Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This song was played at the end of Scrubs. As in, the last episode EVER (I think). I really like this song. Maybe it should be Bart and my's "song"...the one Bart says is "our song" is not one I like. Some Chicago song...yes, I know I'm inspiring, but that doesn't make me love it.
Bart and I have been watching this show for years. We own almost every season and watch the old shows from time to time.
Seeing this show end, with it's "what might happen in the future, it's up to you to imagine", was very sad, but I thought the writers/producers did a great job of ending it.

Yet another thing to END. As it is, I am getting all worked up over Brennan finishing up his first year of school...kindergarten has come and gone. (Well, in a few days it is gone). He is less a little boy today then he was even six months ago. I know my babies have to grow up, but come on, Ethan's already talking (mamamamamamamababababababaababababababa), Jackson is getting more vocal in his wants and less clumsy, and now Brennan is graduating. (I always think of "The Incredibles" when Mr. I gets all worked up over Dash's graduation. I agree, it's not a big deal, but it will be fun and a great thing to scrapbook...I'm always thinking ahead, see?)

Life is going on full force. I'm glad I have you along for the ride, to listen to me rant and complain, brag and beam with pride. Why don't you leave a comment, especially if you never have before. Tell me if you and your special someone have "a song" (we don't really, though whenever Bart hears the Chicago song, he claims we do), is life coming at your fast, or what shows you have loved that have ended and if you were satisfied with the end???

4 Words to brighten my day:

Jamie said...

I'm a little sad about scrubs, too. That show was super funny. I'm even more sad about ER though. This was ER's last season and I loved ER more than any show ever *sniff, sniff*.

And holy cow is life moving at warp speed. I was just looking online for a new, big girl car seat for Sara and thinking about planning her first birthday. It's only two months away. It's mind boggling.

Holly said...

I was super sad to see scrubs end, too. We were faithful viewers (even watch the ones sometimes, too).

I think its funny how most of the time life moves fast, but sometimes not fast enough. The last month of a pregnancy, for example, never goes fast enough; and right now I'm waiting on Eli to turn 18 mo. so that he can go to nursery. Every Sunday as I fight with him to keep him from destroying the other ward's bulletin board or banging sticky fingers on the piano while Sis. Gail plays, time seems to creep by. Will he ever turn 18 mo.?!?

Anna said...

When we were dating our song was "Unbroken" by Seether and Amy Lee(?). But we danced to "All the Way" by Frank Sinatra at our wedding, so that is the one we claim now.

Lexi said...

Our song is 'You Make Me Feel Brand New' by Simply Red. His voice is kind of cheesy in the beginning, but I love the sentiments in the lyrics.

And YES. Life is coming at me with a baseball bat. Gee whiz. I feel like ever since we moved here it's been at warp speed. Hopefully once we get moved in and have this baby, life will settle down a little bit.

I've never watched Scrubs- it must have been on when something else was.