Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did you check out the new blog yet?

Have you checked out my new blog yet?

Here is some of what you are missing: 

So, what are you doing hanging around my OLD website?  Go check out the all new and improved one today!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving Day...Please Join Me at My New Home

I don't know what the issues are with google now, but I am missing blogging and don't love to do it on my tiny please join me at my new blog home:

I am actually really liking wordpress as I learn to use it and I really hope you will join me there...I've already got a few posts up! 

One day I will try to transfer this blog there, but for now, just click the link and follow me there.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a virus has struck

My main laptop seems to have some sort of virus keeping me from doing anything google related.  Big bummer...working on fixing that.  I can't log on to my blog (or leave comments on other's blogs), do a search, etc...turns out I like to search google a lot. And really hate using yahoo to search.
But that is to explain my total silence on here.

Friday is Jackson's SIXTH birthday...he was just a baby when we moved to NE and now he is a handsome kindergartener!
Today on the way home from school, he showed me a "dance" he  made up.  I laughed.
He said, "Mr. Josh liked my dance, too.  But, after a few minutes, he told me to stop dancing."
LOL, it's all about moderation...he will learn.

And finally, use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping in my etsy shop.  Click on the Confetti Creations link on the sidebar.  I'd link you but typing on a netbook is tricky to my fat fingers!  Hopefully this virus will be taken care of by this weekend (something about needing two computers to fix it?  Or administration something or other?  IDK, Bart was telling me about it) and I can be back to blogging normally.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday

Hope you have a fabulous weekend...full of Sonic happy hour, green fun, and lots of laughs!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Confetti Creations LOVES Dodge Elementary {teacher appreication idea}

I got this idea to create a "gourmet cupcake bar" for the teachers and staff at my children's elementary school a few weeks back.  I was doing the same thing for my Scentsy party, so it was easy to create enough frosting for both and freeze it until I needed it.  There are five different types of cupcakes:  Peanut Butter Heaven, Plain Jane, Turtle, Pina Colada, and Strawberries-n-Cream.  Each had a different flavor and each was so yummy!

 I loved the way it turned out and hope the teachers liked it, too.  When I was leaving, there was already a crowd waiting to get some of the sweet treats.  :)

Being a teacher is an amazing thing.  I only taught middle school for one year, but I loved it.  I love teaching my Sunday School class.  I love watching the boys learn new things.  I love teaching cake decorating classes and seeing how different each person decorates their cake, even after being given the same instructions.

I am so grateful to all the teachers my children have who help mold them into the people they will one day be.  I love the challenges they present my boys, their dedication to helping them be the best they can be.  I love their willingness to help them in times of trouble and their patience in times of frustration.  It's not all glitter and rainbows, but the teachers my boys have had have all been amazing.  From para's to "special" teachers to staff, I am very happy with Dodge Elementary!  GEAUX WILDCATS!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Following Directions

Anyone who has met a strong willed child (or adult for that matter) knows it can be a challenge at times to get them to follow directions.  Especially when they have their mind set on one thing.
Well, Ethan is a strong willed child...I try very hard to not just give in (to make my life easier in the here and now) but to make sure he follows through with the things I ask him to do.
Here is what happened today.

Ethan:  I want some cherrios.
Jessica:  Okay, but you need to put this jello into the fridge so you can eat it later and bring me a bowl.
E:  Okay.
Takes bowl and goes to kitchen.  I hear door to fridge open, shuffling in fridge, E returning to me.
J (looks at bowl that has blue jello remnants in it):  Ethan, where is the jello?
E:  In the fridge!
J:  Where did you get this bowl?
E:  The kitchen.

 I did not fuss at Ethan, because he DID do what I asked (a miracle, he is so stubborn most times), just not the way I envisioned it.  After I cleaned up the jello, I did have him wipe at the fridge some and we talked about why food stays IN bowls unless we are putting them in the sink.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Friday was a nice day so the kids and I headed to the park in our neighborhood to meet some friends and burn a little energy.  It was parent/teacher conference day so the kids were out of school.

Brennan rode his bike to the park and was riding around the park, playing under the trees, exploring, etc.  I didn't think anything of it as I could see him the whole time and the street is really slow, so I felt he was very safe.

It wasn't until I got home that I learned there were things for me to worry about.

Here is how the conversation with Brennan went:

B:  Mom, I have PROOF that Spanish Explorers were in Omaha.

J:  Oh, yeah, how do you have proof?
B (Pulls something from his pocket):  Because I found one of their bottles!

And what was that a bottle of?

JOSE CUERVO ESPECIAL in hotel bottle form.

My "gifted and talented" clueless child took a dirty bottle with Spanish words on it and drew the conclusion NOT that some teens were hanging out drinking bottles of alcohol they stole from their old granny, but that the dirty bottle was PROOF of Spanish explorers, or Spanish conquistadors if you will, roamed the park far before we ever did.

