Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, so I was playing around trying to get a "cool" new layout for my blog...well, I just deleted all the side, please help me and give me the addresses of your websites so I can build my blogger stuff back up!

Okay, so I think I added most of my bloggers back, but if I left you off, just let me know so I can add you back.

Geaux Tigers!

Football season has started again and we are so excited. LSU football is a way for us to share a little bit of our 'home' with the people of Nebraska. We had a party in honor of the start of the new season, inviting over a few of Bart's co-workers and a guy from Mississippi who is a State fan.
Between the jambalaya and chocolate pie we had a meal fit for a king and everyone left a few pounds heavier than when they got here.
Bart did his traditional hand clap/slap rituals, but he also started jumping a lot (something he couldn't do in Baton Rouge because of the location of our apt.). He didn't yell too much, so he is not hoarse. He did, however, "shave" his head. And by shave, I mean the clippers had a #3 guard on them. (I didn't want him to go all the way!)
So, overall it was a great start to what is destined to be a great season.
Oh, and the game isn't quite over yet, so I can't give you a final score, but I can tell you that LSU beats MS a lot.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's A Boy!

Congratulations to one of my best friends, Jamie East B., and her husband, Jamey B.! They found out today they are having a boy! We are so excited for them...can't wait for you guys to join the 'parent squad'. We love you!


Brennan's first day was a success. He reported that his favorite part of the day was SNACK TIME! His teacher really earned brownie points in his eyes by reading "The Little Engine That Could" and taking the kids on a follow-the-leader type train walk. (He LOVES trains.)
He can hardly wait to go back!

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's a Big, Big World

Today was Brennan's first day of preschool. He was very excited to go to school. He has been wearing his backpack all day long, as so has Jackson. (Jackson does think he is a big kid, so why shouldn't he wear one, too?) Brennan could hardly wait for 12:40 to get here so he could go be with his teacher, Mrs. Bockes.
We gave Conner a ride, which was fun, because both boys are in the same class and were able to be united in this new experience, two little stripling warriors.
No tears were shed by me or Brennan (none were expected from Brennan...I was iffy).
So, now I release my hold on Brennan and send him 'out into the world'.
Good Luck's a big, big world out there, and it takes a lot of courage to conquer it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Went on Down to the (Henry Doorly) Zoo....

This week has been really busy! We've had three playdates in a row! Although it's been a little hectic, it's been fun. (I don't believe I will do three in a week again, though!) Wednesday we went roller skating, Thursday we went to the mall for our first My Omaha Mommies playdate, and Friday we went to the zoo with the Barua's, Weaver's, and Evan's. Three of the four 'older' kids are in Sunbeams together at church and Eden is just a little bit younger. The kids had a blast and so did we. The gorillas were a lot of fun because they were eating up the attention they were getting, following us as we walked away and even posing once or twice. The sea lions were doing tricks and splashing all about. (We even got to see the zoo keepers feed the sea many of you have at one time or another dreamed of that job? Or feel you currently have that job???) Everyone (even the animals) was in a great mood...maybe it was the AWESOME weather we are's been raining a lot but it was a gorgeous morning...overcast (so not too sunny), cool, and breezy.
Overall, it was a fun way to wrap up a fun-filled week.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Let's take a vote...
All in favor of Bart and his two clowns shaving their heads (as in bald) for the start of LSU football season, speak now.

What, no takers? Oh, I see. I am not the only sane person in the world who thinks it's CRAZY!

Oh, by clowns, I mean two guys from work...

Tiny Tots Roller Skating

("Hey, why do they get to have all the fun?" Shane and Jackson, on the sidelines)
Alright, so what could be cuter than watching a bunch of 2-6 year olds roller skate? Not much. Especially if you have the smarts to call it "Tiny Tot" Roller Skating and charge $3.50 for 1.5 hrs of skate time, skates, juice, snack, and time with the "pros" of Skate City...that's right, Kangaroo Kelley, Dangerous Dave, and the other two guys.
We invited a few friends from church to come, too. The Jensen's and the Barua's came and we all had fun. The kids had their wheels "locked" so that the wheels didn't move. This allowed Brennan, Conner, and Eden the chance to learn how to walk with roller skates. As they get more confidence and catch on to the flow of roller skating, they will slowly unlock each wheel.
There were some pretty skilled kids there, so in time, I think Brennan and his pals will be flying all over the rink, not just holding on to each other or the mothers.
Can't wait until next Wednesday!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pay Back

Yesterday I took our neighbors across the street some of Bart's left over Italian cream (homemade) birthday cake. Today, as I was ironing my shorts, there was a knock on the door. (Luckily Bart was dressed before me for once) Our neighbors loved the cake so much that they bought us a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts when they were out this morning. Brennan was so excited he could hardly stand it.
He loves donuts and loves to have "donut parties". A "donut party" is anytime he eats a donut, talks about a donut, or sees a donut. This is quite a 'happening' party, so for him to be given a surprise DONUT PARTY was like giving him a million dollars. He loved it, and so did we. THANKS!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Old Man!

