss?
-share tips on how you keep yourself and your little ones healthy in the winter
-answer this question: Are you getting the flu shot? What about your kids? What about the swine flu shot? AND WHY?
-for three extra entries (and yes, leave three comments, saying, "See Above" or something) go check out Temple Touch's website and tell me something you learned from it...this can be done every day b/c you learn something knew every day.

Everything that could be done more then once (like the tweeting, sick one experiences, advice on med., tips on staying healthy) can be! So, if you are so wanting this thermometer (no, you can't have MINE, you get your own!) then you can just enter every day to your hearts content.

Now...I hope you all stay healthy and don't ever need to use this.

Harry Connick, Jr. Your Songs

As a native of Louisiana, I have a soft spot in my heart for stud muffin Harry Connick, Jr.
I mean, what is not to like? He's got a voice like silk and a body like...well, like Harry Connick! When I was student teaching at the LSU Lab School, the student teacher in the room next to me actually ate breakfast with Harry at his Mardi Gras breakfast he in, sat by him. The crazy thing...he didn't even know he was going to HCJ breakfast, he just knew his brother invited him to a Mardi Gras breakfast at his friend's uncle's place! So jealous of him!

I got to have a sneak peek of the album, "Your Songs"...Harry's latest album (now out). It's full of classic songs by some great musicians, like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Billy Joel. There's a full jazz band (speaking my language here!) and sting orchestra, too.

Harry puts his own stamp on these songs, too. My favorite is "The Way You Look Tonight"...I loved it when F. Sinatra sang it and I love it now.

If you want a little preview of the songs, to see if this album is for you, just scroll to the bottom here and take a won't be disappointed...I wasn't!

My favorite HCJ stuff is the great stuff he performed on PBS a few years peppy and full of life. Seeing and hearing him there is what turned me on to his music...thanks PBS pledge drive :)

THIS JUST IN: My friend Nicole is giving away a copy of this c.d. at her site, Mom Saves Money...go enter today! Giveaway ends Oct. 14.

Oh, and I stole the following lists from her site (hope you don't mind) One is the track list, the other is the dates Harry will be on t.v. so you can check his new songs (and hot bode) out!
Album Tracklisting (Originally performed by):

All The Way (Frank Sinatra)
Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)
And I Love Her (The Beatles)
(They Long To Be) Close To You (The Carpenters)
Besame Mucho
The Way You Look Tonight
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)
Your Song (Elton John)
Some Enchanted Evening
And I Love You So (Don McLean)
Who Can I Turn To? (Tony Bennett)
Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole)

Harry’s Upcoming TV Appearances:

9/25 – Oprah “Live Friday”
9/28 – Today Show
9/29 – The View
9/30 – Imus in the Morning
9/30 – Letterman
10/1 – Today Show
Week of 10/5 – Rachael Ray

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Date Night

See these two adorable young baby makers (Brennan picture in my belly)...well, they are going on a date tonight! Whoo-Hooo.

Dinner, bowling, no kids, with friends...what could be better?

Not much, my friends...not much.

Oh, and if you are LDS, don't forget that Saturday night is the Relief Society Woman's is absolutely my favorite LDS event of the year. If you are not LDS and want to go with me, give me a call and I'll pick you starts at 7 p.m. central.

We've got a winner!

Winner of the Posh Papoose Giveaway: #23 Crissy!

She tweeted about this giveaway almost every single day, thus causing her # of entries to go up to 21! Holy sun hats!

I hope you enjoy.

Stay next giveaways are for an earthlust water bottle and a temporal thermometer.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forced Outside Play

Lately, we've been in a rut after school.

-Walk home
-Take off shoes (Brennan's full of rocks thanks to the genius who put gravel in his playground instead of dirt, grass, or something more suitable)
-Boys watch t.v. until it is time to pick up Bart while I prepare dinner

I'll casually suggest, "Hey, guys, why don't you go outside into the backyard and play while I cook dinner?" as I stir the pot.

This suggestion is met with groans, protests, or excuses.

I am more worried with getting dinner ready before we have to leave to get Bart from work then really fighting with them, so they sit, either playing LEGOS or watching t.v.

