Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Confetti Creations LOVES Dodge Elementary {teacher appreication idea}

I got this idea to create a "gourmet cupcake bar" for the teachers and staff at my children's elementary school a few weeks back.  I was doing the same thing for my Scentsy party, so it was easy to create enough frosting for both and freeze it until I needed it.  There are five different types of cupcakes:  Peanut Butter Heaven, Plain Jane, Turtle, Pina Colada, and Strawberries-n-Cream.  Each had a different flavor and each was so yummy!

 I loved the way it turned out and hope the teachers liked it, too.  When I was leaving, there was already a crowd waiting to get some of the sweet treats.  :)

Being a teacher is an amazing thing.  I only taught middle school for one year, but I loved it.  I love teaching my Sunday School class.  I love watching the boys learn new things.  I love teaching cake decorating classes and seeing how different each person decorates their cake, even after being given the same instructions.

I am so grateful to all the teachers my children have who help mold them into the people they will one day be.  I love the challenges they present my boys, their dedication to helping them be the best they can be.  I love their willingness to help them in times of trouble and their patience in times of frustration.  It's not all glitter and rainbows, but the teachers my boys have had have all been amazing.  From para's to "special" teachers to staff, I am very happy with Dodge Elementary!  GEAUX WILDCATS!


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