Friday, October 31, 2008

Cute and Easy Storage Container

I found this site that has tons of great ideas for crafts and things.

My most recent favorite is this, which I will be making tomorrow.
Total cost? Less then $2, plus ribbon, which if purchased at Wal-Mart is VERY cheap. I'm using ribbon I already have, so in a way, the ribbon is free.
I got my container at Dollar General for $1.25. I am going to use it for the same thing as in the picture, but read the comments on this post for many, many more ideas.

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richbellesnbeausonbayou said...

That is really cute--thanks for the idea pass along. (I might even try it for books on the books shelves in the kids bedrooms. It would "possibly" make them, the books, less inticing to just dis-shelf!