Bart turned 30 yesterday. Yes, the day Elvis Presley died, Bart was Bart Elvis reborn? I don't know, but you better not step on his blue suede shoes, or he'll do the jailhouse rock.
(see the comparisons? both have dark hair, both are near water, um, that's about it)

Happy Birthday Bart...We Love You!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As part of our trip to Louisiana, we made our annual trek to Florida. Instead of Pensacola, which is where we traditionally go, we went to Navarre Beach, a few miles further east. It was really nice. We stayed in a two bedroom cabin that slept 8, so there was plenty of room for everyone (though Beau may argue with that...he slept in the loft with Brennan). We had a great time hanging out and having fun. Jackson especially loved to be knocked around by the waves. We had to keep our eyes on him every second, because as soon as we let go of him, he ran to the water to try and go in!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm having an affair

It's true. It started out innocent enough.
"Just try it" she said. "You won't be disappointed."
"Okay, maybe just a little" I reply.
Two hours later and we still were going at it.
Now, I am hooked. I can't get her out of my head, thinking of ways to improve her and make her even better, thinking of ways to better myself for her.
I go to her every day, even if just for a minute or two, check on her, see how she is doing.
I am ignoring the others for her. I can hardly stand it.
What am I going to do?

It's just so addicting...

I love the connections I've rekindled because of her...

I have a myspace page.

See, I told you I was cheating...on my blog!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Life Lesson

We babysat for a friend Saturday. The Weaver's have a 4 year old girl and an 18 month old boy. So, both of our boys had their own playmates.
Brennan and McKayla had a blast playing together, but I do believe Brennan was a bit confused at times about why McKayla didn't like some of the things he did. McKayla did not want Spiderman fruit bites, she wanted her Princess ones. She did not want a Superman band-aid, she'd rather have a neutral one. She did not want to play train wreck, instead she wanted to color or play the electric toy guitar or carry around her brother. She did run the show and tell Brennan where to go and when to do things. Just as a girl should...
Brennan loves Care Bears, Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, trains, 4-wheelers, and got Hello Kitty toys at McDonald's instead of the dumb wheels they had for boys. Now, by no stretch of the imagination is Brennan a sissy, but he also just doesn't know the difference between 'boy things' and 'girl things'. He sure has a lot to learn. I don't see anything wrong with him liking Care Bears. I don't know why some people freak out if a boy says he likes the color pink. And I don't understand why a boy can't have a baby doll, too. (They get baby siblings, too!) So, Brennan is going to be very confused for a while, once he starts preschool, as the girls do the 'girl things' and the boys do the 'boy things'. I hope that Brennan can find that fine line between being "all boy" and being a sissy. I hope he can play with anybody, boy or girl, monster trucks or play house; that nobody gives him "cooties"; and that he is always kind and Christ-like to all he meets.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pool Time

Pool Time
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What am I gonna do???

I don't know how I am going to handle Brennan starting preschool. Now, this may not sound like a big deal to many, but to me, it is a HUGE deal. My baby is old enough to go somewhere without me every day, for three hours a day. He is old enough to tell someone he has to go potty, not be asked every hour if he needs to go. Brennan is old enough to be someone's friend, or become someone's worst nightmare. I can hardly believe four years have passed by already. Although I don't want my baby back, I sure would like it if we could just slow down time a little bit and savor those moments that are so precious and sweet and pass by so quickly.
I may just have a nervous breakdown.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


80's Night at B.R. 2 rocked! It was far out and almost better than "mom's night out" would have been. Not! (It had to be used). Although I was sad that I will be missing "mom's night out" next week, I was glad that I was able to see some great friends that I hadn't seen yet. I may have only rocked out with blue eyeshadow, the people of B.R. 2 truly got into the spirit of the 80's and dressed to IMPRESS! And, due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I got to help 'judge' everyone's idea of what the 80's were in the costume contest. That was really hard work, so if you were dressed to win and didn't, I am sorry...I wasn't the only judge and it was too hard. You guys were all great and TOTALLY RADICAL DUDE!!!

(Oh, and YES, every picture does include me in it, but I am usually the one taking the pictures so I made sure to hop in a few {all} this time)