I hope he never loses his sense of wonder and thinking outside the box...but I sure as heck hope he breaks the bad habit of being a scavenger...because that is not the only thing he brought home from that park that day...but that is a blog post for another day.


We Bought A Zoo (Pass)

We really love the Omaha Zoo. If you are ever in Omaha, you should make it a priority to go there one day!  Just wear comfortable shoes as there is lots of walking.

Last year we didn't buy a season pass, so we only went to the zoo once, with someone who shared her pass.  It is just too expensive to go without a pass...they pay for themselves in two visits!

Well, we bought a pass and we are very excited to be heading out more often. The pass includes free IMAX movies so today we saw the Sharks 3-D movie...I am not a fan of 3-D movies, they look fuzzy to me and don't really POP.  Bart thought the glasses made me look amazing!

I have to say, Bart looks pretty HOT in his glasses as well.

It was very windy, so we ate our lunch in the Desert Dome...I didn't want all of our food blowing away and forcing us to buy zoo food...maybe the wind was generated by the zoo to get people to buy more concessions?  IDK but I think I am on to something...b/c it sure wasn't that windy the rest of our visit, just during lunch.

Either way, we had a great time and can't wait to go back. The boys LOVE exploring the map and plotting out where to go next...I can't wait until all the exhibits are open/finished being re-constructed/etc, and we can actually go to all the things they want.  I am especially excited to see the renovated aquarium. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brennan FINALLY learns to ride his bike!

Let it be known that at the age of eight years, eight months of age, Brennan FINALLY learned to ride his bike.


Because I told him he could not ride his too small scooter which made him look silly or just run behind his friend when A. "does loops" around our street on his bike.  I told B the only way he could participate is if it was on a bike.  And that was motivation enough to get him trying on his own! Bart has worked with him many times in the past with no luck of letting go of the back of the bike.
This is a great thing because I was starting to think I would need to look into special services through the school to help him with this handicap he had.
Good job Brennan! 

P.S.  These pictures were taken on the first day he did it all by himself (Monday).  Since then he's gotten much steadier and confident. 


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brennan's Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet

Last night was Brennan's Cub Scouts banquet.  He was so excited for this event and it made me happy to see him anticipate it.  The little boys got into the excitement as well and Ethan kept saying, "Mom, I go to CUB SCOUTS tonight!!!!"

Here are a few pictures of the event.  Brennan helped design the cake (though the main idea to put the scout patches around the side came from Sandi...Brennan still thinks he did it, and he is VERY proud of this fact)

Doing a word find w/ all the kids and leaders names in it, plus Cub Scout words, before dinner.

Brennan was the Assistant Denner and led the flag ceremony.



Brennan earned a few belt loops

Brennan leading the ending flag ceremony.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Tie Line Up listed in my etsy shop!

Today I posted pictures of my "Spring Collection" of neck ties on facebook (Confetti Creations) and etsy.  Sounds so fancy, doesn't it?

Almost all of them are  bright and springy, but there are a few browns and a red so those aren't quite so spring related, but they are all new and I love them all, especially #2...this picture does it NO justice at all.

Which one is your favorite?  For just $10 each, maybe more then one will be your favorite?

Get your Easter/Spring/FUN neck ties today...very limited quantities so I'd hurry.  Free shipping through Friday at midnight, using code:  FREESHIP

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mall Shopping

I went to the mall today, just Ethan and I.  I only went into two stores, but I scored some great deals!  (Well, 3, but Wet Seal did not have the kind of headband I was looking for, so that quick trip doesn't count)

The best part?  I discovered by letting Ethan play Angry Birds Rio on my phone, he would stand quietly by me while I looked in peace!
Next time, I am bringing a stroller so he can be pushed around while I look, instead of me steering him around the store.

And I've got to say, other then plain or striped polos, there is slim pickin' for older boys in the shirt department.  Most of the tee shirts are so ugly and make me want to scream.

It's a battle, shopping for boys, but one I guess I will have to least I don't have to worry about too short skirts and tops that even respectable hookers might blush to wear. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Dresser

Before Brennan was born, my mother found a dresser somewhere and gave it to me to put in Baby Bean's room. It fit perfectly and Bart had a great time painting it (haha, um, no he didn't) and I had a great time finding just the "right" knobs for it.  Blue stars and yellow crescent moons to go with the space theme of the nursery.

Well, it is a small dresser and I have finally replaced all the kids dressers with larger ones.  Not necessarily newer or nicer ones, but larger ones, and for these wild boys, the "hand me ups" dressers work great.

And I am ready to give the dresser away. Even have someone who will come pick it up as soon as I send a FB message with my address. it away is like giving away the last little bit of babyhood. The last memory of any of my children as a tiny baby...even though Ethan never even used the dresser, and it was never in his nursery, it is still strongly tied to my babies in my mind.

Isn't that the silliest thing? To not contact the lady I said I'd give it to and leave it in my crowded hallway because it represents my children growing up?

