Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Home, Found Right At My Front Door

Bart has really been missing home (Louisiana), particularly a pastry known as the KING CAKE. It is almost Mardi Gras and because of living in NE, there are no king cakes (except maybe at a grocery store in Lincoln I was told), no monster parades, no cheap beads to be fought over and worn with pride, and no cups thrown at parades to come home and be coveted over.
I tried making a king cake, but it was not the same. In a conversation I had with Bart's Aunt Linda, she gave me a recipe to use for the cream cheese filling, which improved the cake, but it was still not a true KING CAKE.
Well, imagine my surprise when I come home this morning and find this box at my front door.

Bart's cousin, Bonnie, had been talking with her mom about us and how Bart was missing home and king cakes and all that. Bonnie (maybe her mom paid some too, I don't know, so thanks to one and all) bought us a delicious KING CAKE from one of the "we'll ship it anywhere places" and had it sent to us. I can't wait to try a piece tonight when Bart gets home. (Okay, let's be honest, I tore into that bad boy and ate a rather substantial piece already. There is still plenty for Bart to enjoy and the boys to try)

I love the warning that accompanies the cakes.

Thanks so much guys...We're no Krewe of Runny Noses, but we sure do love our family and our holidays. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and hope to see you all real soon (like in July).

8 Words to brighten my day:

Janelle said...

Where I used to work, we would get a couple of King Cakes shipped to us every year. It was good and a lot of fun...but I still don't miss working!! :-)

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! I've only ever driven through Louisiana, and I've never had King Cake. It looks yummy!

Jeni said...

I {heart} King Cakes. Especially from Ambrosia in BR. This season Aaron has gotten the baby twice. Dang it. We can't afford to keep buying all these cakes:)

MommyRU said...

Back when I worked in the real world, one of the sales reps my team supported used to ship us King cake every, did we love that cake and all the fun of trying to "get the baby".
Hope you all enjoy!! I'd be happy to "borrow" the 6 or so necklaces Nanna has (from a party her daddy and I attended without and throw them at you next time I see you if you'd like!

Lexi said...

We had a King Cake from the grocery store here at our Super Bowl party and it wasn't the same :-( There's just something about them coming from the cool bakeries that makes them extra special. I am half tempted to half one shipped even though they cost a pretty penny. It would be so worth it though! You are one lucky duck!

Lorin and Heather said...

Lucky!!!! We used to get ours from Ambrosia's as well, mmmm King Cake. I guess it is a good thing that we don't live in Louisiana anymore, especially since I am on a diet. Eat a piece for me!!

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Erin said...

Looks like a party in a box. That's one party I'd like to be invited to.