Yesterday, though, I was prepared. The weather was too gorgeous NOT to go outside.

On the way home from school I told Brennan, "Hey, we are playing outside when we get home. There is chalk out front and your scooter, there is a lot to to do. Dinner is already almost done so I can play, too."

Once we got home, we played outside, even Ethan...and they had fun. Just like I knew they would.

Now today, I do not have dinner is enchilada's, and I learned they are best fresher rather then prepared and set in the fridge for a few today I need to get those ready after school, but maybe the boys will protest less as I lock them out into the backyard to play. Their favorite truck for digging is out there, and their favorite spot under the pine trees is waiting for them to come hang out.

No matter what, they are getting kicked out...winter is too close to NOT get some fresh air that does not freeze your nose hairs with every breath. AND, I really don't want my boys to be couch potatoes. I have a responsibility to my future daughter-in-laws to raise better boys.

What do you do to get your kids to like playing outside in the back yard by themselves?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday (When Bart gets to feed Ethan supper)

The chronicles of my Ordinary and Awesome life, family, and thoughts at Ordinary and Awesome is also the Mostly Wordless Wednesday headquarters as well as the home to several original awards and memes.

Football Saturday nights at our house involve good food, ESPN on the entire day, and lots of purple and gold.
Bart helped out with dinner this weekend...and even fed Ethan! What a kind, healthy and helpful messy and unhealthy thing to do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Shuffle

Last year, the day before Halloween, Brennan changed his mind about what he wanted to be for Halloween.
The cries of "I want to be a vampire" turned to "I want to be a ___"

He did not know. Then, he suggested something that had a very expensive costume and got a BIG veto from me.
Finally, I found a cute do-it-yourself LEGO costume and he was happy.

Jackson knew from the beginning he wanted to be a "not scary monster"...yeah, um, son? They don't make that! So, I took a few patterns and my own "creativity" (call me cheap) and created the Banana-Alien-Cat-Clown-Monster suit.

He was the easy child. Always has been (very sarcastic there).

This year, the boys started planning VERY early. (As in, this summer early)

"Let's be StarWars!"

"No, let's be Ghostbusters!" (still a possibility)

"Let's be G.I. Joe's"

"Oh, Mom, I know, let's be vampires!" (HECK NO!)

Then...yesterday evening, Jackson is playing Mario Brothers on the DS. I was musing over how to make Ethan look like Slimer when someone (maybe it was my bright idea?) says, "Let's be Mario and Luigi!"


Easy to create.

Ethan can be Toadstool and match them.

I am is what Bart is going to dress up as to fit the theme. How great is that?

And...I have a NEW RULE!!! Once the first item for the first costume is bought...NO MINDS ARE ALLOWED TO CHANGE. We will NOT have a day before Halloween fiasco again this year. Not. Going. To. Happen. Got it?

Oh, and if you are interested in a one of a kind treat bag, my sister, Jeni, is making them..and she will ship. Her husband has been out of work for a while now and she is doing everything she can to help bring some money in. The link I posted has pictures of the fabric choices and pricing.

$$Show Me the Money$$

It's that time of year again.
And with fall comes...
the contest parade of if we have extra money to spend right after buying new school clothes and supplies and right before Christmas shopping gets in full swing.

So...if any of you are interested in supporting Laura Dodge Elementary, go to and look around the brochures. (It's not just foods) If you see something you just can't do without, even though it costs three times the price it would in a store, plus you will have to pay shipping and handling on it, just call 1-800-456-6508 and place an order with Pam or Cynthia. Then, to make things MORE complicated...tell them it is for Brennan and Laura Dodge's fund raiser AND email me (theremingtons (at) cox (dot) net telling me how many items you ordered. I have to write your name and the # of items ordered on Brennan's order form in order for Brennan to get credit.

Yeah. Not hard to do at all, right? At least we have an option this year for those "out of town" friends and family. Last year, nope. You had to be in the Omaha area or I had to be willing to drive it wherever you if you are in the Omaha area, just call me and I'll stop by with the catalog so you can see what you want to spend too much money on so Brennan can win a yo-yo that lights up and probably costs a penny a pack for them to give out.

