Saturday, December 13, 2008

Green Popcorn Balls

When I was young, I guess four or five, and we lived in Utah, my mom was in the hospital on her birthday, which is today, Dec. 13. Someone took me to a church activity or something where we made or were given green popcorn balls.
Well, being the kind hearted child that I am, I gave that popcorn ball to my mama as a present. I think that is the most infamous present my mama has ever gotten for her birthday, but we'll have to let her tell us for herself. I think it'll win, because everybody in our house has heard the story of the green popcorn ball a time or two.

Happy Birthday Mama! I love you and I am so glad for all the times we get to spend together. I especially miss you now that you have such a fun toy to play with! :-) And you've got ALL the accessories, too!
My mom is a jack of all trades. She can sew like a mad woman (she made the boy's blessing dress, their quilts, my wedding dress, TONS of cheerleader and flag team uniforms, suits, everyday wear...the list goes on and on...), bake cakes like nobody's business, plays many musical instruments, plans elaborate parties at the drop of a hat, stays calm under pressure, has many medical issues but doesn't let them slow her down, rides a motorcycle, and pretty much can master any skill she decides to take on in a relatively short amount of time.
I am so thankful my mom was able to come to Omaha to participate in/witness the birth of Ethan. Gross as childbirth may be, she seems to not mind. Me, I'd rather not know where babies come from. I really enjoyed our time together and can't wait for this summer when we get to do it again (not the labor part, the spending time part...I better NEVER have a labor part again!)
So, happy, happy birthday. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA CUPCAKE!

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PapaJeff said...

Very good post! And I vividly remember the green popcorn ball. I have heard it mentioned many times during the ensuing years, but I think (hope)I have made up for it by now:) Your Mama is truly an amazing woman, and I'm very, very, very glad we met and fell in love.