Monday, December 29, 2008

I Am Now Rich

As I am sure you've noticed, there are ads on my blog, sponsored by BlogHer. BlogHer is a community for women who blog and they have advertisers who support us all with their ads. It's like a magazine, in a see the ads, even if you don't rush out and buy the product. So, every time you click on my blog, I get a hit and that adds a few pennies to my pot o' money.

Today, I got my first check! For about two months worth of blogging I got a BIG FAT check for $35.45.

Sure, not a lot...I'm not really rich like my title says (unless you add the check to my Christmas money from Mr. Ronnie, then I have $85 and you know that's a lot of scrap paper which is what really makes me happy!) BUT it really excited me.

I love blogging. I love sharing my life with my family and friends. I love thinking of funny things to share. I love creating. In a way, my blog is my virtual scrapbook/journal. I love reading my friends blogs, keeping up to date on their lives...I miss all of you guys so much! I've made lots of great friends here in Omaha, but there is just something special about all my Louisiana blogging buddies. I love checking out the gazillion crafting, money saving, good mommy blogs out there.

So, this check for $35.45 is just an extra layer of icing on a yummy cake I'm about to devour.

I'd blog anyways, but getting paid for it is an awesome bonus. Plus, every time one of my posts gets on the "BlogHer Roll" on the right side, it really excites me. (I guess I should get other hobbies so something so small wouldn't matter!)

So, I'll try not to spend it all in one place...Happy Blogging.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Nicole said...

That's awesome! I'm waiting for them to open up for applications again, so I can apply too. It sounds like a great ad network.

Emily said...

Sweet! Congrats on your first check.