Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday

I am not feeling very productive today.

I need to finish putting away the winter hats and scarves and gloves and such, but then I checked and was told we might still need those things.
Darn winter...don't you know nobody wants you? My daffodils are blooming, the purple and pink flower thingies (yep, totally technical term) are coming, and the day lilies are peeking their heads up, too. (See, the pink thingies are pictured, they keep coming back cause this picture was spring 2007)
If winter hurts my beloved flowers, I will throw some ninja-style kicks its way.
I will teach winter to come mess with me in spring.
It is going to rain today, but I am okay with that. Our "yard guy" (really he just did this one project for us and wants to do more, but I don't see it written in our stars right now) just finished digging up the rocks and mulch and overall ugliness that was the side of our yard and filling it in with dirt. See in the picture with Brennan from spring 2007? That ugly is gone, soon to be filled with grass...but first, a trip to Home Depot where I will buy the seeds and place them myself.
I mean, I have a 25% off coupon for Home Depot. What did the yard guy offer for grass seed? Not 25% off. Just the advice that we need more then we think because birds will eat some of the seeds.
Little thieves. Let me catch you eating MY freshly applied grass seed...I just might go Ninja Kung FU UFC on you, too.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Oh man, you crack me up Jess! I want to see these ninja moves! I love your flowers- we just get stupid shrubbery as part of our 'landscaping package' for building the house.

Which means that eventually all of the hideous ugly shrubs will have to be pulled out and replaced with beautiful things.

But try telling Troy that- he's got a list of things he just HAS to get when we move in, like a 42" TV, a gas grill, a lawn mower, a new mattress because he hates the one we have... So all of that loveliness will have to wait until the man-ppetite has been appeased.

*Sigh* For now I'll just enjoy your virtual flowers! And hope that birds don't attack your new seedlings when you get them. Even though I still want to see some kung fu fighting {*singing* She was as fast as lightening... it was a little bit frightening!}

Go enjoy that weather before the rain gets there!

Anna said...

I'll help you with that ninja kicking. I'm DONE with winter.

Is that Jackson in the top picture? Super cute picture.

Thanks for the tip on the exersaucer. We rigged her up with a towel and a phonebook under her feet and she had a blast.

Jenn said...

Your pink thingys that you speak of from what I can see are hyacinths. Those have the sweetest smell. Very nice choice I might add. They like cool weather so perfect for where you are ;) Yeah I could definitely do some ninja kicking for whatever keeps destroying my bulbs, eating my gerbera daisys, and digging in my pots. Grr... if only I had a video camera...

janetfaye said...

Stopping by to say hello from the UBP!

MommyRU said...

You're realize that the little thieves may be too fast to actually feel any of ninja moves, right? Which I suppose is good, 'casue I have a feeling you'd be holding a bloggy birdie funeral and burying some poor bird soul under the pink thingies if that wasn't the case...
Anyway, thanks for the laugh, you really know how to jump start my day! I think I may try and direct my angst at winter and birds (I have reason to...I think there's a nest in my gutters...if only Al lived here for more than 3 hours an evening, he might go up and check) next time I feel it creeping up.

Megan R. said...

We so need a yard guy, but that is NOT in the budget. Our dogs have ruined it, and it's a big old mud pit. Yuck!

P.S. If you wake up one day and all your daffodils are gone, you might just find them on my counter! I love them! Tulips are my fav, but daffs are right behind!