Monday, March 30, 2009

And Now I'm "IT"

Lexi, a friend I wish I had known better when we lived so close, was tagged, and tagged me in the process of completing her tag.
Tomorrow I am a GUEST BLOGGER on Lexi's blog (yep, someone other then me cares what I say) so I figured I better hurry with the tag so I have time to concentrate on her assignment. (That, and work on the basement some more...the toys have GOT to GO!)
So, without further ado...

Here is a list of 5's about me:

5 things I was doing 5 years ago:
  1. Learning the in's and out's of raising our first child. Brennan was almost one.
  2. Planning the best dang first birthday party for that child.
  3. Scrap booking with Melissa.
  4. Taking my hot hubby, Bart, to and from work (we shared a car, still do)
  5. Wishing my neighbor (who I really love and was glad to have as a neighbor) would move so we could have the downstairs apartment with the small patio instead of the upstairs apartment with a smaller balcony.
5 things I'll do tonight:
  1. Read more of "Magic Tree House" #4: Pirates Past Noon with Brennan. (His reading skills ROCK!)
  2. Cook dinner (we are fancy tonight: Manwich, tator tots, and pineapple rings)
  3. Give Ethan a bath...his feet stink!
  4. Watch "How I Met Your Mother" with Bart. (Same hubby as five years ago, same car as well)
  5. Put up some laundry! (Who am I kidding? That will be there until Wednesday)
5 things I would do with a million dollars:
  1. Get Bart back in school.
  2. Pay off all the stupid debt we have, esp. every nit-picky doctor bill Bart has acquired.
  3. Buy a year supply of diapers so I don't have to get them every time I go grocery shopping (those things take up too much room in the cart!)
  4. Get the 3 month supply of food all stored up, along with the water and savings.
  5. Go on a tour of America with my family.
5 places I have lived:
  1. Monroe, LA
  2. Tooele, UT
  3. Leesville, LA
  4. Graham Hall, LSU Campus, Baton Rouge, LA
  5. Omaha, NE
5 jobs I have had:
  1. Toy Store Sales Clerk...During Christmas, at Cortana Mall, in a Seasonal store.
  2. Tour Guide at The House on Ellicott Hill in Natchez, MS.
  3. Waitress at Clara Nell's Downtown Deli in Natchez, MS
  4. Office Worker at LSU
  5. Teacher, Westdale Middle School, Hell Baton Rouge, LA
5 things I want to be doing in 5 years:
  1. NOT working in Primary.
  2. Volunteering at the children's school more.
  3. Belong to the PTA Presidency?
  4. 100% caught up scrapbooking
  5. Spending just as much time as I do now with my kids and sexy hubby.
5 people I tag:
  1. Jeni C.
  2. Melissa B.
  3. Um, I am no good at picking people...if you do it, leave a comment here so I can go read it.

What are your 5's?

1 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Those diapers do take up a lot of room don't they?

I had to laugh at Hell, I mean, Westdale Middle School. It must have been bad. Middle schoolers can be punks!

I seriously laughed out loud at you saying that you did not want to be working in primary in 5 years. Lets hope you're not! Maybe some eyes will read that and get a hint ;-)

P.S. Thanks for guest blogging over on my ol' bloggity. I loved reading about you helping with the Thanksgiving dinner. That's huge! You know what they say though, do it well once and they'll expect you to do it well every time thereafter, right? ;-)