If you do it...thanks...if not, I TOTALLY understand.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tiny Tongs, reviewed by Jackson

Jackson was able to review a set of TINY TONGS. No, he was not paid to do it, but he does get to keep the tongs...which is more then enough for him :)

At first, I was a bit leery. I mean, how were these little weird shaped salad servers going to help Jackson eat better?

Then, he got them and tried them out. He loved his tiny tongs SO MUCH, he insisted I bring them with us to Ohio the next day. True story. Just ask Kyra.

Not only does he like them, but he uses them...not his fingers to eat! I love anything that helps him do that!

Tiny Tongs are "The easy way for kids to eat." They have grooved prongs to hold the food, are dishwasher safe, and just the right size for kids.

These are something that I would not normally just buy were I to see them in the store, but let me tell you, now that we've tested them out, I will be ordering a pair for Ethan when he is a tiny bit older.

SPEAKING of ordering a pair...go ahead and check them out...then use the code fjj20 to receive a 20% discount on any, get some not just for your tiny tot, but your sister's messy eater as well.

She'll thank you for it.

Oh...and I thought I uploaded a really cute video to of Jack eating, but I did not and I really wanted to share a video, so take what you get folks...this is NOT film making 101 over here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lillou Handmade...go check her out

Lillou Handmade

Back in "the day"...there was a girl.
This girl lived right down the dirt path from me.
Yep, we both had to turn off the blacktop onto the crappy blacktop. Off the crappy blacktop onto the gravel. And then, off the gravel onto the dirt. Seriously.
She was best friends with The twins. If you don't know The Twins, well. Sorry for you. EVERYBODY knows The Twins.
She was my ride on more then one occasion to band related activities(she did batons,
I did flags, I do not play a musical instrument. sad.)...even though she is a year younger then me, she had her license before me. (Everyone except maybe Bart got their license before me.)
Even in college we got to be occasion friends, as she lived on the same tiny street as me (How many LDS did NOT live on East Boyd Drive is my question?)
And now, this girl...ERIKA has got an ETSY SHOP!

AND, to promote her new shop, she is having a giveaway.

For TWO LSU Christmas stockings.

Now, I know some of my readers are (vomit taste in mouth already) Nebraska fans...but if you win, you can just give them to ME! (Hey, you did almost win last night)

Geaux check out Lillou Handmade, enter the contest, and BUY SOMETHING from're helping out a really great friend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am a mother of three boys.

I am the mother of three boys.
I do not have any girls. I will not ever have any girls unless something horrible happens to my sister and I wind up with her daughters. (I don't even know if we are the ones she would give them to, but I'm just saying, that is like the ONLY way...also, I am not saying anything will happen to my sister and her husband, either)
I think that sometimes, people who have daughters do not realize how easily some people (i.e. ME) can have their feelings hurt about girl things. Because maybe, even though we really love our sons, we really wished for a daughter, too, and hell no I am not going to try for a girl...please don't ask that because that is a stupid thing to ask.

When a statement is made about how much cuter girl stuff is then boys. Or about how they are so glad they only have girls because of X (dance, gymnastics, bows, whatever).

It does not happen all the time, but it does happen.

Catch me on a bad day and that etsy shop that only sells pink bows and doll dresses? I might want to blow it up.
Then, there are days were I think of all the cute stuff I could make...if I had a girl to make it for.
Sure, I've got nieces, but their mama is a crafty lady and they don't need my stuff. Plus, I am cheap and don't want to pay shipping. It makes me sad.

Today I did find So Chic Baby Boutique on etsy. Not only is she super affordable, but she has some boy stuff, too. I really want this for Ethan, though I guess I could make it. I ordered a tutu witch thing for my niece's one year old birthday present. It's her Halloween costume.

Okay, so the reason I got on this kick is because before Brennan was born, we were told he was 70% chance of being a girl.


Right. I doubted Dr. Payne from that moment on.

So, anyway, Bart's aunt Jane bought these two beautiful dresses from some adorable shop in New Orleans for a shower gift. I would be willing to bet they cost a pretty penny and they are EXACTLY the kind of dresses I'd put on my daughter, were I to have one...heirloom, not too much lace, but some, beautiful.

