Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

May 14th will be 2 years.
2 years since I started this blog.
2 years since I went from missing my friends I had moved away from to being connected almost daily.
I ♥ my blog. I ♥ your blogs. Thanks for coming back day after day, leaving comment love, and supporting my addictions. Thank you for your blogs, for sharing your moments, your thoughts, your pictures and ideas. I have so many ideas saved in my internet bookmarks that I have developed a great system, complete with labels and folders. Need an idea for cupcakes? Just ask and I might be able to find you the perfect ones. Want the perfect teacher appreciation gift? Got that bookmarked, too.
I started tracking visitors sometime last year, via, and I have had 13, 766 visits and 20, 937 page views...if somebody wants to explain the difference, feel free!
I have written 596 posts, meaning by the end of the week, I will have reached 600 posts. I told you I was addicted.
So, thank you.
Thank you for being my cyber friend.
Thank you for coming back. thank you...and to make it a PARTY...I will have giveaways throughout the month. Maybe I will list them all today, maybe I will spread them out. We will have to wait and see.

Yesterday I listed a blog design makeover by Subjective Beauty. Sara did my blog and I love it. She was very patient, even though I asked a ton of questions and she was quick, too. Go ahead...enter the contest. You know you want to.

And I am giving away another one of Bart's aunt's handmade candles. (vanilla pear...I want to eat it!) Picture to come...I have been going back and forth about whether to call this party a birthday or an anniversary, and I think I will call it a birthday. I mean, this blog is like a fourth child, to be cared for, looked after, disciplined when needed.
Every birthday needs cake and candles. Today you can win a candle. Next week, you can win a cake. (Well, a DVD teaching you how to decorate a cake by my mom! Right, Mama...I get to give one away, don't I?)

To win, you must do one thing, and one thing only. Tell me WHO YOU ARE. If I already know you, tell me something fun that is happening this weekend (or something crappy). If you are one of those who don't share personal info...that is fine, just tell me about your best birthday ever (or worst!). You can come back and tell me things every day. The only comments that won't count are those that say, "Pick me" or something so impersonal like that. If you want to follow, go ahead, and leave a seperate comment letting me know.

So, here's to the next year. Hope it brings us all peace, happiness, and JOY!

11 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...


You already know who I am {although you might think me an ungrateful prig for not saying thank you for the wonderful gift you sent me eons ago}.

So, {the fun part} this weekend I have a BBQ/game night to go to at my new ward om Saturday.

The crappy part is that we begin packing in earnest this weekend so it will be mundane except for that one activity sandwiched in the middle {thankfully!} to keep us sane.

Next Friday I will be in my house! I still can't believe it's true yet. Me, in a house?! I still feel like I'm playing house sometimes!

And even thought you said not to, I'm still going to say 'pick me!' because I've been dieing to smell one of these candles you are always talking about.

Plus, it would be the perfect thing to scent my new home. ;-0

So pretty please can I have it with a cherry on top?

Love the blog and love reading about your adventures and takes on things.

I'm so glad I found you again and now consider you one of my closest friends!

Hurray for blogs!

Crissy said...

Happy (almost) birthday!

This weekend...well I work tonight (which isn't really something fun to do) and tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary w/ my better half!! It seems much longer than 2 years (in a good way obviously)..So I don't know what we'll be doing to celebrate..I wouldn't mind grilling out and hanging on the patio tomorrow night (which I have off!!). We also are going to a graduation party tomorrow evening for a long time friend of my family AND skipping out on a 30th birthday party for a co-worker because we're selfish and want to spend time together! Sunday is Mother's very first official one!! I just want to spend time with my family. If the weather is nice..maybe a picnic in the park! There's my weekend.

Happy (early) Mother's Day too!

Lorin and Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!!! This reminds me that my 2 year blog birthday was on the 5th, oops.

This weekend will be crappy, my kids have perpetual sickness. Seriously it is going on week 4. I douse my house in Lysol and bleach. I have gone through a gazillion toothbrushes, but nothing stops this monster.

Keep on bloggin!!! Oh yeah, I think you know me even though I haven't seen you in ages!!! I miss BR...

thecaillouets said...

this weekend we are going to the temple, a crawfish boil, a birthday party, and i am speaking at church. i should go and finish my talk. love ya

Angelkris said...

Ooh...candles! Let's see- this weekend (as in right now) Mick is grilling steaks that I got on Clearance at Bakers. That's right- I actually buy food that is put on clearance!

Nicole said...

This weekend DH is gone on a business trip (actually gone all week too), so it's just me and the kids. My folks and brother will probably visit me from Lincoln on Mother's Day for some delicious Bohemian Cafe food. Yum! Other than that I will probably surf the Internet and enter tons of giveaways online and finish the 4the Harry Potter book. Oh, and clean.

Erika said...

Hey! This weekend I'm working on scrapbooks for each child in my class. While they aren't the best or cutest scrapbooks and I kind of hastily throw them together, it's still really cool to hand them out at graduation and see everyone looking through them afterward.

Kimberly said...

Hello! You know me! =)
Yesterday I supervised the girls while they painted knomes. Very cute. Today was garage sales and tball and tonight the royals! Looking forward to that. Tomorrow DH works so I will stuck at home with my lovely brats,oops I mean daughters, for mothers day. ;)

BTW I really loved the last candle.

Angelkris said...

Today I picked up all of the clutter that seems to magically appear out of nowhere. I managed to sneak in an hour nap, went do an impromptu dinner with some old friends, and am now about to give Joss a bath as she has purple popcicle covering ever inch of exposed skin.

Lexi said...

The kid woke up with a fever today. I am hoping he doesn't have that crazy swine flu crud. I have never seen him sleep so much before!

He's still eating so I guess he isn't completely out of it but he sure is hot and feverish. Having sick kids is the pits. The only thing worse would be if I got sick too right when we are about to move. Arrgh! I'm going to think positive and go drink some orange juice.

Donna said...

What a cute blog!! I found you through Becky Sharp Designs. You had asked about the difference between visitor and page views on your blog stats. Visitors is how many people hit your home page; page views are how many pages they have viewed. So if one person hits your home page it counts as one visit (and maybe one page) and then if they click on another page, it counts as another page. That's why the page counts are higher than the visit counts.

You asked about our favorite birthday memory. When I was five years old my (much older) sister took it upon herself to take some leftover ribbon and tie it to the front door of the house, and then tie my presents to the ribbon. The ribbon ran from the front door, along the south side of the house, and to the backyard. I went along with little scissors, cutting my presents off the ribbon and opening them, until I went around to the backyard and WADING POOL!! Obviously this left a big impression on me since I am 49 now, but I still remember how much fun it was.