Thursday, February 2, 2012


Isn't this little guy so stinkin' cute?  Thanks to his mother for sharing this shot she got of him sporting the already sold out red/white striped bow tie...but you can see all the other Valentine's Day bow ties in my etsy shop.
I love it when my boys wear a bow tie.  I think they are just about the cutest kids, ever, and when they put that bow tie on....BAM it gets even cuter!
Brennan actually likes to wear a bow tie more then a neck he was very excited to see that I am making bow ties for my etsy shop and the Millard West Craft Fair (3/31).
I wonder which one he will pick to be his newest bow tie in his collection?  I've got 17 new prints for him to choose from.
Which one is YOUR favorite?

And...p.s.:  If you love a bow tie but think only one of your little dudes would wear it, but think the other would wear a necktie, many of those fabrics will also become neckties and be posted in just a few weeks!  Perfect for Easter!

2 Words to brighten my day:

Xazmin said...

So cute! I love bow ties on little men!!

tiaolou003 said...

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