Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Secret is in the Sauce

So, I saw this site on a friend's blog, then on another friend's blog, then on a blog I stalk (but I leave a comment on occasion)...so I figured I should check it out.
Turns out, it was a great time to do so because they have a bloggy carnival going on for giveaways! Go check them out and maybe you will win some great stuff!
They are calling it a Spring Fling and I love it...I can't wait for spring to get here. Today it was SO FREAKIN' COLD I thought we'd fallen back in time to January or the ICE AGE! I mean, it SNOWED! Jackson saw the snow falling as we had the kitchen door open (see, I forgot I spilled fries I'd baked into the bottom of the oven then I turned on the oven the next day to warm up bread from Great Harvest and there was a fire...luckily Brennan did NOT see this happening.) and was freaking out over it. I guess his toddler weather radar told him it was time for shorts and flip flops to make an appearance.
While we are on the subject of crap-ulous weather...I'd like to find that damn ground hog and give him a piece of my mind! Six more weeks of winter. He can...well, this is a blog my son might read (seeing how he is reading EVERYTHING in sight and knows how to find my blog), so fill in the blank...and be very descriptive about what the ground hog from hell can do for causing this intense cold snap to fall upon poor old Southern Belle ME!
(The boys and I plotting out a way to get the ground hog to insure this weather does not continue to happen at the end of winter every year...Brennan has his light saber and Jackson is dressed as Anikan Skywalker...I think we are going Star Wars on him.)

4 Words to brighten my day:

Susie said...

That SITs Spring Fling is so much fun!!

Lexi said...

Well I guess the daffodils didn't survive, huh?

I always hated that in Alaska- just when you think spring is on its way, you get dumped with three feet of snow. And it looks so very lovely in its gray sloshy state too right after it begins to melt leaving mud that smells like dog doo. Yuck.

Don't worry, spring will be here before you know it. Have you nabbed your J Crew sandals for the season yet? ;0)

And I would pay good money to see Brennan and Jackson put the Star Wars smack down on Punxsutawney Phil. That would be pretty funny if you ask me!

The Awesome Rawsons said...

and i used to think living somewhere with seasons would be a desirable thing! shows my southern ignorance ;)

MommyRU said...

How ridiculous is it that it was in the teens yesterday, but will be in the 70's by next Wednesday?!?