Monday, December 1, 2008

Ethan is Blessed

Last Sunday, Nov. 25 (I think) Ethan was blessed at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was less then one week old, but we wanted to do it before my parents left.
Ethan was a very good baby and slept through the entire blessing/service. Ethan wore the same dress his brothers wore (yep, we are old school), which is a beautiful heirloom gown with lots of delicate, lovely lace. My mom made this for my family, and I am very grateful to her for her sharing her talents and time. The dress is LONG, as you can see in the first picture, and that is just how I wanted it. The bottom has a lovely monogrammed "R", so it can be handed down from child to child. Since only boys occupy this home, as long as my future daughter-in-laws don't have something already saved for future grandchildren, they can all use the same dress as well. If a future daughter-in-law does have something sentimental to her, I will do my best to persuade her to use our dress :-)
I am grateful my parents were able to be there and be part of this event. It was very special for us and I know Ethan will one day appreciate that his grands were there, too.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

Is a blessing like a baptism?

Lorin and Heather said...

Ethan looks so precious, that is awesome that your parents were there.

Gosh girl you are making me look bad. Here it is 6 weeks later and Salem hasn't been blessed yet (her date is Dec. 14th). Plus you are blogging like a madwoman, I have only had like three or four entries on my blog since giving birth. You are a super hero!!

Jessica said...

it's kind of like a baptism, but no water. it just is a special blessing given to a baby. click on the link to read about it. i think it links to a lesson for family home evening on it, so just scroll through and ask me questions.

Jessica said...

and heather, i have just been bored and lonely, so when i am in that combo of feelings, i blog.

Lexi said...

I don't think you'll have any problems convincing future daughter-in-laws to use the blessing outfit, it is beautiful!

Oh and I'm opposite of you, when I get lonely, I STOP blogging- so good for you for blogging more. It keeps those comments coming and we all thrive on that in-box saying we have comments, right?

P.S. Congrats little Ethan- a name and a blessing! You and your family are blessed for sure.

Angelkris said...

Ok, so weird. In the reading you linked to, the family chose the name Michael Christopher for the baby- and that is Mick's name!