Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie!

This is Jamie with adorable baby Jack. She is a great mommy! I mean, check out the ubber cool hat she got for him to wear at Thanksgiving! (I wish my kids had hats like that!)

This is Jamie with Brennan (she was there when he was born, so I guess they have a connection)

This is Jamie and Jessica at Mike Anderson's in Baton Rouge last summer.

Jamie's birthday is today, mine is 12/31...we both turn 29! Though at a certain point in our friendship Jamie thought my birthday was in July, b/c of a Shania Twain concert we attended in New Orleans. (another post, another day)
Let me tell you, few friends are as amazing as Jamie girl is. At random moments throughout Ethan's pregnancy I'd discover a package with goodies on my front door (no small task since she's in FL and I'm in NE). I think she knew how much support I needed to get over my dread of "another boy" (another post for another day...) and she is just great at showering one with love and gifts. I love them all.
Jamie is great to vent to, share fun facts with, and just hang out with. It kills me that we have so many miles between us, but trust me, I am in the middle of planning a BIG operation to get to visit her with the boys this summer. It's gonna be HUGE!
So, Happy Birthday Jamie! I hope you planned yourself a GREAT party!

2 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Jamie is such a sweet girl- you don't find friends like her often. I hope she had a super birthday day!

Unknown said...

omg... jessie i LOVE you soooooo much! thanks for all of the sweet words - back at ya sister!! you are the BEST BFF ever!!! and im so sorry to hear about the thrush and mastitis!! are you ok?? i have a reallly good ointment for the boobs if you need it?? love you