Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mall Shopping

I went to the mall today, just Ethan and I.  I only went into two stores, but I scored some great deals!  (Well, 3, but Wet Seal did not have the kind of headband I was looking for, so that quick trip doesn't count)

The best part?  I discovered by letting Ethan play Angry Birds Rio on my phone, he would stand quietly by me while I looked in peace!
Next time, I am bringing a stroller so he can be pushed around while I look, instead of me steering him around the store.

And I've got to say, other then plain or striped polos, there is slim pickin' for older boys in the shirt department.  Most of the tee shirts are so ugly and make me want to scream.

It's a battle, shopping for boys, but one I guess I will have to least I don't have to worry about too short skirts and tops that even respectable hookers might blush to wear. 

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