Friday, December 26, 2008

Guess Who Gets To Scrapbook???

That's right! ME!
Thanks to Stacy and Linda hosting a great Birthday Bash at their house. There are four in our "group" (I guess I am part of the group...I don't know how many emails and crops you must attend to be part of the bigger picture and not just "Diana's friend") that have birthdays in December, so they are hosting a crop at their house. They have an amazing basement with lots of scrapping supplies, tables, chairs, and FOOD! Last time I went to their house I forgot to bring a few supplies, but that was not an issue since they had plenty extras to share.
I thought I'd miss out on my tradition this year since we did not go home (I've scrapped with a few friends for my for years now...I will miss you Jenn, Melissa, Burgundy {who just had a baby girl!}, Jeni, etc., etc.)...but then I got THE email and I have been planning ever since.
I love Bart and that he just KNOWS that I will be doing this at the end of December. He makes sure I have money to buy new supplies (well, I got the money this year buy did not make it to the store) and makes sure he can keep the boys. He's been sick since Tuesday and I was worried I'd have to cancel, but he's feeling a little bit better now so we are on.
What about Ethan, you might ask...well, he is coming with me. He sleeps a LOT and loves the sling, so I think I will be able to do a lot, even with him with me. I am already planning on not accomplishing a ton b/c of him, but being with friends and having a great time is just as good as actually doing something, right?
Check out the cake I baked...the one on the left is where my inspiration came from. (Cake pic. courtesy of some website) Mine is the single layer on the right.
Let me tell you...zebra stripes are harder then they look, or I am a bit too impatient and should have let them set for a few minutes before transferring them onto the cake. That probably would have been a good idea b/c then they would not have stretched and morphed so much.
Please don't look at my cake too closely. There are tons of flaws and I accidentally got frosting on the bow when constructing it. I really love the curlie parts on the bow, though. It makes the cake really fun.

It's an Italian cream cake with cream cheese frosting...and there is a LOT of frosting under that fondant. I think I will attempt to make a zebra cake again, if the occasion should arise, but for now I will be happy with mine.
Alright, Ethan is asleep so I better get in bed...LONG FUN day tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep.

5 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

I still don't understand how fronsting can stay attached to the cake when you take off the fondant. Frosting is natoriously sticky- why doesn't the frosting stick to the fondant?

Maren said...

You are so talented...that cake is amazing!

Jessica said...

kris, i guess the frosting sticks b/c you put it on and let it set for a while. then you apply the fondant. oh, and the oils in the frosting make the fondant not stick to it, too. you use shortening to help the fondant not stick to the surface you roll it out on so i guess it repels frosting?

thecaillouets said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, I didn't know you had a December birthday too. We should grab lunch together sometime to celebrate. Your cake looks great. How did scrapbooking go with Ethan along? I haven't gotten much done on Leo's scrape book lately I should take an entire day like you do and scrapebook.