Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ethan...the runt of the litter?

Three boys.
Three births.
Three very different children, growing at their own speed.

Brennan weighed a mere 8lbs (exactly) and was 20 1/4 inches long at birth.
By two months he weighed 14 lbs. 1 oz and was 23 1/4 inches long!
At four months he was 17 lbs. 6 oz. and 25 3/4 inches tall.
At one year he was 24 lbs. 1 oz. and 29 1/2 inches tall!
Now, according to the Wii Fit, Brennan (because he gained a few ounces) is finally in the "healthy range" (he had been underweight!)

Jackson weighed in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20 inches long.
One month and 6 days later he weighs an amazing 12 lbs!
At two months and a few days he weighed 15.5 lbs and was 24 inches long.
By four months he was 18 lbs. 9 oz. and 26 inches long.
At his one year birthday he was 23 lbs. 1 oz. and 31 inches long!
And, according to the Wii Fit, Jackson is now a skinny suffering child that could be used to get money for a fund for starving children somewhere...way underweight (It's really funny, he went from being a normal looking kid to a skinny skeleton when he did his first Wii Fit test...me, I went from being normal to a FAT COW! Damn machine must be weighing me wrong :-)

Then there was Ethan, weighing in at 9 lbs. 10 oz. and measuring 22 inches tall! He surprised us all with that weight. As I was pushing, the OB predicted he would come out at about 8 or 8.5 lbs...judging by the size of his head? I don't know where she got that weight from.

At two months he weighed in 12 lbs. 14 oz. and is 24 inches tall, which surprised me since he'd weighed the most at birth.
I just weighed Ethan using the Wii Fit (that's how you know it's accurate:-) and he is 15 lbs. 9 oz. at three months (Jack was 17 lbs!)
In order for him to weigh as much as his older brothers, he has to gain at least two more pounds by March 24th. I don't know if that is going to happen or not...he seems to have slowed down in the eating department.
It's funny how fast then how slow our babies grow. It seems like last month Brennan was the tiny newborn in Bart's arms above, then this:
Now he's a tall skinny kindergartener, reading everything in sight, teaching Jackson how to speak "properly" and being a great big brother. And to think...I used to think he was fat when he weighed in at almost 20 lbs. at six months and had cheeks like giant marshmallows.

It just goes to show, every kid is different, from their personalities (Bren, pretty laid back as a baby; Jackson, insane as a baby; Ethan, the mellowist thing around) to their size to their likes and dislikes.

How different are your children in size, personality, etc? Leave me a comment and let me know

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Xazmin said...

I had all big babies, from 8lbs 4 oz, up to 9 lbs 4 oz. They all stayed high in the hight category, but were little skinny minnies in weight! All healthy though! I really enjoy your blog, and have given you an award on mine - so come by and check it out!

Maren said...

Brant and Laurel weighed the same when they were born except Brant was born 18 days earlier than Laurel. Laurel been average weight ever since and Brant has not :). At his 3 year old appt he was 40 lbs and 40 inch. Finally, he's on the charts for both weight and height. At least that's what the nurse said; the doc kind of laughed and said "almost."

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Both of my boys were big at birth, but got near average in weight for a while. Ian shot back up. He's our little bruiser. Ayden only weighs 5 more pounds than Ian now, but he's tall like Brennan. It's funny how they are all different. Ethan does not look like a runt at all! He just has some healthy brothers ahead of him.

The Awesome Rawsons said...

I had a similar experience with Jack as you did with Ethan. They said he'd be about 7 1/5 to 8lbs. Then his shoulders came and the OB knew he'd be bigger. Sadie was 7.6, focused and observant, not quick to smile, took her time with milestones. Jack is bubbly, into everything, and crawling around 3 months before sadie. Why did I think that all of my babies would be the same? I thought, same people made the babies so babies will be the same? "Duh, Courtney! You have two very different siblings!" is what I told myself when I found out the truth.

Jamie said...

My girls are as different as night and day when it comes to personality. Allison is my high strung, busy body and Sara is easy going and easy to please. I thought I might not have any more children after Allison (to say that she was a fussy baby is an under statement) then Sara snuck in under the radar. Now after Sara, I feel like I could have 10 more babies.