Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three Truths and a Lie

At MOM's second birthday bash, we played 2 Truths and a Lie. Today I am going to play THREE Truths and A Lie. If you want to play along, simply do a post like this on your blog, then come back here and link your post (not the blog, just the one post) to mine using Mr. Linky at the bottom so we can all take a look at your fabulous answers.
Then, come back tomorrow to find out what is what! (If you already know the answer, please don't ruin the fun for others and say something like, "I KNOW the lie is X", but anyone can feel free to comment and guess which is the lie or make other general comments/ask questions to be answered tomorrow)

  1. My first car was named Sherman, was on life support, and died a fiery death at a Wal-Mart parking lot. It also had windshield wipers that only worked when two specific wires hanging out under the dashboard were touched together.
  2. In college I went on a week long cross country road trip with two guys (one of which I'd never met) two days after I got engaged to Bart (who did not come on the trip). The entire trip I only told one person I was engaged, and that was the guy whose truck we used who I'd never met.
  3. In 2004, my family won an all expense paid trip to New York. I had entered a "cutest baby" photo contest and Brennan won (duh!). He participated in a photo shoot there and was featured on Parents magazine cover.
  4. In high school, I used to say that I had a wooden leg named Gertrude and would walk around throwing my leg out to the side like the weirdo that I was/am. Gertrude even made it into the yearbook.
Now...let's see what you can come up with...

Which is a Lie?
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4 Words to brighten my day:

Jamie said...

That was a piece of cake. I won't give it away though. I'm sure you've got a few readers that haven't known you for more than 15 years.

Lexi said...

I'd like to hear more about all of these PLUS how you fabricated the lie {of which I'm not entirely certain which one is the falsehood since I haven't heard all of these stories before}. I'll be waiting to hear which ones are TRUE and the background stories on them. Kinda crossing my fingers that the cross country trip is true because I'm sure that's one heck of a story! :-0

Dawne said...

I love your blog, Jessica!

Anonymous said...

I soooo (think) I know. Maybe it helps I've known you for 10 years.