Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Dirty Secret

I am doing some spring cleaning. It is time to de-clutter my house.

So, today I conquered the master bedroom. It was the most in need of the upstairs rooms. We often shove things that don't have a home in there if someone is coming over or if we just don't know what to do with them so there was a pile of things to be dealt with (plus a bunch of clothes Bart has failed to hang up).

I dropped Brennan off at school at 8:25 (I forced him to eat breakfast at school, ha!), fed Jack, Ethan and myself, then got down to business. It is now 12:48 and I have fed all three of us again, bought airplane tickets for me and Jackson (since Ethan is free!) to fly to Florida to visit Jamie, put some laundry in to wash, checked my email a ton as a group of friends plans an Easter party, and DEFEATED THE MONSTER of our bedroom.
Now all I need to do is shower (yep, it is 12:49 and I am in my p.j.'s I mean, I don't want to get my "good clothes" all dirty!), pick up the mess Jackson made in the living room while I ignored him, allowed him to watch t.v. and have free reign of the that room, and figure out what to make the boys for dinner and I am done.

Okay, now for the secret...I was using the hose to clean the edge of the carpets in my room...there was a lot of trapped dust in there, when I decided to look under the bed at the head board. There was SO MUCH dust there it actually looked like a spider web or something. In the two years that we have lived in Omaha, I don't believe that particular part of our home has EVER been cleaned. Until today. By me. In my pajamas. With greasy hair. And morning breath.
Gross, I know.

Now, time to beautify.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Xazmin said...

Wow. There's no way I could fix my bedroom in 3 hrs. More like 3 days!

You have inspired me though - I will get to it!!


Lexi said...

If by pajamas you meet underoo's, then that's how I clean too. I know I'm just going to get all hot and sweaty so there's no sense in dressing up just to get dirty again. That's why a shower is good for after...in the nice clean tub before Troy hairy's it up again ;-) Sounds like you got a lot done! Hope you're feeling cheerier today.

Anonymous said...

I laughed throughout this post. Very funny. I stay in my pajamas to clean too. On an occasion, I'll even stay in my p-js a little just to relax.

More power to you for starting the spring cleaning. I refuse to start until all our snow has melted.