Sunday, December 14, 2008

Following the Signs

Friday the boys and I went to see Santa at Regency Park before getting Bart at work. We passed a store I like that had a 40% off sale price sign out kind of sign. It beckoned me inside, and I listened. I am not one to ignore signs, think of all the people's in the scriptures who ignored signs. None of them ever had a good outcome.
I got a cute pair of dress pants and a pair of jeans because I followed that wondrous sign...thank goodness I bought the dress pants because today is COLD and I was NOT wearing a skirt to church. Right now it is 6.8 degrees (-14 with wind chill), according to Tomorrow's predicted high is 10, and Tuesday's is 16.
So, what do you think? Is it okay to wear dress pants to church? Who set up the rules that you had to wear a dress to church? Do you think it is disrespectful to wear pants if you are a lady? I understand how that used to be all women wore, but we wear a lot of things now, so I think you girls should follow me as I wear gaudy thick and warm tights under very warm pants to church on Sunday's and together we will NOT freeze off those lazy leg hairs that got missed in the hurried shower taken as a baby screams, a husband reads (his lesson he must teach) and two little boys knock at the door.
Waddaya say? Should we make a new sign for church? One that says, "Nice dress clothes" accepted.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

My old church had a sign out front that said, "Jesus wore sandles, so can you!" We've been wearing jeans to church for years! Our current church has a more aged crowd, so the majority do dress up, but there are still those of us that are convinced that God is concerned with your presence at the church rather than what you are wearing while in the church. Those of us that beleive in the jean theory do dress up for special occasions though- Easter, Christmas, etc.

thecaillouets said...

i wear dress pants to church when it is cold, or i don't feel like shaving or have tim to. i used to wear them all the time before trent and i got married. i see nothing wrong with it. we're still dressing up. just a bit warmer then everyone else.

adamanderin said...

I have to admit, the first time I came to church, it was winter, I wore dress pants, and I felt so awkward because I was the only one...all the other girls were freezing their butts off in skirts or dresses. I think it is totally okay to wear dress pants. More power to ya!!

Lexi said...

I wore pants to church yesterday (and it wasn't even that cold).

Heather and I used to have major issues with someone in 2nd ward who thought that you should come to church in a skirt or you were being disrespectful to God.

Nowhere on our church website does it say that you HAVE to wear skirts; it just says to come in Sunday dress attire. Troy also points out that some women will wear jean skirts yet snub those who are wearing nice dress slacks even though they are dresed in the more casual outfit- I mean, come on- a jean skirt, cotton t-shirt and flip flops?

I have also worn that outfit (jean skirt and flip flops) many times because it is comfortable but my whole point is that no matter what you're wearing, YOU'RE THERE. It shouldn't matter what it is (as long as you're wearing something, of course.)

Heavenly Father just wants us to be present and accounted for- it doesn't matter if you wear pants, a jean skirt or a muu muu if you want. Just go! And don't feel guilty- what about the wards in Africa and other impoverished places? Some people don't have the means to dress up. Does that mean they shouldn't go to church? Of course not. Wear pants. Be warm. Enjoy the spirit. No guilt!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Lexi, I know exactly who you're talking about and that's the first thing I thought of when I read Jessica's post! It is not specified ANYWHERE that women have to wear dresses/skirts. Just your "Sunday best" is recommended. I personally feel weird wearing pants to church, but I have a really nice maternity outfit with pants that is dressy and I'm considering wearing it to church.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you there is a pamplet out there that says skirts, the missionaries showed up at my house with it conventially after I wore pants two weeks in a row. David laughs and tells me to wear what I want but I have to admit I was shamed into wearing dresses the rest of that winter and freezed my butt off. I have to say I didn't miss skipping church last winter because Leo was in the NICU. But if you wear pants than I can wear pants. And that is a good thing.