Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a virus has struck

My main laptop seems to have some sort of virus keeping me from doing anything google related.  Big bummer...working on fixing that.  I can't log on to my blog (or leave comments on other's blogs), do a search, etc...turns out I like to search google a lot. And really hate using yahoo to search.
But that is to explain my total silence on here.

Friday is Jackson's SIXTH birthday...he was just a baby when we moved to NE and now he is a handsome kindergartener!
Today on the way home from school, he showed me a "dance" he  made up.  I laughed.
He said, "Mr. Josh liked my dance, too.  But, after a few minutes, he told me to stop dancing."
LOL, it's all about moderation...he will learn.

And finally, use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping in my etsy shop.  Click on the Confetti Creations link on the sidebar.  I'd link you but typing on a netbook is tricky to my fat fingers!  Hopefully this virus will be taken care of by this weekend (something about needing two computers to fix it?  Or administration something or other?  IDK, Bart was telling me about it) and I can be back to blogging normally.