I need to hop on pinterest and find a project for it will never leave!  Though really, we have no need for it and it is taking up room that could be filled with other bits of greatness, like lego cities and dirty sock piles and maybe even old school papers.  It does need to go, but it sure fills my heart with an odd emptiness to think of it no longer being a part of my boys lives anymore.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What a week!

This week was jam packed with things to do.
Valentine's Party 1 (at home):  Check
Valentine's Party 2 (at Jack's school, room mother for the event):  Check
Feed the missionaries on Valentine's night:  Check
Bake and Decorate FOUR cakes:  Check, Check, Check, Check
Have a fun girls night out to celebrate Kris turning 30:  Check
Bart wake up with an MS flair up this morning: Check

Quite a week...but it was organized chaos, so overall, a good one!

I love how awesome every cake turned out!  It was a great week for sure, even if it was rather complicated at times...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A few quick pics

Many thanks to Megan for these pictures from today's party...

Ethan and Mommy!
I MUSTACHE you a question...will you be my Valentine?
Carson and Ethan, best buddies!  Aren't they so cute!?!

It was a fun least I thought so, as I ate peanut butter chocolate cake, rice krispies, cookies, brownies, marshmallows dipped in chocolate...a sugar coma was had by all.  :)


It seems that everywhere you turn, there is pressure.  Not necessarily peer pressure, but at the same time, it is.
When I take a quick look at pinterest of any of these "craft sharing blogs" I feel immensely uncreative and overwhelmed. Now, don't get me wrong, I love these sites, but sometimes, I just have to back off all things creative and deal with the reality of the NOW.  This is especially true around the holidays.  Gathering up the amazing ideas of lovely people and putting them into one place is enough to make me want to cry at how cheesy and cheap my little hearts hanging over my dining room door look, at how gauwdy my pictures one my boys Valentine's for their teachers look, and at how imperfect my heart shaped cake is compared to theirs.
This week I've got a lot going on.  I can't be perfect in all of them.  So, I let go the grand-e-ous ideas having a preschool Valentine's Day party for Ethan and his perfectly behaved friends on Valentine's Day morning, and am settling instead for a relaxing play date where I demand each mother bring a sweet to share (and we can exchange them, thus reducing some pressure to make a great dessert for supper on this most holy of days...what?  We are LDS, it's a Hallmark holiday all the way, but a fun one!).  It will be simple.  It will be classic.  It will be PERFECT and PRESSURE free.
I am having a great time preparing for Jackson's class party (yes, same day as morning play date)...I think I've got it organized quite well.  I think for this party, I will not feel pressure, because I've taken care of all the details.  But, I've felt pressured to get the details just right so that the actual event will be as stress free as possible with 30 *yes, my son has THIRTY kids in his kindergarten class* and that is a big deal.  I've seen lots of cute parties for kids Jack's age and loved them.  Heard things other mothers are doing for their kindergarten aged children's classes.  Oh, well, we won't have a cupid coming to take pictures with each child and deliver a box of imported chocolates at our party.  But, we will have homemade cards for their mom or dad, bingo, and "heart attack" (pin the tail on the donkey).  And I bet the kids LOVE it as much as any persnickety party with perfectly matching tags, labels, and water bottles.

Do you ever read those blogs out there and wonder where the moms get the money, time, and energy to do it all?  Take the pressure off...those moms are on crack or stealing their kids ADHD meds and make their husbands work all day and night to earn the money to create those parties and supplies and things they do.  :)  We don't want to be crackhead moms with work-aholic husbands, now do we?


Good, then go enjoy your store bought cookies you bought on the way to my house for my play date and relax.  Just make sure you bought the Loft house cookies, because really, why do they even bake any other kind of cookie to sell?  No pressure, though.

P.S.  It's late, so if this blog post doesn't make sense to me in the a.m., I guess I will delete it.  Oh, the pressure!

Monday, February 6, 2012

What the SNOW?

We've had the  mildest winter yet (we have been here since 2007) here in Omaha, when the skies opened up and dumped snow on us Saturday, the boys were ECSTATIC!
The snow still has the boys giddy, two days later (which is good, because there is a lot of it!) and it is so cute to watch them play and have fun in such a winter wonderland.
Ethan seems to think a yard stick is a great toy lately and had it out in the snow.  This mostly meant he flicked small chunks of snow onto our lovely snow free driveway, which meant I mostly fussed at him to STOP ruining such a lovely snow free driveway.  I gave up after a few minutes though and moved on to checking out Brennan's progress on his fort.
Now, Brennan did not build a door into his fort, claiming he can just jump over the top and get into it.
This is very true as his fort is only a few inches (maybe 12?) tall and easy to do.
He started by clearing the floor around the base so he'd have a snow free place to sit and wait to attack Jackson.  Yep.  he built that fort for the single purpose of hiding and attacking Jackson with snowballs.
However, Jackson is one smart boy and went inside before Brennan finished his masterpiece.  :)

The only sad part about all this snow (for the boys)?  It happened on Saturday, so by Monday morning, all the roads were nice and clear and there were no snow days from school.