Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's All in Your Head

When I was a senior in High School (97-98), I was part of the illustrious yearbook staff. There were five of us, plus Mr. Hathaway, the beloved English teacher. We had a great time that year as we snapped photos and designed what would ultimately be the one unifying memory for most of the students that year.
One of the jobs of being on the yearbook staff is coming up with goofy captions.
Today I have a confession.




("han-han" {like the dude on the Simpson's})

I used to actually record these thoughts on my scrapbook pages, proof forever that I.Am.A.Dork.

Now, I just think them to myself. I do not even share these thoughts with Bart, for fear of the ridicule I will endure.

("Why do these boys keep kissing ME?")

But, I do it all the time. As in...every time I upload pictures and am previewing them. Any time I see a cute picture on someone else's's really a disease, I think.

Most of the captions in my head are dorky, like me, some are funny, like me, and some are just plain old brilliant, once again, like me.

I don't know of a cure for this disease, but if it is something I can help the boys not develop, then I need to figure out a way. I'd hate to deny them the fun of creating the yearbook (I still get a bit bigheaded when I look at my Class of 98 Vidalia Vikings one that I helped create from start to finish), but if I can save them the embarrassment of Caption-itis that comes with this extra curricular activity as an adult, I might just have to.

What weird-o quirks do you have and do you fear you will pass them on to your family???

16 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Are you playing 'eenie meanie minie moe' or what? I guess you are not 'it', right? ;-)

Jessica said...


Megan R. said...

I am TERRIBLE at captions! I read MckMama's blog, and also Confessions of a CF Husband. They both have "caption this picture" contests, and I can never come up with ANYTHING good!

I know what quirk I have that Tom H-A-T-E-S! I can not STAND to sleep in a bed that isn't made first. The sheets have to be all pulled up and tucked in and all wrinkly. This wouldn't be so bad, but I'm far too lazy to make the bed when we get out of it in the morning, so that means each night RIGHT before I get in bed, I make it. Just to get in and ruin it. It drives him batty. If he's in bed before me, I will make him get out!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Lexi must have seen this post when I did. You had the title "it" but nothing else! Those boys are so cute. Ethan's a little butterball!! I'll have to pay more attention to my thoughts. I can't think of any quirks right now, but I know there are plenty. Oh, here's one. I STILL avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. I have to time it just right so my left foot is the last one to step before the crack and my right foot is the first one to step across. Pretty weird, I know. I don't always do it since I'm usually pushing a stroller and don't see what's ahead.

Ash said...

I'm with you on the captions - the sign of a creative mind?

I think so :-)

Welcome to SiTS!! Em

Judah said...

I am so bad at captions!! Its a gift!!after having kids I still find myself swaying, like when I see another mom really rocking a baby I will find myself swaying too
welcome to SITS

Julie said...

Funny! I usually can't come up with a clever enough caption to share. Oh well, guess that's why I wasn't on the yearbook staff :)
Dropping by to say welcome to the SITS community.

Lexi said...

Thanks Stace {she saw what I did- I was just teasing you}!

Weird quirks...

I can't stand people touching me in the inside of my arm where they draw blood. I get this icky feeling when someone does!

I will reload the dishwasher if it's not the way I like it organized {but hey- I know how to maximize the space so you can get even MORE dishes in there!}

If I feel like a car is following me and making all of the same turns as me for too long, I will look for a police station, gas station or busy parking lot- paranoid, I know!

I wouldn't say I have the best grammar and I don't know how to spell everything but I do use spell check and a dictionary when I'm in doubt- it bothers me when people don't!

Uncorrected red eyes in pictures bother me too {you know, the ones where their eyes are glowing red- not just a bare tinge of it- I mean the reddest you can get.} Creepy.

Oh I could go on. I am definitely more eccentric than I thought! :-)

Lexi said...

P.S. Look at those Ethan cheeks! I could eat him up he is so cute! And I guess since the boys couldn't get over to kiss the blarney stone, kissing Ethan is the next best thing!

Tinabean said...

Hi my name is Tina.
I roll called under you this morning & thought I would check out your blog.

You have a cute family & I must say I do the caption thing also.
So I guess that makes me a dork to!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could make up better captions.

I love the kiss picture - too cute.

Welcome to SITS!

-Veronica said...

That is too cute!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I'm terrible at captioning and think anyone who can do it well is creative, not sick. :)

Dropping by to welcome you to SITS - glad to have you join us!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Okay, here's one me and Cathi Woods talked about today, that we both do. When eating M&Ms (which won't happen for a while for me now)we both eat the ugly colors first, then the pretty colors have to match in numbers, until they're gone. I was happy to know I wasn't alone in this one.

Lexi said...

Stace- what constitutes the ugly colors? ;-) I'm thinking brown for sure-so what are the other ones?

Anonymous said...

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