Thursday, March 26, 2009

They just keep growing...

Jackson and Ethan both had well-checks Monday. I loved having them on the same day/time instead of making two trips to our fabulous Dr. Walters in less then one month. Jack loves Dr. W. so much he talks about seeing her when we are home. It's funny that when she actually comes in the room it takes until the end of the exam for him to open up and talk to her, not just make these weird grunting noises he makes when he gets nervous.

Jackson (who turns three April 6th!) has dropped to the 80% coming in at 36 lbs. and 39 1/4 inches.
Ethan has had quite a growth spurt in the past two months. Remember how I was whining that Ethan went from being my biggest newborn to my smallest two month old? Remember how he weighed two-three pounds less then either other brother at two months? Well, I think I spoke a little soon.
This kid weighed in at 17 lbs. 12.6 oz (95%), was 26 1/4 inches long (90%) and has a head that is 17 1/2 inches round (90%). When the nurse was filling in his paperwork, she was shocked to see he had gained FIVE pounds in TWO months!
He weighs a tiny bit more then Brennan at this age, but E. is taller then B. He weighs a little over one pound less then Jackson, and E. still has the height. I guess that explains why all his 3-6 month pants are high waters.

So, now you know...whether you cared or not. It will be interesting to see if Ethan continues to stick so closely to his brothers growth patterns as he gets older.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Crissy said...

It's so insane that our babies are growing up so fast! Kylee is 90% in weight, head is 95% (17.3 inches), and she's a lil shorty at 24 3/4 inches (60%)

mom2boys said...

They sure grow so fast...Why can't they just stay small?

Lori O said...

At least your boys are keeping pace with each other. Zachary (4 months) is the size Max was at 9-10 months. I'm constantly stressing that one is too big and the other is too small. One day soon they'll be the same size. Maybe then I'll just pass them off as twins and not worry so much!

Megan R. said...

At 4 months Fatty Arbuckle was 19 pounds and 27 inches. We don't have problems with pants, because he got his Mom's stumpy legs. He has the worlds longest torso, instead!!