Friday, December 5, 2008


My friend, Kristen, is selling these adorable books.

A great gift for any child is a book. Personalized books let your child be the the star of the story. They will want to read these books over and over again. Kristen is now a Create-A-Book dealer and can make and sell these books from her home. If you are interested, check out her website at Sign up for the club and receive updates on specials, new products, and coupon codes!

You can also earn discounts and even free books for hosting a home party (playdate or MNO) or a virtual party. Leave me a comment if you are interested in hosting one and I will pass your info on to Kristen.

I saw some of the finished products last Christmas when she and her mother had a kiosk at the mall and let me tell you...they are cute and perfect for the baby or child who has a little of everything already!

And an FYI as to who Kristen is...this is her daughter, so you know the profit she's making is much appreciated.

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