Monday, May 18, 2009

Help Cory get to Europe!

Bart is the youth Sunday School teacher at our church and he teaches a fantastic kid, Cory. Cory was accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador Program and will be going to England, France, and the Netherlands this summer. He is very excited about it and has been working very hard to earn the money to go. Since he is not old enough to have a job (13), he has done odd jobs around our neighborhood...he even babysat the boys when Bart, Ethan, and I went to a surprise party for a friend. That is one big job and he did great. The boys loved him and ask when he gets to come back.
I figured since the blogging world is so kind and loving and generous that I would do a post here and let you all know that if you would like to help Cory get to Europe, you can donate to his mom's pay pal account. They still need about $1000, last I heard, so let's help this boy get to go on a trip that I am jealous of.
Just go to and click "Send Money", enter in the "to" part and you fill out the rest.
For every dollar you donate, I will enter you that many times into each contest still running. It's win, win, really.
In a world where so many kids do bad, it's always nice to reward a kid who does great.
After his trip, maybe he can be a guest blogger and tell us all about it.

Don't forget that the Custom Blog Makeover Contest ends tonight!

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