Monday, February 20, 2012

The Dresser

Before Brennan was born, my mother found a dresser somewhere and gave it to me to put in Baby Bean's room. It fit perfectly and Bart had a great time painting it (haha, um, no he didn't) and I had a great time finding just the "right" knobs for it.  Blue stars and yellow crescent moons to go with the space theme of the nursery.

Well, it is a small dresser and I have finally replaced all the kids dressers with larger ones.  Not necessarily newer or nicer ones, but larger ones, and for these wild boys, the "hand me ups" dressers work great.

And I am ready to give the dresser away. Even have someone who will come pick it up as soon as I send a FB message with my address. it away is like giving away the last little bit of babyhood. The last memory of any of my children as a tiny baby...even though Ethan never even used the dresser, and it was never in his nursery, it is still strongly tied to my babies in my mind.

Isn't that the silliest thing? To not contact the lady I said I'd give it to and leave it in my crowded hallway because it represents my children growing up?

I need to hop on pinterest and find a project for it will never leave!  Though really, we have no need for it and it is taking up room that could be filled with other bits of greatness, like lego cities and dirty sock piles and maybe even old school papers.  It does need to go, but it sure fills my heart with an odd emptiness to think of it no longer being a part of my boys lives anymore.

3 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

Can't it go in the basement and hold not used blankets or crafting something?!!

PapaJeff said...

Don't do it!!!! Keep the dresser!!!

sldfasljnfo said...

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