Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Might Even Be A Rockstar!

I have this dream where I learn to play acoustic guitar and then I rock out like Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and the dude from Nickel Creek (the mandolin player, Chris Thile, not the guitar player, so I guess I'll have to learn to play the mandolin , too) to name a few.
Now, here is the thing. I CANNOT SING.
I sound like a dying dog.
In my fantasy's, I ROCK.
I know this will cause trouble because I will spend all the time learning to play (my dad even bought me a great self teaching book last summer) and then go to ROCK OUT...

and dogs will howl...

and babies will cry...

and I will be so disappointed and doing the OPPOSITE of finding joy in my journey here on earth...I will find fault, take my guitar, smash it up, and go to bed until I forgot about the entire horrible event.

1 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

I was the same way with the flute growing up- I thought I would be this super musician that could play classics {without sheet music!} at the drop of a hat.

Turns out, I don't like to be noticed socially and the flute is, well, it's very LOUD. If you make a mistake and really blow it, it's kinda obvious. I was fine when the melody blended with the rest of the ensemble, but when it was the wind section's turn to fly 'solo', it turned my stomach into knots.

Finally, I found myself 'faking it' when it got too high on the scales to save myself embarrassment and grief if I read the note wrong and really messed up. Eventually I couldn't hack the stress and gave it up for good!

The good thing about having small children around is that they love you for trying and they don't care if you're out of pitch or if you stumble on a few chords. Now's the time to perfect your strumming before they turn into critics in their teen years ;-)

And lets be honest, there are people who are 'rock stars' that really can't sing worth a darn live- they only sound cool when they have all of the computerized technology that 'fixes' all of their flats and tone def-ness.

So you never know- maybe one day we'll be buying your album in store somewhere and talking about how we knew you before you got all famous on us!