Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girl's Night Out

why don't they make these yummy looking appletini's in a VIRGIN form? i'd love to drink out of a cool glass like that. they just don't make virgin drinks as cool as the real deals. oh, well. i guess i could just buy some cool glasses and drink some kool-aid out of them (kris, come over...i want more kool-aid!) speaking of appletini's...what's J.D.'s obsession with them on Scrubs? i love that darn show.


Sure, we're moms, but before we were moms, we were girls...wild and crazy girls, dressed to the nine's and ready to paint the town red. We all dug deep into our souls and found a little of that wildness to bring out for the night.
For Mom's Night Out this past Saturday, we girls went to PF Changs (all 17 of us!) for some delish food and fun. (My meal? Beef and broccoli..."It is what it is" is how the menu described it. Ge Then a bunch of moms headed off to a movie (a real, honest to goodness GROWN-UP movie!) and dessert at Cheesecake Factory.
Me, I went to the mall with Jenny and got in a few minutes of non-stroller shopping. It was heaven on earth to not have to figure out exactly how to maneuver the double stroller, aka "The Bus", around tight corners and stores that obviously were not designed with the mother of more then one child who does not require a stroller in mind. Seriously Gymboree, what are you thinking??? I got the freebie's from Nicole's site...go check them out and a few other lovelies for me, too.
Bart asked what the purpose of MNO is, and I replied, "It's a time for me to remember that not only am I a mother and wife (both of those being wonderful pieces that make up me), but I am a girl who needs a little "ME" time every now and again to avoid the Pineapple Farm." (Far, far away from poopy diapers, crying babies, legos all over the floor, and too many dishes in the sink)

Selfish? Yes.
Worth it? Definitely.

In case you doubted where my heart is, it's right here, behind the lens (DH) and in the picture. MNO was FUN, but it's always great to come home to my wonderful, Captain Insane-o Family. Ain't nothing better.

5 Words to brighten my day:

Stacy Hutchinson said... just reminded me of the virgin strawberry daiquiris in Ponchatoula during Strawberry Festival.
Mom's night out. WHAT'S THAT? I can't remember the last time I went to one of those. At least I have book club, I guess.

Angelkris said...

So, Kool Aid is an honor that is only bestowed up the Remington house when the Morgans come over? I feel so important!!

Jeni said...

YES!!!!! He graduates in May. Then were heading off to good ol' Alexandria. Aaron is joining a dental practice there. It's gonna be weird heading back there.

Jamie said...

I love scrubs, too. And JD isn't the only person who loves appletinis - when I used to wait tables, people would order those all the time. That's a really good picture of you and the boys. Ethan is getting so big!

Lexi said...

Troy saw the picture of you and the boys and said you look great!

I need a big girls night out too but I have to make some friends here first {when I'm in a spot longer than 5 months!}.

I wish someone would figure out how to make virgin martini's too- they look fun. I always hate it when I order a virgin daiquiri because they still charge you full price even though you're not getting any alcohol! Lame.