Saturday, December 20, 2008

Church Christmas Party In Review

The boys ready to go and the snowmen united

So, there were lots of desserts...even some leftover, though I think the snowmen were the first to go. (Not that I care, I just think the kids liked them...Brennan only ate the candies and then threw the rest away! Wasteful child.) Side dishes...well, thank goodness the church provided yummy cheesy potatoes, green beans and rolls...the other stuff got eaten really fast.

**A side note about rolls**
If you are buying a large quantity of rolls, say 11 dozen...don't think you don't need a basket to transport them in the DO!

Overall the food was very good (and warmer then at Trunk-or-Treat), somebody brought yummy potato salad (I love a good p.s.), there was lots of ham, and all the children were very well behaved...I bet they throw a fit when they realize all the color sheets they colored aren't hung up on Sunday, though! (Maybe the color sheet elf will have magically hung them all up!)

As for the we have to have a program? Is that required? Can't we eat, chat, and leave? I guess it was okay. I was just tired, Ethan was hungry, and Jackson had reached the end of his "being good" rope, so I could have done with just dessert and then dashing out as they said "Amen" to end the evening. (Yep, I helped set up and abandoned ship before clean up time. I am THAT girl)

Now don't mark me down as the girl who always finds something wrong...I thought it was an overall pleasant experience, I enjoyed visiting with a few friends as we all struggled with our children and I loved the desserts...there was this carrot cake stuff that was awesome, along with a chocolate pie thing that was yum-o, just to name a few of the choices. Overall an alright experience. If I'd remembered to play the Christmas c.d. Bart had made I think it would have been even BETTER, because it was a really great c.d. Oh, well, there's always next year.

The angry snowman. For some reason I feel like he is French...or a Democrat (just kidding!)

3 Words to brighten my day:

PapaJeff said...

The angry snowman LOOKS French! It sounds like a nice party. Ours was good, too, though not as large as ya'll's (is that too many apostrophes?). Santa (moi) visited our few kids and was a big hit, even with the babies. We had finger food, because they had done a big dinner for Thanksgiving (while we were gone to the frozen Midwest). Good stuff.

Nicole said...

Those cookies are so cute!

Lorin and Heather said...

Great job on the cookies!! The kids and I are going to have to make some, too cute.