Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gratituesday...Snow Days

Friday was a snow day...and we were not disappointed! I never heard an actual measurement, but if you go by what was in my backyard, at least six to eight inches fell in one morning!
Snow was everywhere, but the city did an excellent job of quickly cleaning all the streets so we weren't snowbound for too long. Poor Bart had to drive home during the storm and all the streets were awful. He didn't get stuck and made it home relatively fast, considering. Maybe next time the weatherman predicts snow he will bring a hat and gloves to work with him!
Saturday we went sledding, then again on Monday. I did not bring my camera until Monday, so i the pictures you can tell the temperatures are starting to rise because there are some bare spots on the hill by our house. It was really cool Saturday because the hill was full of people sledding and snowboarding (part of the hill is very steep!). We all had a blast (sick Bart was home with Ethan) sledding and playing in the snow.
Today we built a snowman who we then used as part of the fort we built. The fort is just waiting for Bart to get home so the boys and Bart can have a snowball fight.

Good times, even in the cold of winter. That's just one way we find joy in our journey here on earth!
I am so grateful to have children who are able to play in the snow. Children who can be friends with each other and to those around them (Brennan did not shut up talking to everyone on "the slopes"). I am grateful for a husband who does what he can, even when he feels so rotten. I am also VERY grateful he is starting to feel better because I was on the verge of insanity having to be his nurse and take care of three children.
I am pleased to post this at Heavenly Homemakers.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Stacy Hutchinson said...

That sounds like so much fun! You're such a lucky girl to have so many wonderful men in your life!

Lexi said...

I used to love snow days in Alaska. Of course, you would more likely find me outside in summer and fall than you would in winter- the wind up there is brutal when it comes tearing down the mountains into the valley!

When there was a big snowfall, I loved to curl up with a good book and eat yummy snacks {back when my metabolism was great and I could do that kind of thing!}

It's great that the boys have adopted their new winter wonderland with open arms. They'll be adaptable almost anywhere they go! I love the pictures- they look like they become better and better friends as the weeks go on.

Dawne said...

How cute!!! Jonas is scared of snow, lol. he likes to look at it from inside, but won't even walk in it outside.