Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Jackson

If only Jackson had had a cool toy like this one of Ethan's to play with as a baby.

Oh, wait...he did.

As Jackson prepares to go pee in the potty yesterday, he yells, "CANNONBALL...Splash!" and begins to pee.

One last thing...Jackson has developed a very bad habit. He keeps cutting his own hair. He's done it about four times now. I hide all scissors, but he manages to find a pair. I am currently contemplating trashing the scissors, figuring something else out for cutting items I want to alter the shape/size of. Anyone else have a naughty kid who has done this? I am getting very frustrated because he JUST got a nice haircut.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Anonymous said...

I have a niece that has cut her own hair 8 times. And I'm not joking about that. I've gotten so angry at my sister for leaving scissors about. Lauren turns 7 this year I think she has finally out grown that stage.

MommyRU said...

Wow! 4 times...he is persistant! maybe he just wants a military/buzz cut.
I keep my scissors (usually) on the highest shelf of my closet to keep my kids from them. (Yes, that means I need to find the stool before **I** can use them! LOL, but no self cuts... yet! Please don't jinx me!

gina said...

Oh yeah, the hair cutting thing- I hid allof the scissors in a tupperware box the kida couldn't open in my dresser drawer for a while. :)

Lexi said...

Why do kids cut their hair?!

At least he did it AFTER you got pictures taken and BEFORE Easter so it will probably grow out in time for new pictures.

I've seen so many kids cut their hair right before a major holiday or a photo shoot. How aggravating!

Maybe you could get one of those Caboodle things that you can put a lock on and store all of your cutting tools in that. He'll probably know they're in there since kids are smart like that but he won't be able to get to them!

thecaillouets said...

i have to keep getting on brooklyn all the time to get out of sophias toys (especially the walker). it's funny when she was a baby she never wanted to be it

Angelkris said...

We have that same exersaucer- I love that you can move the doodads around.