I found one today while getting out winter clothes in the basement. I do not plan on getting rid of them. I got rid of all the other girl stuff we got from that shower when I found out Ethan was a boy and my friend Melissa was due for a girl...sent it all to her, except for these two beautiful outfits. My sons (when I get DAUGHTER in LAWS) better produce some granddaughters or I will be pissed and possibly disown them.

My darling, very lady like two year old niece, Brooklyn.

So, I know it might be hard, but try to not be too braggy about all things girls all the time. We mom's of boys might not show it or say it, but sometimes, it really hurts our feelings. (Oh, and every time one of my friends has two boys and then a makes me SO HAPPY! Really it does)

Don't think I'm a girl hater, cause I am not...girls are needed to make the world go round, but boys are just as important to that equation. I'm just on a kick right now...all because I found the beautiful dress I never got to use.

Don't feel sorry for me because I only have boys. I am trying to make up for it by doing more crafty things for myself and being the best mom I can to the children I have. Heavenly Father wanted me to only have boys for some, I need to sit back and let my life live itself so I can find out why.

By the way, I also really hate the word verification so many have on their blogs now. It is just a pain the butt for those of us leaving comments...spammers don't care. I'd almost NOT leave a comment if I have to enter a few random letters.

Ramblings end...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Selfless Act

Eight months ago, a mother said goodbye.
She probably kissed his head gently, wrapped her pinkie around his adorable little fist.
She handed her newborn off to another, a stranger, never to see this child, this being who began with her and another, again.
He was cared for and loved by a foster family until the time came for him to make a journey.
The journey home to a new family, a new continent, a new chance at life.
Home, where his mother and father waited with tears in their eyes and arms outstretched.

When I think of that first mother, I think of her bravery. Some might say she took the easy road, handing her problems to another.
Me, I think it is one of the most selfless things a woman can do...give her child to another, knowing she can never care for him in the way his new family can and will.

And knowing the mother and sisters of this boy, I know he will be loved exactly as if eight months ago, he had come from his new mother...his only mother.

I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this event...witness the first moment, even if from afar, as mother and father and sisters saw son for the first time.
It made me appreciate my children a little more. Hug Jackson a little longer. Fuss at Brennan a little less. And love them all a little more.

It made me feel grateful for my husband, and that I never had to say goodbye. It made me grateful for our Father in Heaven, who loves each and every one of us so much that he puts trials of faith in our lives to help us become this instance, both first mother and second were tested. He sent each of us here to become better people and to find joy each and every day. He knows the sorrow of loss and the joy of reunion. He will help heal the wounded hearts and accept the thanks sent His way for the miracle from Him...knowing exactly what second mother's family needed and how to bless them with that desire...even if it was not in the way the family at first imagined.

Thanks for letting me and my family be a part of that...even if from afar.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Want to earn an extra entry for the Posh Papoose Giveaway?

The chronicles of my Ordinary and Awesome life, family, and thoughts at Ordinary and Awesome is also the Mostly Wordless Wednesday headquarters as well as the home to several original awards and memes.

Brennan's story he wrote at school one day. He brought it home and said, "I can only show it to you because I HAVE to bring it back tomorrow."

Here is the story:

Pig loved school because she played cars and ate. One day a boy showed (up) in the room. The boy's name was Run. He was good. Pig and Run went on a field trip to the park and ate. They went to the BEACH. They went to the museum. (We asked...he looked in a book to spell museum!) They went to the ZOO! We went BACK TO SCHOOL. The end.

Alli and Jackson with their cakes they decorated themselves.
Yum. Breakfast.
Ethan's Halloween tee shirt.

I can make that happen. Just make sure you did the first entry (leave a comment on that post telling me your favorite item or fabric from the Posh Papoose) then...leave a comment on this blog.
I've given you some fodder for comments with the pictures I posted, or just leave about whatever. You can leave a comment here about anything every day until the contest ends.
Just make sure to do the first entry!!!!

You can still tweet about it every day, too...thus earning you TWO entries every day until Sept. 24.