Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little League

Can you believe that Brennan is old enough for LITTLE LEAGUE? He is almost six, so I guess he might be kind of old to be getting in the game (tee-ball is 4-5 year olds, coach pitch is for 6 year olds), but after the soccer debacle (what a waste of money), I felt that he should be old enough to actually listen and be able to follow directions before we spent money on a sport.
He will be playing in the Keystone Little League, which is pretty close to home, so that will be nice.
I think he will be very cute in his jersey, baseball hat, and cleats. Geez, where do you even buy cleats? I guess we will have to make a trip to Scheel's...and if you take a trip to Scheel's, chances are the boys are going to beg to go on the ferris wheel. Too bad the ferris wheel makes me want to HURL! Maybe Target sells them. I'd much rather make a trip to a store without a big, huge ferris wheel in the middle of it.

Now, if only he'd saved his tooth fairy money to help PAY for Little League...

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Lexi said...

First he's losing his teeth and now he's playing little league. Brennan is growing up fast! Take lots of pictures for the folks at home :-)

P.S. I bet he looks cute {or ahem... ruggedly handsome} in his ball outfit and cleats. Gotta love guys in uniforms!