Monday, May 4, 2009

The Return of Not Me Monday!

Not ME Monday is BACK! Thank heavens Baby Stellan is doing better and able to return home.
Go to My Charming Kids blog to get the low down on how to do a proper NOT ME Monday.

  • I did NOT make Brennan leave his second ever baseball game to go scrapbooking. No, I let him play all three painfully slow energizing innings of coach pitch ball.
  • I did NOT bribe Brennan away from his game with promises of donuts from Wenchills. Next time I pick Krispy Kreme.
  • Once at The Scrapbook Store (really it's name) I did NOT scrapbook for more then 13 hours, coming up for air only to pump, potty, and eat.
  • I did NOT leave Bart to deal with all three kids, while I was blissfully unaware of the poop, pouting, and play time.
  • I did NOT dump the milk I pumped down the sink when I got home. No, that would be wasteful.

  • Ethan did NOT poop all over me, the carpet, himself, his onesie and his diaper. Nope. Oh, and then I did NOT discover a small spot of poo on the back of my khaki capris today at the park. No, I do NOT wear the same pants to dinner one night and then all day the next.
  • I do NOT have dishes piled to the sky in my sink right now, calling me...or more like sending out sweet scents of funk to get my attention. I always have a perfectly clean home.
  • A large portion of my children's lunch today was NOT the new GIANT Cheeto Balls at the park. Nope. Also, they did NOT eat them with their dirty hands, one ball at a time while I was blissfully unaware of their sneak ways until I spied the cheese faces and fingers.

1 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Explosive poop- that's the best. Not that I'm saying you've ever had to deal with that. Not YOU. :-)